1. gopanthersgo1

    What are the worst comparisons you've ever heard?

    Today I was on our school bus going to a football game, and my friend asked to try on my monoprice 8320's, ho said that his 20 dollar ifrogz toxic iem's were better, because they didn't have a high pitched noise like mine did, I tried his on to see what he was talking about, and his had almost...
  2. headinclouds

    In praise of the Shure SRH -1840. Best frequency response?

    In the top headphone market another product the  Americans should be proud of is the Shure SRH-1840.     Having owned several high end offerings (T1, HD800, LCD2) the phone I enjoy the most is the Shure. I find that listening through these I am singing along or tapping my toes, etc.   They...
  3. xnor

    Headphones sensitivity, impedance, required V/I/P, amplifier gain

    The following table is based on measurements, not manufacturer specs.   Target SPL is 110 dB SPL. The source is assumed to output 2 V. The amp is assumed to be a voltage source (0 ohm output impedance). Voltage, current, power are RMS figures.   What do the columns mean? S@1V is the...
  4. greggreynolds

    Help deciding on SPL Phonitor/ Sennheiser HDVD800

    Hi There,  I produce music and purchased a pair of HD800 earlier this year. I currently use an Apogee Ensemble which am not sure can drive the HD 800 they sound fine but would know as did test the HDVD800 but in a shop and can't really remember.   Im happy to use it solely for music...
  5. JoeDoe

    HP's for Bald Guys

    As much as the look of the phones on my dome should take a back seat to the sound quality, not having luscious locks of hair to fill the space between the cups/headband and my head makes me look like an alien when I leave my house.    Any suggestions for a set of midrange on- or over-ears...
  6. RustA

    Changed title: SM64, or EX1000, or RE272 for a Senns HD800 fanboy?

    I want to get as close to HD800's sound as possible... It's neutrality from the bottom to the top, separation, imaging and expansive soundstage with incredible width and depth. I understand that IEMs are different from full-size, of course, but there are IEMs that are offer the best in terms of...
  7. Magsy

    Like SA5000 but better..?

    I've read through some previous but I'm still not sure which direction to go. My experience with the SA5000 is like most others...mixed :)   I tried a pair I was recabling for someone and laughed openly with my GF about how bad they were for $400-500. I sent them back to the owner and...
  8. Nightspore68

    Imaging? Or imagination?

    I'm new to this forum and have enjoyed reading all the detailed (and not-so-detailed) reviews of headphones and amps. However, one thing strikes me as a possibly ridiculous indulgence many people here are suffering from - the belief that there is some kind of "sound stage" or imaging that can be...
  9. devhen

    Locations to tryout high end cans in NYC?

    Hey guys. I'm headed back to the Big Apple for a few days over New Years and I'm wondering if anyone knows of some good places where you can demo some of the higher-end headphones like Stax, Audeze, Hifiman, the HD800 & T1, etc. in the city. Would love to finally experience some of them if I...
  10. Jackula

    Headphone vs Speakers

    Greetings, after all the crawling through threads here for the past couple of weeks, I'm ready to ask my first question. First of all, I don't consider myself an audiophile, but just someone who understands some technical stuff and am looking for the ultimate sound setup.    In the past I've...
  11. Sembiance

    Balanced XDR cable recommendation for HD800 and Isabellina HPA?

    Hello   I've been using a pair of HD600 headphones for nearly a decade now. I've always just plugged them directly into the computer or iPod, never used an amp before.   My HD600 headphones are not sound very good anymore, so I figure it's time to upgrade.   I've done some extensive...
  12. tgeml

    Another Buying Advice Thread, 900 usd budget(Sorry!)

    I've been reading the forums for a few hours gathering information, and I'm unable to determine if an upgrade would be  worthwhile for myself, with my current setup. Currently I run the below setup.   - Asus Essence STX  w/LME49990 dual op-amp upgrades on the headphone amplifier section...
  13. rage3324

    Sennheiser HD800 vs Beyerdynamic T1 vs Grado GS1000

    I am looking for a pair of headphones to compliment my Grado SR325i (soon to be RS1i). I am looking for something with a large soundstage, airy, not too laid back ( I like forward mids ), controlled and tight bass (I hate bloat), and smooth natural highs. I listen to a lot of rock, soft rock...
  14. whereas

    Best "out of your head" headphones?

    I'm looking for something where the placement and stage / imaging is such that I can close my eyes and it sounds like the person is singing in front of me in the room, rather than inside my head.   My experience is limited to the Denon D5000 and "lesser" headphones, so I haven't heard HD800s...
  15. olander08

    WANTED: HD800 stock cable

    Stock, unbalanced HD800 cable wanted to Sweden. Send PM.
  16. Tyll Hertsens

    Sennheiser HD800 Updates!!!

    This just in, I've been told that Sennheiser will likely receive only 100 HD800 in the first shipment. They're still thinking late February however. Also, the told me they already have orders for what they expected to be the entire first year's forecast. Guess they undershot that a bit...
  17. al10

    Looking for decent headphones for Yamaha A-S2000 amp.

    Hi all,   trying to choose between ATH-W5000,HD-800,T-1,LCD-2,maybe something else.No any specialized headphones amps. Any opinions or advices? Thanks.
  18. derek233

    Testing headphones before buying with unexpected results

    Hi everyone,   I've been following the head-fi forums for the last few weeks trying to attempt to get up to speed with you guys.    I've had a Kef sound system for a few years and an onkyo 875 for a few years, I've had to move away and leave it behind and finding it hard to cope without...
  19. G3ck0

    Good Headphone Setup for $1000+ / HD800 Questions

    At the moment I have Audio Technica ATH-AD700's. Love them, but I'm the kind of person who isn't happy until I have the best.   While I would love a pair of Sennheiser HD800's, I have a few questions. How would they sound compared to my current headphones without an amp? Would they at least...
  20. dreamwhisper

    HD800 (Canada Only)

    For sale is my HD800. It's been well taking care of in a smoke and pet free environment. It's in 9.5/10 condition with a 1 mm scratch beside the L on the left earcup, which doesn't seem to show up in pictures.   Included is all of the accessories and the receipt for purchase, so you can...
  21. Tassie Devil

    How much to spend to get really good headphone reproduction - my take

    First up, no headphone setup will sound any good with poor source input.  GIGO applies with a vengeance.  The setup here is balanced digital feed out of an Meridian MS600 as part of a Meridian MDMS (used to be more sensibly called "Sooloos") system.  It is apodised and upsampled to 88.2 kHz...
  22. Thrang

    Comparison Review: HD-800, HD-700, PM-1, and HE-560

    After having asked and received for a wonderful Christmas gift, the Oppo PM-1 and Oppo HA-1 amp (based on the overall great feedback here and elsewhere) - I found that I was Scroogily-disappointed with the PM-1’s. Not sonically, but simply for their poor comfort. I was seeking relief after 20...
  23. SliceOfPierce

    High-End Over-Ear Discussion

    What are some of the most renown over-ear headphones of all time?
  24. Bossatiger

    Soundstage in IEMs?

    A simple question that has me somewhat puzzled. I somewhat understand how soundstage works in headphones. Big factors include the angle and distance between the driver and the ear can make the headphone sound intimate (hd25) or immersive and deep (hd800). But when this distance/angle factor is...
  25. JeffJeffery

    A question for those that consider themselves audiophiles.

    This is the impression I get from those of you that call yourselves audiophiles (correct me if I'm wrong).  You at one time loved music and wanted it to sound as good as possible.  But in that quest you have taken on the thought that music needs to sound as accurate as it can, and it has become...