1. Kunlun

    [REVIEW]: Sensaphonics dB Check In-Ear Level Analyzer: You Only Need It If You Have Ears!

    Synopsis: Sensaphonics dB Check is an important hearing preservation device. Connecting between your iems and your amp or source, it can tell you, in real time, exactly how loudly you are listening to your music with your gear. The dB Check then gives you safe listening times for that volume...
  2. herringfly

    Sensaphonic CIEM's isolation v standard foamies

    I'm really curious to know if anyone can tell me if the sensaphonic CIEM's (3MAX) offer as much isolation as standard foam tips do? As a drummer I really need isolation, I have tried various acrylic CIEM's before but no matter how good the seal they just don't offer as much isolation as my...
  3. Aegwyn11

    Sensaphonics 3MAX Reviews?

    Why is it that it seems I can't find any reviews on the 3MAX on here? Can someone help point me to some or explain why there aren't any?   I've been a Shure owner for some time with first the e5, then se530. The Shure's are decent, and mostly comfortable ever since Shure added the black...
  4. Kunlun

    [REVIEW]: Sensaphonics 3MAX Silicone Shelled Custom-Fit Stage Monitor And Sensaphonics Appreciation Thread

    Synopsis: The Sensaphonics 3MAX is a top-tier, custom-fit, in-ear monitor with a sound designed by an audiologist and tested by pro musicians.  With a professional clientele in mind, the 3MAX has been superbly engineered for a natural-sounding tuning. Vocal music comes to the fore with a smooth...
  5. Beejohn

    BEST solution for airplane (JH13Pro custom vs FitEar universal), money is no object but sound quality, comfort, and lastly portability are

    Hi All, This is my first post on head-if, hello Everyone! I have been reading a lot on the forum, but now I come to you all with a question as to which you all woud think is the best solution for me. I would like a setup for international airplane travel that provides the best sound quality...
  6. project86

    Matrix X-Sabre DAC review and impression thread

    DSD is all the rage these days. Despite there not being a whole lot of music available in the format (SACDs aside), DAC makers are jumping on the feature as fast as they can. And I can't blame them - aside from our "regular" music, we all love a little ear candy to show off the capabilities of...
  7. average_joe

    Multi-Custom In-Ear Monitor Review, Resource, Mfg List & Discussion (Check first post for review links & information)

    This is the custom in-ear monitor (CIEM) resource thread with a collection of review summaries for many of many CIEMs with links to full reviews as well as quite a bit of information.  I complied this resource since CIEMs have poor resale value and I could not find a resource that compared more...
  8. Sensaphonics 3MAX

    Sensaphonics 3MAX

    Sensaphonics 3MAX are a custom-fit, triple driver stage monitor with a silicone shell.