1. Joey Campesinos

    What headphones fit my needs (somewhat of a newb)

    I've been devouring forums lately, over the last several days I've been through hundreds of posts, but I can't find what I want. Or  rather, I can't find out what I want to want. I guess everyone tends to differ in their exact needs.. Anyways, I want headphones that are bright, but not...
  2. Noob2noob

    Should I get the sony mdrv6?

    OK so my priorities are -comfort -durability -sound: deep well detailed bass large soundstage flatish eq Im going to use these around the house so Im leaning towards circumaurual. Ive had vmoda m80s, sennheiser hd228s, and Creative aurvanna lives. The CALs were the closest to what I want...
  3. cate1898

    Comparing my QC15's & PX200's & HD228's...makes me want yet another pair!

    I was listening to my new Bose QC15's which I primarily bought for the NC.  Decided to compare my 3 pair of over the head headphones.  Bose QC15's, Sennheiser PX200's, and Sennheiser HD228's.     I was very surprised to hear that my PX200's were substantially better in sound quality than my...
  4. Beocord

    Differences between Sennheiser hd228 and hd229?

    Except for the paint job, are there any? Hd229 seems to have lower impedance...Does it make hd229 any easier to drive than hd228? Hd228 shouldn't be that hard to drive judgin by the specs so I'm not sure if reduced impedance on hd229 even makes a difference. I'm not sure why hd228 needs an amp...
  5. astroid

    Sennheiser HD228 initial thought

    Ok got these last night and have burnt them in over night, been listening for 4 hrs so far today , heres what i think.... The build is very good, hard plastic and all connections look solid, i think they will take a beating in your bag, they DONT fold just in case you thought they were PX200...
  6. maddogarchie

    Need help choosing £30-£40 portable headphones for rock/metal music

    I'm looking to get some portable closed headphones but I'm not sure what to go for for my musical taste, most things I find are either out of my budget or designed for electronic music (whatever it is the kiddies listen to these days). I've looked at things like sennheiser HD228 and akg 451 but...
  7. SmOgER

    Mysterious bass imbalance. How is that even possible?

    Recently I started to hear a stronger bass on the right side. But the reason of that isn't as obvious as it may look like... You see, when I put my S600's reversed (L to R), same HP channel still has stronger bass, but only very slightly and sometimes it even looks like perfectly balanced... Now...
  8. MF Kitten

    Best "medium small" headphones you can recommend?

    I am helping a friend find a good set of headphones for kinda-sorta regular use. She's willing to cash out some alright money for these, no cheapout, and her only limitation is that she doesn't want a big set of headphones. So far i've mostly looked at Sennheiser, because i have good...
  9. Frigide

    headphone for my work

    I'm looking for a good headphone for my work in a cheese factory. I have a Sansa Clip+ and will to buy a Fiio E11 with that.  But my Sennheiser hd 228 is broken close to the mini jack and let pass to much background. My budget is $60 what is the best choice??
  10. greendream

    Portable closed back showdown.

    Hi!   I have been searching around these forums for a while, and although there's a few threads about closed back phones it normally comes down to HD25s or Beyer DT1350. I used to have HD25s, and they were GREAT headphones, but they weren't VERY portable, and they are also very expensive...
  11. 2Divine

    Newby needs advice!

    Hey guys, looking for a pair of on-ear headphones to replace by Skullcandy TiTans.    These will be my first headset, and i want to do it right. So, im looking for a good-looking, and well insulated pair of headphones with great sound for around $75. in my search i've come between the...
  12. GregButcher

    Looking for help: What headphone should i get?

      Dear Head-Fi community!   I'm planning to get a set of headphones, around $50, my first one i was thinking about was the Skullcandy Agent(though i read a lot of bad things about it afterwards), my second one is the Sennheiser HD228, they are similar in price in my country. Please help...
  13. muwu

    Sennheiser HD 228 or HD 205 II?

    I'm looking at some Sennheiser headphones and I can't really afford anything significantly more expensive than around $70. So I've got my eye on 2 headphones so far. The HD 228 or the HD 205 II seem to be my top two choices at the moment. I can't really decide which one is better though. I...
  14. SKisaGooner

    Sennheiser HD 218, HD 228, PX 200-II

    I'm a college student looking to buy a pair of closed, supra-aural Sennheiser headphones for my laptop and MP3 player. I don't need strong isolation, weak enough to hear my mum yelling at me, but strong enough to listen to my music in the noisy bus.   I have narrowed my list down to these...
  15. wonderba

    Good, comfy, foldable, on ear headphones without sound bleed?

    Hi, I am looking for a nice pair of comfy on ear headphones for my use, and I don't want to have them bleed sound since I don't want others to hear my music.   I want comfy ones, I find Dre's comfy but expensive, and 100 dollars is around my budget
  16. DarkAllen

    Help me find a portable headphone

    So i am still a beginner at this and am asking for some advice from everyone at head-fi. I need a pair of portable headphone to use with my ipod. I listen to mostly RNB, techno, hip-hop, pop and so on.   Its mostly gonna be used with the ipod but might use it with my computer once in a...
  17. terrait

    Recommend Me Headphones for $80 or under?

    I'm looking for a  good pair of headphones for about $80 or less. They will only be used at home with my laptop and/or my ipod. They will be mainly for music, but i'd like to use them for movies and games too. I don't really care how they look, they just need to have great sound quality...
  18. Kabir10

    Best foldable closed cans... Help Needed!!

    Hello everyone,I need a bit of advise from you guys.I am looking to buy new headphones and need help as i can't figure out which one to get.I will mainly use them for my ipod video therefore portability is a must.I would prefer one which would actually fold so that I could carry it in my bag.I...
  19. kennethv

    WeSC or Sennheiser HD 228

    Hi, I've been walking around with my Sennheiser CX-400 II Precision's for about two year now. I was very happy about their sound but I thought it was time to try some headphones. My price range is up to 70 euro. Don't know what that is in dollars or pounds.   Now looking around in the stores...
  20. Ambex

    Help in choosing a pair of headphones. I don't know what I am doing.

    Hi I am looking for headphones in the $80-$100 dollar range to replace my broken Sony MDR-V300's. I like the ones that sit on your ear but not all the way around them and despite not knowing anything about headphones I do enjoy crisp clean music with good quality bass. How loud they go does not...
  21. insight

    Sennheiser PX200 or HD228 ?

    Hi guys ! I'm getting sick of my Westone UM1 so I've decided to buy headphones ! I'm planning on buying one of the new Shure models but it seems that they aren't coming out before this summer so I'll probably buy another model until they are released. There's a new mall opening in my town so...
  22. Kevin4

    HURRY! Should I get the Sennheiser HD 218, 228 or 238

    Hi i need to know if it is worth it to spend the extra few bucks for the HD 238. I listen to hip hop and current music. Thanks very much.
  23. Astug

    Sennheiser HD 228 or 238? Help!

    Hi!   I've been reading up quite a lot of threads about these 2 headphones on this forum (which were helpfull) but I just have a few questions left to clear everything up. I can't decide between the 2 of them.   I'll be using them outside, in town, on the train, to and from school, at...
  24. applaudio

    HD 238/HD 228 vs PX 100

    I have listened to the Sennheiser PX 100, and they have a nice, detailed, and bassy sound. Before you ask, I love fairly plentiful bass as long as it's clean and accurate, but I hate bloated or muddy bass. These phones have pleasantly emphasized, punchy and exciting bass, without sacrificing...
  25. loveynn

    Sennheiser HD 238 and HD 228

    I would like to know how's the SQ of HD 238 compare with HD 228 (after Astroid mod)?