1. disastermouse

    Mac/PC Gaming headset recommendations?

    Hey all, I'm looking for a headset for Mac/PC for gaming. I own a 2011 iMac and am hoping to have a Boot Camp Windows 7 partition soon (tech support issues getting W7 to install at the moment). Obviously I'm aware of the Tritton and Turtle Beach stuff, but I'm wondering if I'm missing more...
  2. Keanulaszlo

    Need help finding a new pair of headphones ( <$150)

    Recently my great pair of Razer Orcas died on me after 2 and a half years of service, and I'm looking for something to replace it's void. I mostly play games (sort of competitively), and watch movies on my computer. I don't have a sound card, I just use the built in one on my X79-UP4...
  3. TheBlahMasta

    Just can't decide on headphones/cards; suggestions appreciated.

    Okay, so far I have come across the idea that I'm pretty much screwed since I do not live anywhere near an audio store (with the nearest Best Buy being 2.5 hours away), so I have to rely on reviews, forums, and suggestions to decide which headphone/set and sound card would be best for me. Let me...
  4. infamouskid

    Good headphone + soundcard setup for PC gaming. can't decide.

    So I moved over to Pc gaming from console and sold my a40's. I want an upgrade over the a40 experience and have been looking around.   I wanted something with a surround sound experience or anything that sounded better. was looking at doing a senns pc360 + asus dgx setup but this not...
  5. cmdrdredd

    Need help selecting portable headphones with a budget of around $400 US

    Hi all, long time lurker and first time poster. I've been researching headphones for portable use lately. I've decided that I simply need help.    I listen to a lot of hard rock, metal, classic rock, & some dubstep. Normally this is from a Samsung Galaxy S3 modded with AC!D audio engine...
  6. Squrre

    closed headphones for gaming $450

    Hi im on a search  for a pair of headphones but i have yet not found any i like so far. I will use them 90% of the time for fps games so its very inportant that i can hear footsteps and so on.The other 10% i use it for music and mostly rock and metal.  They really need to be closed becuase i...
  7. godspanther

    Need Audiophile Advice

    I am trying to decide between 3 microphone headsets. I am usually very good at picking hardware based on tech specs but audio is a little outside my realm of experience. I need some experienced audiophiles to examine my 3 choices and give opinions of how they compare to one another...
  8. pric0

    Sennheiser PC350 or PC360 or AT ad700

    im kind of fraustrated.. and dont know what to buy. first of all, im a hardcore gamer, and yea.. i play FPS games competitively (Cs 1.6, Quakelive and CSGO when they'll nerf the dgl). im used to stereo headphones, and never knew about 7.1 and all that stuff.. i want to buy and see if it...
  9. philip697

    Best quality headphones with built in mic

    Can anyone tell me if there's any headsets out there with a built in mic (+ mute button) that are genuinely good sound quality? I'm replacing some old Creative Fatal1ty's and it's only since I've purchased some good quality in-ears for my phone that I've come to realise how bad they are. I can't...
  10. CG23

    Best Wireless Gaming Headset for under $300?

    Hi all, Long time lurker, first time poster. Have been (over the last few months) looking at the various options available for Wireless Headphones. So far the ones that interest me the most are the Astro A50 with MixAmp and the Sennheiser RS170 headphones. To me, the main requirements for me...
  11. goodsongs

    Could you recommend a headsets that doesn't hurt your ears?

    And also has good audio quality and good mic quality?
  12. gl0ry

    Unconfortable fit with my Sennheiser PC360.

    Hello Head-fi!   This is my first post here and this seemed like the appropriate section post about my Sennheiser PC360s.  I've owned these for about a month now and I'm having comfort issues due to the clamp force being exerted by the headset.  I've had them stretched as far as they could...
  13. indoman14

    Headphones gaming only

    Hello,   first off all, I did a lot of research but because of a lack of knowledge I'm not sure what headphone/headset would give me the best gaming experience for my budget. My budget is 400 euro for the headphone/microphone/soundcard. If an amplifier is needed or gives me fair performance...
  14. bullhuve

    Sennheiser PC 360

    Hey, I am just wondering how to remove the Sennheiser PC 360 ear pads without destroying them it feels they will break if I just pull until they release sorry I am a rookie :P
  15. Werkshop712

    Sennheiser PC360 Discontinued!?

    Okay guys, I'm getting worried here. I've been saving up for the longest time to get the ultimate gaming audio setup, the Sennheiser PC360 and Astro MixAmp. I'm getting my tax return soon and went back to my Amazon account to check on it, and... it's gone. There is only one left from a vendor...
  16. LAbiker85

    $150 and not sure which one to pick!

    Balance: $150, and I could save for another $150 if worth it.   I want something that is highly mobile and could use it everyday at college. Sound quality matters and so is the noise cancelling feature.   I don't want one of the bulky Gaming PC headsets, I have my PC360 (With broken mic...
  17. AhellHound

    A sound setup for pure gaming, need help

    I'm new to  the sound community, and I've wanted to upgrade my headphones (Logitech G930). So I wanted to get the real deal, and use a dedicated sound card.    Through Linus Tech Tips, I found the Asus Xonar Essence STX. It's within my budget, and I've only heard good things from it. But...
  18. eculley

    I have always used razer headsets, looking for a change.

    I have always used cheap headsets for my computer needs. I listen to music, game and will sometimes watch movies on my computer. A buddy of mine picked up the Sennheiser PC360 headset and swears by them. I wanted something a bit more. I know there is a thread with a list of good headphones for...
  19. AuburnEagle23

    Wireless Headphone/Headset for Gaming/Music Suggestions

    Hello there everyone, I am by no means a audiophile expert at all when it comes to highs, mids, lows etc.  However, I do enjoy a very good quality headset/phone.  My current headset is the Sennheiser PC360s, and after owning these I have become very fond to Sennheiser's sound quality.  ...
  20. rc10mike

    PS4 with 3.5mm x2 Type Headset...

    What is the proper way to hook up a typical dual 3.5mm headset to a PS4 and be able to chat and hear game sounds at the same time?   My previous PS3 setup was perfect. I have a PC360 headset, and a Marantz HT receiver with Dolby Headphone built in. I used the Marantz headphone jack for game...
  21. middleclass

    Sennheiser PC 360 mic too quiet. Options?

    Hi,   I have a PC 360 with a Titanium HD sound card that doesn't support mic boost. Simply put, the mic is simply too quiet. I have the output maxed out in the sound options, but still quiet.   I'm gonna sound like an idiot here, but would using a 3.5mm to usb converter do anything to...
  22. sunchaser

    Sennheiser PC 360 G4ME vs HD 598+mic

    Hi people,   I've owned the 598 for a week or two now and bought a separate mic to go with it. I'm very satisfied with the sound for both gaming and movies, only the separate mic cable is bothering me. So i was thinking of buying the 360 as it has a built-in mic. My question is if the sound...
  23. TheTroutEater


  24. Psytex

    Looking for good headphones for metal (max $500)

    Well I've spent a lot of time lately trying to find a good pair for headphones suitable for my taste, but I see a lot of mixed reviews. I was going to buy the Denon AH-D600 (which costs $490 here in Norway) after I read some reviews that they're better at playing metal than the Sennheiser HD650...
  25. lumzi23

    Need help choosing open headphones in the $200-$300 range

    Hello, I am looking to purchase a pair of heaphones to match with the O2+ODAC combo (which I will purchase in about a week). I am still a bit new to this quality   I have zero'd in on the AKG Q701's and the Beyerdynamics DT 880 Pro's.   They both seem like really great headphones from what I...