1. jonno41

    Sennheiser HD800

    Any recommendations for a better cable for the Sennheiser HD 800 headphones at a reasonable price,thanks John
  2. subsonic1050

    Headphone Progression from Audio Technica ATHM50 to Hifiman HE-400 to Sennheiser HD800

    Fellow Head-Fiers - I just thought I would share my experiences with my progression through the headphone ranks for anyone looking to get into quality headphones, or anyone thinking about possibly upgrading and wondering if it is worth the cost.   My foray into the headphone world is new, but...
  3. ruthieandjohn

    Best "You Are There" Headphones.... Sennheiser HD 800s?

    Even my best headphones, Grado PS500, continually remind me that they are between me and the music.    So I am trying to find the headphones that most "go away" when used, by providing the listening experience that seems most like "You Are There" with the musicians.   Reading so far suggests...
  4. randomcanfan111

    HD800 Delivery Dates

  5. vcoheda

    Moon Audio Silver Dragon v.2 Balanced HD800 Cable (SOLD)

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD   Moon Audio Silver Dragon v.2 Bal HD800 Cable (10FT). practically brand new.   paid close to $400. sell for $250 shipped and paypaled. US ONLY.    ====   NEWLY REDUCED --- $250 SHIPPED.   thanks
  6. LeeSC

    SOLD: Moon Audio Blue Dragon V3 Cable for HD800

    I have a Moon Audio Blue Dragon V3 HD800 cable system with 3 pin XLRs, 1/4" SE and RSA balance ends.  Asking for $OLD plus shipping.
  7. sdotfire

    HD800 in Mint Condition with optional Whiplash Audio TWag Balanced Cryo-Parts Carbon Fiber Termination

    I am selling this practically new set of beautiful cans due to financial reasons and to be honest they were just not my cup of tea.  I bought them a couple of months ago and have put on less than 40 hours of burn in.  As you can see in the pictures they are absolutely immaculate.  9.9/10  They...
  8. Timber1900

    Input on Sennheiser HD800s

    Hello,    I joined the forum for the sole purposes of being able to get in touch with the experienced audiophiles in the crowd. I was hoping I could get some input on my soon-to-be realized dream of owning HD800s.    Some background, I am an avid PC gamer, someone who appreciates the very...
  9. FallenAngel

    Balanced Cardas cable for HD800 (2x 3-pin XLR)

    Hi guys,   I'm selling a custom Cardas balanced HD800 cable.  Cable is 6' long with Neutrik XX-Series XLR connectors.   If you need a 4-pin XLR or 1/4" adapter, I should have something around.   Thanks

    FS:Balanced Sennheiser HD800's SOLD SOLD

    For sale are my Sennheiser HD800's with new earpads and 14 foot Audio Minor quad core cryo'd balanced cable. Also have a balanced to 1/4" adapter cable so it can be used either balanced or nonbalanced. They are in excellent condition except for a very slight dent in the earcup screen on one side...