1. SilverEars

    *Sold* Bottlehead Sex 3.0 with C4S

    For sale is Bottlehead Sex 3.0 with C45. So, this one has the C45 upgrade in it. It's a powerful amp with a strong drive-ability that can also drive speakers as well. More versatile than the Crack as it has much lower output impedance to drive even the low impedance cans that Crack cannot...
  2. slankoe

    SOLD "Gear purge" -- Bottlehead SEX, UA, some Schiit, Astell&Kern SOLD

    Price drop on the Schiit gear. Prices have been updated to reflect the USD cost for clarity. First up, I am selling my beloved Bottlehead SEX amp. This is the 3.0 version with C4S upgrade. No unofficial modifications were made, and original tubes are included as well as brand new spares from...