1. BowerR64

    What are the oldest pair of headphones you still own?

    mine are: Pioneer SE-50 and the Sony MDR-D77
  2. tman1

    How long do your IEMs last?

    I need to get new 'phones after my second pair of PL50's have started to lose sound in one earpiece (the first pair got replaced under warranty). It has also recently happened on my second pair of Koss KE29's (lifetime warranty is a good thing for backup 'phones), and even my KSC75s at work...
  3. Joseph8011

    Sennheiser is charging $93.81 to fix my HD580's intermittent cable problem

    Contact cleaner and distancing the springs was no longer working effectively. So I asked Sennheiser's customer service for new gold springs and cables to fix the problem; they would only send the cable not the springs. Instead, they insisted I sent in my headphones for a "fair and reasonable...
  4. FrolM89g

    Check out my seenheiser hd 545

    Bought at Russian federation the headphones ...I bought for myself for the amount of 1500 rubles ($ 50)I wanted to get all of the design, put in a box for at least a week.Good condition with no cracks or scratches.I say excellent.Ear pads are covered with pantyhose.And in front of driver -...
  5. innerfight

    AKG 545 vs NAD viso HP50 vs other headphones for following music genres.

    As the title suggests i am kind of stuck between these two headphones. Budget is 400$ so any other recommendations are also welcome.Although i dont want to waste money. I personally find it hard to classify music into genres so i am linking a couple of songs in this post as well. The sources...
  6. omereilam

    Monitoring with Sennheiser HD 545?

    Hi all, I found an old pair of Sennheiser HD 545 in my garage! :-) Do you think they should be good for monitoring or will they enhance the sound in ways which I wouldn't want them? Alternatively I would consider trading them for a monitoring pair of headphones. Thanks! omer
  7. thepredestrian

    FS OR FT: Sennheiser's HD545 reference headphones

    Hey everyone!   For sale is Sennheiser's very own vintage HD545 reference headphones. These were made in Ireland, and have since ceased production.    I wouldn't mind trading it for another pair of headphones (or anything that you've got) plus cash from my side.   Preferably an...
  8. squelchy451

    Headphones most similar to Sennheiser HD 545 Reference?

    Hi. The library at my college has Sennheiser HD 545 and I really like their open airy sound. What headphone should I get under $100 that is similar to Sennheiser HD 545 Reference?   Also, what is the best USB sound card under $50?   Thank you
  9. m1150204

    Sennheiser vintage HD545 and HD565 headphones

    I have HD545, HD580, I found MOGAMI- recabled HD545s sound more relaxible and of airy sound, the HD580s sound dark and heavey.   I really love the MOGAMI-recabled HD545 with ; anybody here has some experience with HD545 and HD565?  HD565 any better?   Thanks for the opinion-sharing.
  10. starNdust

    could i fix my headphones?

    hi i have bose around ear and the left cup start not working , but if i twist the jack it will play and i must hold it in a position so it stay work . dunno if i could get rid of the wire i have and replace it with lets say...
  11. Politic

    HD 525 Repair Help?

     I've had this pair of headphones for quite a while now, and I'm at a loss as to how to fix the problem of having jittery sound in the left ear piece. I've read from previous posts that this can be fixed by adjusting the leads, but neglected to mention how exactly to open the headphones. Plus...
  12. Sennheiser HD-545

    Sennheiser HD-545

    Sennheiser HD545