1. Storydog

    Sennheiser HD 530/HD 560 vs. HD 530 II/HD 560 II

    I am reading in the thread to the Sennheiser HD 480 II to prefer the first version of HD 560.   I have since January the HD 530 II in my collection. And he sounds relativly natural, soundstage good for the pricerange(in Germany 200 DM), not so deep(or I mean the strongness of a DT 990) and...
  2. Sir Galahad

    Sennheiser HD 560 Ovation VS Ovation II

    Hello there.   I just picked up some fantastic Sennheiser HD 560 Ovation headphones for the bargain price of £20 at a car boot sale. Still boxed, look like they have never been used!   I always wanted these back in the day but had to make do with a set of HD 480s instead..   Anyway, my...
  3. ajm07

    Sennheiser HD445

    Has anyone seen a review of these cans?
  4. xdog

    Big comparison of chinese headphones

    This review was done using 'song-on' methodology, where I've listened to diffrent songs on diffrent headphones and graded them (I've always wanted to do such thing). The basic idea behind that is to asses how much music (emotions) is transported (or lost) through the equipment (like here you...
  5. Pabro

    Sennheiser HD560 Ovation II

    Hey guys,   I'm selling one Sennheiser HD560 that I bought several days ago in here.   The headphone is in very good condition considering its age. It comes with almost new earpads (bought from Sennheiser by the previous owner), and other part of the headphone is also in very good...
  6. Sophonax

    Sennheiser HD560 Ovation II

    Hi there!   Up for sale is a used pair of Sennheiser HD560 Ovation II headphones in (mostly) good condition.  I'm selling these for my dad, who recently decided to get himself an HD800 for a 60th birthday present.   My dad purchased these headphones back in the early 90s.  Considering...
  7. m1150204

    Sennheiser HD 565, HD 540 gold, HD560

    I want to buy Sennheiser HD 565, HD 540 gold, HD560.   Please contact me with asking price and headphone-condition.   Thanks    
  8. daydesiang

    Sennheiser HD560 Ovation 2

    I have 2 unit of Sennheiser HD560 Ovation II for sale~ condition good just minor wear and tear~     Sounds accurate and very detail~ the only reason im selling it is because I need money to fix my car~...
  9. Syncopator

    How to replace Sennheiser HD 560 (first version) ear-pads?

    Having acquired a new set of pads how do I now remove the old ones? 
  10. daydesiang

    Sennheiser from the past - HD250 Linear 1, coming soon HD540 HD560 Ovation2, HD450, HD480 II, HD480 Classic and Surrounder

    I had bought a few older model Sennheiser, at first I just thinking of collect some headphone just for the fun of it... until I came across a few model~    Well since I dont have any proper setup, so I cant do a proper review on each of them~ today I'll start with HD250 Linear MK1   =...
  11. happywater

    sennheiser hd 560 and hd580 (made in germany )

    hi i am looking for a pair of sennheiser hd 560 in good working condition if you have one plz let me know the price shipped to canada toronto,and i am also looking for a pair of sennheiser hd580  made in germany or it has flat logo pm if you got one for sell thanks a lot
  12. ibanezwizz

    Sennheiser HD 480II

    Greetings,   I have an old Sennheiser HD 480II cans I use in my semi-pro studio for mixing and mastering.   My cans are getting old and well used, so I am thinking Christmas present.     What are the best cans nowadays (open-back) to replace my cans with (without losing the flat...
  13. skimminst

    Sennheiser 560, 540? felt rings?

    Hi, I bought some new ear pads for my HD540 as they are compatible with the HD560 they include this strange felt rings.   Will the HD540 benefit from the felt rings?   I know the HD560 does have a net instead of the HD540’s “paper” over the drivers but the felt would damp more than the...
  14. beka

    80$ earphones (buds and beyond)

    Hello guys,     I've bought the MX 560 as described here: and they are a good buy, but I can't stop wondering if there were/are some better options for additional payment since they did cost 36 bucks here. I am unable to try...
  15. Moosecrash

    Sennheier HD565 Ovation Repair/Trade

    I have a set of Sennheiser HD565 Ovation headphones.  After a long time of playing with a bad cable, I finally bought a new cable.  Initial results were great with no more intermittent cutting out of the right ear piece.  After about a month, though, I lost sound completely in the right...
  16. Exact Sound

    Wait on getting Sennheiser HD 580 or 600 just be happy with my ratty 19 year old 600 ohm HD 540 reference...?

    Just lost another bid an a NIB HD 580's that ended up going for $234.50 shipped on eBay. That is getting fairly close to HD 600 prices is it not? I'm basically a minimalist by nature I don't want the nice HD 600 box and I don't care that the 580 are a stripped down version of the 600's. I...
  17. NRWalker

    AD700 vs HD565 Ovation - a comparison

    Disclaimer This is my first attempt at a review so please don't be too harsh and, as ever, these views are my own and anyone is welcome to disagree!   The candidates First up is the Audio Technica AD700, a pair of headphones regularly mentioned on these forums and especially noted for...
  18. Sylverant

    Just bought HD560's at yard sale for $1

    So I took my 8 year old little sister and her friends to a yard sale on the block right behind my home today and saw these beauties just sitting on top a pile of rca and copper wire speaker cables. This nice lady offered to sell it to me for $1 but told me she didn't know whether or not they...
  19. D

    Sennheisers vs Grados

    Like the posting says:- I have a pair of 565 Ovations and am very happy with them, particularly after pairing them with the x-cansv2 and X-psu! After reading on the headwize forum (god I got withdrawal bad, one of the computer games forums went down the same night arrrghhh!! ) It got me...
  20. Sennheiser HD 560 Ovation

    Sennheiser HD 560 Ovation

    Open, audiophile dynamic headphones, the 1989 HD 560 Ovations (and 1991 HD 560 IIs) were Sennheiser's "Spitzenklasse" headphones until the HD 580/600s, which have a different driver. Some German writers on prefer the HD 560 for tonal accuracy and transparency, especially for...