1. Tommy311

    Buying headphones around 50€ and need your help.

    Hi! Im new to these forums, but it simply astonished me how shallow is my knowledge about headphones. I am going to buy a new headphones. So far, I found only one headphones that were good. (Dont laugh! :D) Headphones that were packed with SonyEricsson G502. Little foam covered buds. But the...
  2. what?

    Is there a Yuin pk3 killer for similar money?

    Ive had some pk3s for about 2 years, im always impressed with them when i wear them, beautiful sound, a little lacking in bass with standard fit but bass can be improved with a little pressure.    im buying a present for someone   are they still the best *sq*  $40 ear bud?   anything...
  3. Nick15

    Looking for a High Quality Pair of Earbuds

    I'm looking for a good pair of IEM's for use with my computer and Droid X. I would like them to be around $80. I listen to rock and rap. No heavy metal and I don't listen to rap often at all. To be more specific, I listen to artists such as Nickelback, Green Day, The Beatles, AC/DC, and when I...
  4. VTAb182

    Earbuds in MX580/Pk3 range, but w/ no volume control and a Y-cord?

    I'm looking for a pair of earbuds (non-isolation) that are in the same range as the Senn MX580's or the Yuin Pk3's, but that don't have an in-line volume control nor a J-cord: just a basic, symmetrical Y-cord. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you!  
  5. Brandon7s

    Want to upgrade from Yuin PK3, but don't want to use an amp!

    I have a pair of YUIN PK3's that I've been using for the last 2 years or so. I REALLY like them, overall. Incredibly comfortable. I can't imagine finding headphones of any kind that are more comfortable. FUN sounding, and I find that I can listen to everything and anything on them, from house to...
  6. vision20

    Looking for a good pair of earphones. Which to get?

    Hello!   I am looking for a good pair of earphones as an upgrade to my $5 pair of Panasonic earphones. I figured that I would need to find something with even more quality sound.   I have been looking around for some earphones, but I am having trouble of finding which one is better than...
  7. Blackwheel

    Senn Mx580 - Removing Inline Volume Control?

    I was wondering, would it be possible to rewire the earbuds and lose the useless volume control? Has anybody tried?
  8. alterndog

    best earbuds (not IEMS) for soundstage/detail/instrument separation under $40

    As the title says, I'm looking for an easy use earbuds for quick on the go. I'd like a decent soundstage/detail and instrument seperation. I was looking at the mx581 but couldn't find out how detailed and how the sounstage. Others were the pk3, mx580, and Sunrise AS-Feeling. 
  9. bokeron

    Help me deciding: Sennheiser MX470 vs MX760

    Hi everybody.   I'm about to buy one of these two from Sennheiser, MX470 or MX670. They cost just the same, and though the 470 are new and apparently improved the 760 were really good ones not so far ago. I haven't used them before, so... i need your help deciding wich one to buy. I'm not...
  10. swbf2cheater


  11. Ringoko

    Cheap earbuds advice (non-IEM)

    I'm looking for a good cheap pair of earbuds to replace my standard apple earbuds.   IEMs aren't really an option, as they are for wearing during work, I'm constantly moving around and the IEM seal is constantly lost. I have Sennheiser IE6s which sound great, the problem is I have to keep my...
  12. wcstick

    Need help choosing earphones with volume control

    I'm quite new to the audio equipment scene so bear with me. I'm looking for a set of earphones to replace my last pair, which were the ones that came with (or used to come with) hp laptops. They are my benchmark for earphones because they weren't in-ear and they had a sliding volume control and...
  13. AZ Greg

    Currently W/O 'Phones: Play It Safe With PK3s Or Check Out Sennheiser MX 580? HELP!

    First off, allow me to bore you with some brief history just so you understand where I'm coming from!   About a year and a half ago I decided it was time to get some quality 'phones. Nothing crazy expensive, but a step up from stock and overpriced stuff that was selling on its brand. I was...
  14. swbf2cheater

    ***Earbud Guide - 22 Earbuds compared***

            ****Earbuds Guide****   A review and comparison of 22 earbuds      The Current contenders are:   The Sennheiser MX series ( 580, 880, 980) The Yuin Series ( Ok1, Pk1, Pk3 ) The Sunrise Charm The Final Audio Piano Forte II Blue Ever Blue 328R BeyerDynamic...
  15. novaks47

    Decent IEM's, Two Strikes Already

      First off, let me start with what I listen to. Metal. I like bands like Arch Enemy, Cradle of Filth, King Diamond, Illnath, Cthonic, Abyssos, Kreator, Amon Amarth(older), Decadence, etc.    I have some Grado 225's, for home, that I LOVE, so the upper end is covered. I'm now looking for...
  16. swbf2cheater

    Lost almost all my Gear in a Fire *salutes my journey

    About a month ago I lost almost all my gear in a fire.  Everything I've ever recommended or said I owned was lost outside of the a few things.  The only survivors were my Hd485 and my Hippo Epic Sparkles and my sansa fuze.  Nothing else made it.  I also lost my couch and my Ps3 and netbook...
  17. JosephKim

    Thoughts on Sennheiser mx 580?

    Hey guys!   I just ordered a pair of Senn mx 580 from amazon. I read swbf2cheater's review where he raved about them but cant really find other reviews of these buds. Plus Swbf's music taste seems different, and i dont see how he really puts down the Yuin pk series when there seems to be...
  18. JosephKim

    What are your 3 favorite iems and why?

    What are your top 3 favorite iems and why?
  19. ages_devil

    Help: choosing a replacement for ksc75 (for $25 or less)

    Hi everbody I'm looking for a replacement for my broken koss ksc75(2nd pair to go down), but as i live in Egypt the choices here are, let's say.....nothing even the ksc75 is not sold anymore at radioshack, so i'm going to order from amazon but keeping in mind that i'll pay at least double the...
  20. eclectic

    MX580 is now 30 bucks and AKG 317 is 40. It's 1 or the other.

    I know people like the Senns-anyone own the AKG's?   AND, are the AKG's too big for buds?  Are they only a good fit for large ears?  It's a fantastic price 4 the AKG.
  21. ClieOS

    [REVIEW] Sennheiser MX580 / MX581 – Fraternal Twins, Equally Fabulous.

    In today’s market, there are not as many manufacturers focus on making good quality earbuds as it used to be. The Japanese, which produced some of the best earbuds ever back on the 80’s and 90’s, have all given into the in-ear trend (or simply given up) and abandoned the idea of investing time...
  22. Pipponzi

    Best Earphones with 100€....150€ max

    I would use them with my notebook/mp3 player. I'm totally noob in this field so please advice me some good earphones.   I usually listen to pop music, but sometimes I listen to dance/trance music so I want a good bass sound.   Currently I have the Alessandro MS-1. I'm satisfied with...
  23. JosephKim

    Sennheiser mx 580 Review

    Well here it is; my highly UNanticipated review of the Sennheiser mx 580. I am very new to this world of audiophilia, so I must warn you/apologize for certain things in advance:   1. I am coming from ibuds. Ibuds I stepped on while getting out of bed. Ibuds with one side crushed, wires...
  24. swbf2cheater

    Sennheiser MX series Vs Yuin PK series - 6 earbuds compared and reviewed.

      A few days ago I posted my thoughts on the Sennheiser MX series and Yuin Series earbuds in a topic here on head-fi.  Due to the massive volume of interest ( i counted 18 different people asking for a more detailed review ) I will post my thoughts in detail.   Lets start off with the...
  25. sky019

    Decent Earbuds!!!

    Hi, I'm really new in this forum so.....   i had a pair of V-MODA Vibe from Radio Shack around 60 bucks. In about a few months, the connection from the right ear just ruined for some reason. Anyways, i'm getting a gift certificate from radio shack, because of the warrenty i purchased with...