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  2. erikzen

    Aiwa XP-500

    I knew it was around here someplace... I just found my old portable CD player. It's an Aiwa XP-500 manufactured in June 1995. I quickly listened to it from the headphone jack and from the line out using my Super Mini V4, my PX200s and my PortaPros. It sounds pretty good but I don't have time...
  3. Asr

    How my journey for closed portable bliss came to an end

    Let's start with the pursuit: ever since I first came to Head-Fi, I've always been looking for a closed portable headphone that I could use at work. So in the interest of tracing history I'll go back to the beginning and explain why I tossed out each one I ran into: - Senn PX 200...
  4. darkpen

    Damn you, Head-Fi!!!

    I've been lurking here for quite a while, always scoping out the recommendations on what to get to satisfy this growing urge I've had to really experience music. Oh, it started small... I originally just wanted to know what the best headphones under $100 were... Then I thought I was just...
  5. LaPeste

    Advice for headphone over ear with a budget of 65/70€

    Hi, i'm new in this forum. I would like a new headphone but i have a limited budget of 65-70 €. I have got the sennheiser px 200 (the first model) from 5 years and now i want change it with a better over ear headphone. My favorite music is Metal music and hard rock but sometimes i listen...
  6. Kefloxin

    Best headphones under 140$?

    Hi guys, New here, and I wanted to know what the best headphones I could get for under 140$ -150$. I'd like them to be fairly aesthetic (I like how Beats by Dre Solo look like but too many people have them and I've read they're not worth the price). Hopefully something that's not too big. 1)...
  7. mimafogeus

    Looking for a portable, sturdy pair of headphones

    Hey,   Hopefully, this is the right place to post such requests.   I'm looking for a pair of on-the-go headphones. I'd consider over-the-ear or in-ear, although the second category usually (from what I've seen) comes with a thin, thin, not-so-sturdy cable. here's what I'm looking for in...
  8. nanoc

    Travel headphone for about 100€

    Hi! First of all, hello everybody. This is my first post in these forums.   I used to have a sennheiser px200, which weren't half bad, but not really suited for long listening sessions (because they really pressed on my ears) and, didn't isolate too much outside noise.   I fly...
  9. jefferson555

    What to audiophile headphones to buy for jogging/running?

    I own an old pair of Sennheiser PX-200's and I was considering their replacement to be the Sennheiser HD 239's. The problem is that I jog/run 5 miles at a clip (3 times/week), and I want something that can handle a little sweat, is light and comfy and HAS REALLY GOOD BALANCED SOUND !!! I just...
  10. garboui

    Recommend me some in-ear/inner-ear everydays

    Currently my two main headphones that I go between are PX200's and some v-moda vibes. I like both sonically but each has their strengths. The vmodas do a good job at the lower end but i find they can become a bit fatiguing. The px200's otoh are so subdued that they never fatigue (aside from...
  11. digitaldave

    B&W P3 - can the sound be "fixed"?

    First, let me clarify the title - I had a listen to these recently in less than ideal conditions (Apple store), an to me there was a clear difference compared to the P5, with the P3 sounding noticeable worse than the P5. So, to me, the P3 sound needs something done to improve it, hence using the...
  12. Tapash

    klipsch image one vs Sennheiser PX200-IIi

    what do the experts think...which one is better? in terms of comfort and sound quality? please recommend
  13. Orel

    Porta Pro VS KSC75

    I'm looking into buying some cheap portable headphones lately and I stumbled these too which I've heard alot about in the past, and I also read a few topics about them, Anyway, which would be better in sound and comfort? Also, will they require an amp? (I know the porta pro needs one), and is...
  14. amundy14

    Is there a PX 200 frequency response chart?

    I've looked around for a bit but cannot find the blasted charts. I know they're there because I've heard them mentioned, but I cannot actually find them. Could I have a link to one? Or, if you use a 250 band EQ could I see a picture of the settings? That would be even better than the charts.  ...
  15. amundy14

    Best portables for $50

    I'm looking for some headphones under $50, portable headphones especially. I've been searching for some time and have found a number of options, but I would like some better advice. I listen to a broad diversity of music, so the headphones need to be all-around performers. I also live in Africa...
  16. swaffleman

    Retro review: Original PX 200s

    These never really got a fair shake. Most audio sites and reviews that cover the new PX200s (the PX 200 IIs) will say that they were an improvement over the original. As far as design goes, they are correct. However, the original PX200s are much more enjoyable to listen to. IMPORTANT: Many...
  17. cactus_farmer

    SMALL (Porta Pro-sized) bassy, closed headphones?

    Hmmmm...   As title says really.   Looking basically for a closed version of the PortaPro's. Those PX200's looked like they might fit the bill, but apparently they're pretty neutral-sounding...
  18. mattyw761

    Moving on from audio technica AD700- What next?

    Hello ,   Im tying to revitalise my bedroom hifi setup and would like some ideas. I have had a set of Audio technicas AD700 for a few years with a denon dm37. Whilst this is ok, im not really that fussed on the sound that comes out of them these days, preferring the sound that comes from my...

    Mangled PX 200, Need Ideas

    I have a pair of PX 200's that my dog ate.  They are fine other than torn up pads, and I had to cut out chewed up arts of the cable leaving me with delicate soldered connections.   I wondering if there is anything fun I can do with the drivers though, other than buying new parts and fixing...

    PX100 vs. PX 200

    So, I love my PX100s and am in the market for closed portable. How do the PX200s compare to the 100s? Sorry if this has been discussed a thousand times.
  21. Scube

    HD 202 or Portapro or any other?

    Hi there, I'm a newcomer here in need of some help. Looking for a good headphone which is not too costly. I've never had a good headphones so looking to start somewhere. I  tried the HD 202 at a store yesterday and I really liked the sound, not mindblowing but I think that's what I get for the...
  22. x3Luffy

    Looking for a pair of headphones (Newbie)

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and am a total newbie at headphones. I'm looking to pick up my first set of headphones and have actually looked around.    For now, I prefer the headphones to be able to play well without amps. I like more of pop rock music, however, don't really know how to...
  23. swaffleman

    My little review of the HD 25-iis.

    As some of you may know, I've been a Sennheiser fanboy for a while. I've been seen promoting the HD 203s a lot, plus I recently started to use the PX 200s for exercising purposes. I know these have been talked about before, but I like adding my own opinion to the mix.   Well, I started to...
  24. osukaa

    Marshall Headphones Major

    I was looking at a post about this headphones, but by the specs would you say are they any good? It seems by the impediance that they don't really need an amp.
  25. big_sound

    Fiio e5 impressions... (Quick Review)

    I just received my fiio E5 in the mail today. I must say, I am having some really mixed feelings on it. Using my se530's with it, I cannot hear any difference. The only difference is that I can crank the sound Incredibly loud. The only reason(I think) to use the bass booster setting without...