shure kse 1500
  1. E

    Selling Shure KSE1500s w. Chord Mojo & Custom Cable

    Not sure if this is the correct place to post this. But I'm selling my Shure KSE1500s along with a Chord Mojo DAC and a custom AudioWorks cable. Some images: The headphone cable was replaced last year, so the warranty...
  2. Philipperus

    Shure KSE1500

    I am selling my Shure KSE1500 because I hardly use them. The headphones and all the DAC/amp are in great condition and have used for less than 100 hours (never used outside). The DAC/amp has only 12 charging cycles (see picture) The KSE1500 is fully functioning and it can hardly be...
  3. efejoao

    WTT: Shure KSE 1200/1500 or Hifiman Arya (Wanted)

    Hello, I am looking for a used Shure KSE 1200/1500 or Hifiman Arya in good condition. I currently am selling/trading a JH Audio JH16 Pro Custom and Sennheiser GSP 500 Open-back Headphone + Sennheiser GSX 1200 DAC/AMP. Links below...
  4. Allears79

    [SOLD] KSE1500 Electrostatic Earphone System - mint condition

    Up for sale is my KSE1500 Electrostatic Earphone System. I put them up for sale because I am focusing on loudspeakers and need the funds for system setup. There are hands down the best IEMs I've ever had the pleasure to listen to. The DAC/Amp and the IEMs themselves are in a "like new"...
  5. demo-to

    SOLD **** MT100 (1 planar + 1BA) [Trade with Tansio Mirai, Toneking T4,...]

    SOLD Hello, I want to sell this IEM. From a non smoking and pet free environment. Asking for 90€ plus shipping plus 2,5% PayPal Would trade for: Toneking T4 Tansio Mirai TSMR-3/pro Grado GR10e Noble Savanna