1. Young4

    Newbie buying first headphones

    I apologize if I post this in the wrong section as it is suppose to be for full sized headphones, but I am new to all of this and don't exactly understand the difference. I am looking for my first pair of 'nice' headphones for preferably under 100$. So far I have bee looking at the sennheiser hd...
  2. jbob181

    Looking to buy some Sennheiser headphones?

    My range is $100 and under I am a headphone noob I looking for comfort and good quality sound I will be using them on the bus to listen to music and to watch movies on my laptop.
  3. skollin1

    What headphones are the best?

    I broke my old sony $20 MDR-G45LP headphones and am looking to buy another pair of head phones. I listed a few I was checking out was looking for a few suggestions out of these picks, its just for listening to music at home.  Thankyou   Sony MDR ZX300 ---$20   sennheiser HD 229---$41  ...
  4. Meshaboo

    The mother grubbin' struggle

    Hey guys...   Soooooo I've been haunting poor Best Buy stores around my college because I've been wanting to try out different headphones. I had the Sony MDR V55 for about a year and a half (on my 3rd pair because the 1st two cracked on the swivel). I really enjoyed having them (and my heart...
  5. MfiveM

    Sennheiser HD 449 & HD 229 Headphones - Now Available

      Just wanted to let everyone know the new Sennheiser HD 449 and HD 229 headphones are now in stock at!   Ship Overnight for only $1.99!   Click here for HD 449 Information   Click here for HD 229 Information    
  6. eschaos

    $80-150 BUDGET, NEED GOOD BASS, WHICH ONE: Sennheiser HD 229 or PX 200-IIi, KLIPSCH S4i, aiaiai tracks, SHURE SE215, SENNHEISER HD 239 HEADPHONES, JAYS V-JAYS?

    Hi!   First off, I ONLY LISTEN TO MUSIC ON MY IPHONE 4S, so I will not need headphones that work best with amps or anything, only need headphones that work best with the iPhone 4S. I'm new to the Head-Fi community, but I really appreciate my music and want to listen to it with the best...
  7. kazzaz

    Which one between those Sennhesier 205 , 202 , 203 , 229 ?

    hi all ,  i'm new member here and i'm glad to find this large community talking about headphones :) , i'm sorry that my first topic asking for something but i know you're help-full .  i would like to get you help to choose between those headphones Sennhesier HD 205 , 202 , 203 , 229 likely...
  8. lewismanwest

    Philips O'NEILL THE SNUG or Sennheiser HD229?

    i wanna buy a portable on-ear headphone that with good bass,which one is better?Philips O'NEILL THE SNUG or Sennheiser HD229?Or any other suggestions?(budget below USD$80) thanks!
  9. Katun

    HD229, E11, B2 (ALL SOLD)

    Sennheiser HD229 (black/red) ~ SOLD   Fiio E11 ~ SOLD   Brainwavz B2 ~ SOLD   Free shipping. Payment via PayPal, add 3% or send gift. I usually ship next day of payment (Sun-Fri) via USPS Priority.   Any questions, comments, trade offers or general inquiries; please send me a PM!
  10. sejorules

    Sennheiser HD201/HD203/HD229 Which one should I buy?

    Hello everyone. I was about to buy one of these Headphones, but I've been searching and I can't find any information that helps me to decide which one will fit better. There are three headphones that looks very interesting:   Sennheiser HD201 Sennheiser HD203 Sennheiser HD229    I...
  11. ages_devil

    sennheiser buying advice (hd419, hd201, hd203, hd229) which one should i get ?

    i want to get one of them, will there be any big differences in sound quality? my setup until now is my ipod touch 3g, but i'll be getting the fiio e5 soon and might upgrade to an ipod touch 5g   i want a full size headphone (or a big one whatever the name is) for home use and these are the...
  12. framos917

    Sennheiser, Grado, Now Which one

    Back in the 80's I bought the Sennheiser HD400 to user with my stereo system. Still have them, still use them, yellow pads getting harder to fine. In the 90's I bought the Grado SR60i to use with my portable stereo. Again, still have them, still use them. I think I was lucky that I got such...
  13. Sennheiser HD 229 Headphones

    Sennheiser HD 229 Headphones

    General Description The Sennheiser HD 229 blends thick, massive bass response with a touch of color. The closed-back on-the-ear design blocks ambient noise for use on-the-move..this allows you to groove at a safer level without the distractions. The single-sided cable stays tangle-free and...