shanling m5s
  1. alwass89

    FOR SALE: Various DAPs (HiBy R5, iBasso DX120, Shanling M5s, FiiO M7)

    I have a few DAPs for sale. All of them come in the original packaging with all the accessories that originally came with the DAP. They are all in excellent like new condition. I can provide pictures upon requests. These are For Sale Only in the U.S. trades please. 1. HiBy R5 (grey) -...
  2. Shanling M5s

    Shanling M5s

    Shanling M5s
  3. toranku

    WTS: Shanling M5s Player

    Hi, Selling a used unit of Shanling's TOTL music player - the M5s. The M5s retails at $430 USD. This set was purchased on 13 May 2019 so is only a month old as of the time of this listing. Please refer to the condition of this player. It is near mint condition. There some micro hairline...
  4. Shanling


    We have multiple products coming this fall and that's great opportunity for another REVIEW TOUR! We will be sending out one review kit consisting of our new portable player Shanling M5s and upcoming Shanling ME100 earphones. Your chance to win! We decided we will be giving away the...