1. V

    I'm new here, and want to buy

    Hello, i'm really new to head-fi, just wanted to know how can i find someone selling a Fiio X5 III I'm interested to buy, any recommendations? thanks in advance
  2. A

    Best budget DAC AMP for HD6XX under $100(lenient)?

    As the title suggests, I'm looking for a budget dac amp under $100 for the HD6XX (which I am still scouting for as not many used ones ship to Malaysia). Any suggestions? I've been looking at the Fiio catalog, and I am leaning towards that as it seems to get good reviews. I want a sound profile...
  3. WEST91436

    MADE IN THE USA - Any advise

    Don't know if its the upcoming election and all the talk about the ailing US economy, but I am going to buy US product (as best as I can)...... SO...... any suggestion on top end MADE IN USA headphones/earbuds manufacturers that make the product here in the USA??   Any best kept secret...
  4. FlatListener

    Please help: quiet headphones for travel by bike and train

    Hello to all,   This is my first post on this forum and as my name says, I'm listening to flat portable music gear: an iPod classic 120 with standard white earphones from the box. I want to do something about it, but first I need some expert advice. Let me explain:   I'm an audiophile...
  5. crtnytrn09

    Sennheiser, JVC, or Koss?

    Hi, I'm new to Head-Fi after stumbling upon it while looking for a new pair of headphones. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone could please help me out.   First off, I am on a college student budget, and I'd prefer not to spend more then $30-$35. As for usage, I plan on using my headphones...
  6. Pipponzi

    Looking for some great bass IEMS + great build quality

    Any advice? Price range about $300-$350   Thanks!
  7. Tsengsta

    AKG K701 + AMP?

    Hi I am a noob when it comes to amping but I have decided it is time to purchase an amp for my K701s and my budget is around $200,I have been thinking about the Matrix M-Stage but it is stretching my wallet a bit :S,could you please give me advice on what to buy and how much of a difference...
  8. aljonn30

    Grado soundstage

    hey im just wondering about the soundstage and instrument separation of grado headphones compared to closed headphones like the tma1. Ive been researching about the 325is and it seems that soundstage is lacking compared to other open headphones. Also, since im new somewhat new to this i want to...
  9. h1a8

    Clarity: ATH-AD900 vs. LCD-2

    I know this is probably a stupid question but how is the midrange clarity (transparency) of the LCD-2 in comparison to the ATH-ad900? On a scale of 1-20 rank the clarity (transparency) of both.
  10. W

    is V-moda Crossfade LP good?

    I got a ATH-WS70 which i love the sound it produce but got a serious comfort issue even after loosening it clamping pressure it still heat my ear a lot make it impossible to wear it for over 30 or 45 minute.    I was looking around to change my headphone and found V-moda Crossfade LP while...
  11. CowB

    Audeo PFE012 vs Shure SE215

    Hello Head-Fi people...   For unknown reasons I am looking at purchasing a sub $100 IEM. I only have SM3 and I do quite like them for listening to trance, techno and some pop/rock.   I've read through most of the SE215 thread but the Phonak one will have to wait until maybe tomorrow...
  12. heartofwinter

    If you had $300 to spend on headphones...

    What would you get and why?   I can't make my mind up between the AKG K701, Audio-Technica ATH-M50, and Beyerdynamic DT 880   HELP!   Is there anything else I should be considering? These are going to be for home-use/living-room use only for me and my girlfriend.
  13. eug

    Bose QC3 vs QC15, on top of custom IEMs

    What?? A question about which Bose headphone to get, on head-fi? OK once you guys have put your torches down, maybe someone can help me.   I'm going on a trip soon that involves lots of plane flights. I've always used my custom IEMs on flights, but find that they don't really block out the...
  14. fewtch

    AKG K501 - potential classic?

    Interesting how there's a lot of K340 love around right now... I wonder if the K501 might have a similar following fifteen years from now, as it's going out of production soon. "Wow, I found these K501 headphones made back in the 00's... they have this magical midrange that's hard to find...
  15. muzikfrrrik

    Best portable full-size cans for iPod Classic

    Hi.   I'd like to get some advice on buying a new pair of headphones. I've had only two cans so far, both by Philips under 50 euros. The ones I'm using at present are Philips SHL9560.   These are my requirements: * neutral - I don't like the sound to be coloured, want to hear it they...
  16. Akumajou

    Sennheiser PMX 60 or PMX 60 II?

    It's difficult to find reputable, professional reviews for behind-the-neck headphones, but from what I've been able to gather, Sennheiser's PMX 60 seem to be the best. However, what's the difference between the PMX 60 and PMX 60 II? I can't find any information distinguishing the two. PMX 60...
  17. Aspirin

    Looking for someone to repair my Denon D2000s in Surrey, England?

    The join between the cup and the headband has broken.  I was wondering if anyone knew any local repairmen/DIY specialists/Head-fi member that would attempt a mending job?   My Postcode is Kt13    
  18. daniel2011

    Best Home Headphones for around £500. Considering Denon 5000 or Bose QC15

    Hi all   im wondering if these forums can help me? I am searching for a good set of headphones. My dad brought the Bose QuietComfort 15 headphones and I was impressed, After reading reviews that told me the 'Sennheiser PXC 350' headphones were as good, I decided to buy them. I have been...
  19. terryw

    Stax SR Lambda Pro plays louder from right earspeaker

    Hi,   A few years back, I purchased a pair of SR Lambda Pros, SRM-1 / MK2 Driver Unit, and SRD-X battery powered portable adaptor.  All was fine for a year or so but now the left earspeaker plays much lower than the right earspeaker, maybe as much as 6dB less loud.  I have swapped the SRM...
  20. N0sferatu

    Denon AH-D7000 vs. Sennheiser HD 600 (Comparison)

    Closed vs. Open   Sennheiser vs. Denon.   I just picked up the Sennheiser and figured I'd give them a fair comparison to Denon's AH-D7000.  Up until the Denon's I was an open-can type of guy (I've had a few Grado in the past and the HD595 from Sennheiser).  I now wanted to get a decent...
  21. nextmick

    Demo headphones at your airport! And a quick review of what I tried =)

    I do a lot of traveling for my job, and walking to my gate one day I see a headphone stand.  So I stop and look and *Gasp!*  They have some pretty nice stuff!  Shure 535, Monster Turbine Copper, Sennheiser IE8, and more... I was floored.  I start talking to the guy and he goes "Do you want to...
  22. xtasi

    Too good to be true?   $130 for hd25-1 II   One customer review mentioned that the product that ships only has a single strap.  Should I go for it?
  23. Mooch

    Headstage Arrow Amp 12HE 4G

    I apologize in advance if this is an outdated topic. I've been interested in the Arrow amp since its inception, but have never really had the means to purchase one. Recently I looked up on the Headphonia website to find that the 3G was no longer offered, and had since been replaced with a...
  24. jTizMLG

    All Around Setup $700 budget

    For music of all categories and movies.   It does not need to be portable.   I could go a little over my budget if its worth it.
  25. jerry007

    So my Ultimate Ears Just died :( Time for a replacement! :D

    So my Ultimate Ears Super Fi 5 Pro's just died. Had them for 7 months, still under warranty. Since they are phased out Logitech is offering me a full refund. Looking for new earphones at the moment, but I prefer not to spend the whole refund on new earphones.   What's the best I can get for...