sennheiser hd 820
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    Sennheiser Spring Sale

    Hello! As you may know, the 2020 year marks Sennheiser’s 75th anniversary. While it is an exciting milestone for the brand we cannot help but share your sadness in the cancellation and rescheduling of Head-Fi community events, in addition to other activities we had scheduled around the...
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    Sennheiser HD 820 very good condition SOLD

    SOLD: Sennheiser HD 820 headphones, purchased new by me in early 2019 from the Sennheiser store in San Francisco. I had 3 headphones and I only need one, so I'm selling the other two (also the Focal Stellia). These have barely been used and are in great condition. Comes with original box, manual...
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    Sennheiser Celebrates 75th Anniversary with a TOTL Bundle!

    A legendary combination Sennheiser offers audiophile anniversary bundle of HD 820 & HDV 820 Sennheiser is celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2020! To celebrate with headphone fans around the world, the audio specialist combines the renowned closed dynamic HD 820 headphones with the HDV 820...