1. slefty

    Questions about full sized sealed headphones for iPod for $70 or less

    A friend is looking to get his son a set of headphones for his iPod. Wants a full sized sealed design (so no Grado SR60), and with a price around $60 (US). His son has hinted for a pair of Hesh2 or Skullcruishers from Skull CandySkullCandy, but all my kid's friends with those have had them fail...
  2. nouveau riche

    which headphones to buy

    hi... i am new to this place.   i want to buy a headphones and my price range is $100. also i live in India so I cannot go for European brands. I am a bass head, i enjoy bass but that does not mean that I would love to destroy the sound quality just because of heavy bass. in short, i need...
  3. nirki98

    headphones for birthday!!! answer fast please!!!!! my birthday is soon!!!

    I have been thinking a lot what i want to my birthday and i decided i want headphones. I have only 60$ to spend for them. I have four options now and hey are: Shure SRH240A. Philips SHL5605GY\28. Skullcandy Hesh 2.0. Sennheiser HD419. i hope that you can tell me which one of them is the...
  4. flashheatmvp3

    $60 Headphones

    Hey I'm looking at some new headphones to use for college. I'm on a bit of a budget so I'm hoping y'all can help me get the best bang for my buck.  I'm looking mostly at ones on Amazon since I have a giftcard there.  So far I have it narrowed down to but I'm not limited to:   Sennheiser HD...
  5. durden

    Budget cans, need help

    Hey guys. I've been a fan of IEM's for quite some time now. My first major purchase was the hi-fi man RE0s, which are still amazing for how long I've had them. Now I am working from home and am looking for a budget pair of headphones to enjoy without needed the isolation of IEM's. I've been...
  6. khalvinsur

    Best headphones for under $50? (Any Suggestions?)

    I'm interested in replacing my philips shp 805 which sounds great (to me). Now I want to upgrade to something better. I've researched and found Seinheiser 419 and 429 or 428 and Audio Technica ATH-M30.   I just want to know which pairs are the best? Or if you have any other suggestions...
  7. Fiio Head-Fier

    Burn-in Headphones..............

    I own a pair of sennheiser  hd419. I found out for myself the best way to burn -in my headphones is to play techno music just loud enough so it won't crackle and pop. What do you head-fiers think of what I did. Is it the right way? Let me know if what I did was right.
  8. mac336

    Anyone ever buy from the seller Dahmart on amazon?

    on amazon they have some used and refurbished headphones "like new" condition at decent prices.  Anyone ever purchased from here before?
  9. RodgerM

    [solved] $24 budget, need some headphones.

    I'm willing to stretch it to $32, and get these:   The Sennheiser HD419   However , the ones at monoprice are in budget too.  Which ones would be better ? The HD419 or the monoprice 8324 , or monoprice 8323 ?
  10. hemingway70

    Sony, Sennheiser, Razer or Philips? Need help choosing..

    Hi guys,  After almost 4 years of use, my Technics RP-F300 has finally died out on me. I've been trying to decide on what should I get this time based on the price and availability of the models in my area (I live in UAE). I've finalised on this shortlist:   1. Sony's XB500 -  $70 2...
  11. jbob181

    Which of these headphones should I buy?

    I am in the market for buying headphones under $100 for use on bus and my laptop so which should I get.  ...
  12. JellyMush

    Which should I get?

    Hello i have been looking at 2 headphones. It is between these: Razer kraken headphones for 60$: Sennheiser HD 419 headphones for 40$: I willl be using these headphones for gaming and...
  13. marcmart94

    2nd (and last) try: Sennheiser or JVC?

    I posted a thread about choosing between the Sennheiser HD 419 and the JVC HARX700. I'm online shopping for some headphones and I've boiled my choices down to these two. My bugdet is about $45 (which I realize is cheap budget for headphones, but I'm not an audiophile nor an expert on sound in...
  14. S


  15. jdogw

    Tightening headbands

    I have a secondhand sennheiser hd419 and they are getting kind of loose now. I want to know if anyone knows if and how I can increase the clamping force on the headband.
  16. flat bob

    hd419/429/439 comparison

    yo everyone   They're selling the low end hd4x9 series at my local store and they look quite tempting. I mostly listen to hip hop and alt r&b, and I've heard the three do decently at the low end. I will be driving them straight off my android phone with poweramp. Got some questions about the...
  17. THAIS

    Looking for the best deal up to $50 - $60 ... (Headphones)

    Hello everybody.   First, I want to say that I am happy that I am part of this exciting forum. Second - my English in not perfect, so - excuse me if there is something not understandable. Third, I hope that my topic is with correct title and that it's in the right place.   Now I'll say a...
  18. Rukeith

    The Bassiest out of These Sennheiser Headphones?

    So if I had to choose between: HD202, HD219, HD419, HD429, HD439 which of those would have the more powerful bass? I'm use to using turtle beaches (Not necessarily headphones I know) primarily for music with a bass boost of 12dB@150Hz turned all the way up, so how would that compare?
  19. Mantalic

    headphones for under 50 pounds?

    Hello, I am looking for headphones under 50 pounds as I live in england. I mostly listen to hip hop and dub step with some rnb. I want headphones with good pounding bass and crisp sound so the bass not overpowering mids and highs. So far I've found 2 types of headphones. Skullcandy Hesh 2.0...
  20. Godman

    Sennheiser HD 202 II vs. Sennheiser HD 201 vs. Sennheiser HD 419

    Hello 'audiophiles'...   Okay about me and my current situation...    I'm not a quote unquote audiophile per se... but don't get me wrong.. I enjoy music and want the best sounding headphones I can get!(of these three)   Now I want to put this out there before I go any further. AS OF NOW...
  21. ccard3dev

    How to strengthen Sennheiser HD 419 cable?

    I just bought the Sennheiser HD 419, and I am concerned that the cable is so thin.  What is the best way to strengthen the cable without replacing the cable or cutting wires?
  22. Lord A C

    Sennheiser HD419 vs Superlux HD 681

    Hi,   I've read a few reviews about this 2 headphones and I'm not sure about the one that is going home with me :P   Sennheiser HD419:
  23. JeremyB796

    Sennheiser HD 419 vs Audio-Technica ATHT400

    I feel stupid, I solved this and don't need help anymore...I got the sennheisers...they just looked like they would be better after a burn-in
  24. JeremyB796

    Sennheiser HD 419 vs Audio-Technica ATHT400

    triple post please look here: sorry! <:C
  25. JeremyB796

    Sennheiser HD 419 vs Audio-Technica ATHT400

    triple post please look here: sorry! <:C