1. schneller

    SE530 vs. IE7 vs. IE8

    SE530: $342 via Amazon USA IE7: $188 via Amazon DE IE8: $280 via Amazon DE (I can order Amazon DE products and have them shipped to a friend in Germany who would send the product to me.) Can anyone comment on how these three stack up against each other?
  2. t0dy

    Shure SE530 - change earbuds

    Hi everyone! I have problems changing the standard earbuds of the Shure SE530. You're supposed to twist and pull, but it seems like they're glued on or something, because I can't remove them! It would be a shame to ruin them, since they fit nicely in my ears, providing a good seal, it's just...
  3. fabianwseko

    Shure SE530 vs. Westone UM3X

    Hi guys, I can't believe I am the one who started this topic...I have been seeing se530 to be my upgrade from ety er6i.. and I guess the new competitor on its league is UM3X.... Give me ur opinion guys.... Thank You
  4. lorafenik

    Phonon SMB-02 anyone?

    Did someone hear them? pzdr
  5. sithjedi333

    New Shure IEM lineup announced at CES Shure -- maker of yummy-sounding, somewhat-affordable headphones -- introduced its new SE line, which promises to deliver beefier bass and more comfort when you stick 'em in your ears. The top of the line SE530 is a rebranding of last...
  6. Shure SE530 Sound Isolating Earphones

    Shure SE530 Sound Isolating Earphones

    Pure audio precision--the SE530 uses Triple TruAcoustic MicroSpeakers to create an expansive sound stage. A dedicated tweeter ensures that highs and mids are incredibly accurate and detailed, while dedicated dual woofers provide balanced, full-bodied bass. The Push-To-Hear Control (included with...