1. Thunderbolt

    noise cancelling headphones (up to 200€)

    I am looking for noise cancelling headphones for up to 200€. does not necessarily have to be full size, can be portable as well (so mobility is ok, but no earplug sort of thing!)   had the sennheiser pcx 250-II so far, maybe theres something better available for 200€.   recommendations...
  2. IpodSF

    Best noise cancelling headphones?

    I have been looking at the Sennhesier PXC 250's and the Bose QuietConfort2 for the best noice cancelling headphones. I tried the Bose in the Bose store a couple days ago and I was extremely impressed at how much it drowns out the outter noise. I want to know what people think of the Senn PXC...
  3. nanoc

    Travel headphone for about 100€

    Hi! First of all, hello everybody. This is my first post in these forums.   I used to have a sennheiser px200, which weren't half bad, but not really suited for long listening sessions (because they really pressed on my ears) and, didn't isolate too much outside noise.   I fly...
  4. skollin1

    sennheiser pxc 250 ii or Bose oe2

    I can get the pxc 250 ii for $100 and the bose oe2 for $90. I also don't really care for noise cancelation. Comfort and sound.
  5. intox

    Which iem should I buy for about 300€ ?

    Hi everyone.   I'm a 17 year-old French student so excuse me for my poor English   I'm thinking about upgrading from my Klipsch S4. I own a Cowon J3 and I sometimes use my Ipod Touch 2G but I don't have a portable amp. I listen to Indie Rock, Progressive Rock, Hard Rock,... (Arctic...
  6. giveit2menow

    Sennheiser PXC 250-11 v JVC HA-NC250

    im looking for a pair of on ear headphones to use on the beach. I currently use the jvc but i find them a bit big for this sort of use, you really cant forget they are on. I wonder how they compare to the  Sennheiser? would the Sennheiser be noticeably smaller/lighter in use? any othe...
  7. maniac2003

    Sennheiser PXC 250-ii

    As good as new, only tested a couple of times. This is a ideal travel headphone with active noise cancelling. Comes in mint condition + box. Asking price is excl. shipping, ask for shipping quote. Prefer to sell and send within Europe.   I accept bank payment or PayPal.   Sennheiser...
  8. Sennheiser PXC 250 II Noise Cancelling Headphone

    Sennheiser PXC 250 II Noise Cancelling Headphone

    The mark II on-ear collapsible mini headphones are equipped with NoiseGard technolgy to cancel droning, fatiguing airplane or bus noise. They are also equipped with an in line volume control.