sennheiser hd700
  1. Tayyab Pirzada

    Sennheiser HD700 vs. Aeon X?

    So I've been looking for a pair of open-back headphones with good soundstage, ok sub-bass extension, great imaging, and above all - comfort to allow for multi-hour listening. Also, I listen to mainly the following genres: R&B, rap/hip-hop, pop, EDM, jazz, and (sometimes) orchestral scores. I've...
  2. Renato Fury

    Sennheiser HD 700 or Hifiman HE560 ?

    As the title says I am in doubt among which to buy, I want a headphone for all genres of music and have a good sound stage, but as I have never tested either of them and many of you already tested I count on your opinion, and then , Which is the best choice ?