1. Darkstar2010

    Best Earbuds Under $30????

    Im looking to buy some new earbuds and Ive done a bunch of google searches but IEM's keep coming up and thats not what Im looking for. I just want regular earbuds not the in ear type. I listen to a lot of current trance music, markus schulz type stuff etc.... I have an iPod Touch/iPhone and I...
  2. w33nie

    Decent earbuds needed (PK3 maybe?)

    I am looking for a nice set of earbuds, not IEMs since I need to be aware of outside sounds. A pair that doesn't leak too much sound would be preferable    I've been looking at the Yuin PK3s as I know they were very popular years ago but I haven't been around on audiophile websites in years...
  3. fredm

    Disappointed in Sennheiser MX 471

    After liking my Senn HD201, I bought the  Sennheiser MX 471.  They show some serious sibilance/treble harshness on many songs. I guess I thought at the same price point of the HD201 I would get equal quality.   what price level do i need to look at to get the same clarity and quality of the...
  4. mantaray

    Alternative to Yuin PK3?

    Hi all,   I've just broken my 2nd set of PK3's... I *love* these earbuds but I've had severe issues with cable quality :(   Before I order my 3rd set, I just want to check if there are any comparable alternatives around the price? I got rather sick of the Y-cable too, so if there's...
  5. aeidein

    Budget earbuds?

    My teenage sister needs something for her iPod Touch. Requirements: * Small and doesn't leak (too much) sound.  She sometimes listens softly during class. * Doesn't go too far into the ear.  She doesn't like the feel of my CX300s or Marshmallows and would prefer traditional earbuds (a la...
  6. vision20

    Looking for a good pair of earphones. Which to get?

    Hello!   I am looking for a good pair of earphones as an upgrade to my $5 pair of Panasonic earphones. I figured that I would need to find something with even more quality sound.   I have been looking around for some earphones, but I am having trouble of finding which one is better than...
  7. vvvvvv

    Advice on Sennheiser earbuds please!

    Hi everyone. I have to buy new earbuds. However I don't have much experience with those, so I've recently read more topics about them here... yet most of them aren't updated so they don't entirely solve my issue. I'll try keeping this short, the only options I have available are those...
  8. ages_devil

    Help: choosing a replacement for ksc75 (for $25 or less)

    Hi everbody I'm looking for a replacement for my broken koss ksc75(2nd pair to go down), but as i live in Egypt the choices here are, let's say.....nothing even the ksc75 is not sold anymore at radioshack, so i'm going to order from amazon but keeping in mind that i'll pay at least double the...
  9. slaters70

    Simple pleasures

    Happen to be at the beach this week, and after all the fussing and feuding over IEMs, players, etc., hereabouts, it still shocks me how fantastic a 2GB Clip+ (16GB card added) and the Cyclone PR1 Pros sound enjoying the sun and surf. No amps, no $300 IEMs, no silly high end cables. The total...
  10. Sennheiser MX 471 Stereo Headphones with LiveBass System

    Sennheiser MX 471 Stereo Headphones with LiveBass System

    This new collection of affordable a dn stylish headphones provides a wide variety to consumers, particularly young sound lovers. There are six models each for men and women.