1. shaolin95

    My problem with full size it just the ones that I have tested are not good?

    Hello! So , I have been using mostly an SP51 IEM for a while but I wish I could get better sound. My problem is when I try a full size headphone, that the sound always gets better when I press them against my ears a little bit to make a closer fit to me ear. I HATE that because the moment I...
  2. tylermoney1

    Help please

    Hi. Complete noob to this site. Ive done a lot of research and just really haven't had any luck getting a straight answer. I want a headphone with Good bass but doesn't completely ignore highs and mids Comfort Decent style I'll be using it mostly with my iphone so it needs to be portable. I...
  3. 1TMF

    Help me pick my new IEM's!

    Hello all,   First, I would like to thank everyone for their reviews and input. I have been trolling a read a few threads - very helpful!   Here's my situation..   -looking to replace my vmoda bass freq's --yes, they had muddy bass and lacked definition. I've been through two...
  4. derbigpr

    Review and comparison: Focal Spirit Classic & Sennheiser HD380Pro

    Review and comparison: Focal Spirit Classic & Sennheiser HD380Pro         1) Introduction:   I've been a member of Head-fi for almost 4 years now. When I first joined, all I had was a pair of already worn out Sennheiser HD212Pro's. I've been in love with music since I can remember, and...
  5. derbigpr

    Most fun headphones you've ever heard...

    So...a simple question.  What are the most fun headphones that you've ever heard? By fun I mean, they made you dance, they made you feel the music, they were just very engaging, alive :P   Mention any headphones, regardless of price, size, type, sound signature, etc....and give a...
  6. shaolin95

    Sony MDR-XB500, JVC HA-RX700 or similar (must have great bass) to upgrade from Sens HD212Pro. Will be using Fiio E06 and E11

    Hello All!   So I want some headphones for work, so they must be sealed and I have Sens HD212Pro but I want something better. I like a tight fit and great bass...but as balanced as possible as well. I really want to go with the Sony 500 but I also read about the JVC. I am open to others as...
  7. shaolin95

    Are XONE 52 headphones considered to be neutral or balanced?

    Hi! I tested some from a coworker as I have been trying to compare the mdr-x10 to a more balances headphone but not sure if that is considered balanced. The fit is one I cannot deal with btw as I had to push the cups to my ear to get any bass...just like with my old Sens HD212pro Thanks!  
  8. Bizzel

    Worst Headphone Flops!

    I'd like to know what you all think are the worst headphones made by brands normally associated with good quality gear. I'm not looking for "HD201s are awful because they can't match 650s" but for headphones that sound bad, even if their price is taken into account. I'll start by saying the...
  9. rocksean1997

    Should I stay with my Sennheiser HD 212 Pro's or Get Sony XB 1000's or Any other recommendations?

    So i am a basshead and i like to hear my bass pretty loud in my songs. My friend gave me his HD 212's today and so far i love the sound quality and how you can hear things that with other headphones you cant. I cant say the Bass is excellent but it is good. I have been doing a lot of research...
  10. rfe777

    looking for new earphones similar to my Sennheiser HD212 Pro

    Hello everyone   I have a Sennheiser HD212 Pro earphones, and I want to but new ones, but looking for earphones that are similar to what I have now - over-the head, COMPLETELY closed earphones(I hear ambient sound even with earphones on so open earphones are out of the question), strong...
  11. gohanssjn

    Anyone here use curtain wall hooks to store their headphones?

    So, I have these:   Shure SRH840 Sennheiser HD212pro Shure SE310   I want to store them in my office above my desk so the dog can't get to any of it if he were so inclined.  I was thinking of curtain wall hooks for the larger phones.  Anyone try this?  Does it work well?   Thanks!
  12. tranceporter

    Ultrasone PRO 550 vs Monster Beats PRO vs Sennheiser HD 212 PRO

    Right, this is going to be a long post, so please bear with me. For the last 5 years I have tried about 7-8 different types of earbuds and over the ear headphones. My very first pair of headphones were some Altec Lansing I picked up in a Best Buy store for $45. Pretty meh. I then stumbled upon...
  13. journeyy

    My HD212pro died, XB700 didn't satisfy -> What to try next?

    Hi,   i was quite pleased with my HD212pro til now, but sadly it broke lately. First i bought the PortaPro hoping that maybe it was enough for my needs. But after two weeks or so i was missing some differentiation in the mids etc, i realised the limits of this phone. I then tried the Sony...
  14. tacobff

    Question about the term basshead headphones

    What differentaites a basshead headphone from a really crappy bass heavy headphone? Like what am I supposed to be listeninig for?
  15. aNtzE

    upgrade from hd 212 pro

    finally i decided to give up my beloved hd 212 pro after replacing cables 3x times ;)   what im looking for is something similar (sound quality wise) and more durable ? any idea about the hd 280 pro ?
  16. XGC75

    Damn cat keeps biting through my chords!!

    At first it was my oldest pair, the headphones that started it all for me, the Sennheiser HD212 Pro's. He severed both left + and - wires. Fortunately I could fix those (but the OFC doesn't really apply anymore, so there's that nagging in the back of my mind), and what a PITA that was!  ...
  17. Rzezniq

    I'm totally lost.... or maybe too hard to please or maybe a basshead? Sennheiser hd212 -> ATH - M50 -> AKG K550 -> ?????

    Hi,   I'm a long time lurker and this is my first post so please don’t be harsh on me. Please keep in mind that this is my personal opinion and experience. Your mileage may vary.     Few weeks ago I got myself pair Audo-technica’s ATH-M50 and they were great. However their clamping...
  18. Hameem

    Sennheiser HD 202 VS Beats by Dre

    This is my first thread . . i am going to get the HD 202 and i want to know how they perform compared to Beats by Dre , , thanks
  19. shalamar

    Sennheiser HD 203 vs HD 212!!!

    Hello friends,   i really wanted to buy the hd 212 headphone after having heard a lot of good things about it.I found a secondhand one for 40 $ on the net. But recently I heard about the HD 203, a lot of people said that the sound is very close to the HD212.Moreover The HD 203 is less...
  20. NewCents05

    SkullCandy 50/50 Ballistic BASS

      So after trying so many headphones trying to crave my bass fix since my hd212 pros died on me and the dt770s disappointed me, I decided to pick up a pair of mainstream (i know...) skull candy 50/50. Though having listened to previous skull candies, I wanted to stay away from the brand since...
  21. Justblaze44

    Sennheiser HD-212

    I have been doing a lot of research lately and i am pretty sure i found the headphones that best fits my needs. I am looking for some closed full size headphones for around 50 dollars. I only listen to rap and hip hop and i am a big basshead. My only concern is the bass clarity. I love deep bass...
  22. jkhan69

    looking for a workout headphone

    Hi,    Am on the lookout for a good workout(nothing but running) headphone.  I am inclined towards Sennheiser PMX 680 for the following reasons:   Its Sennheiser Behind the neck design(these somehow dont move no matter how hard we run) Sweat resistaant (I sweat a LOT)   I have...
  23. psgarcha92

    Keep the Nano 5g or Cowon J3? what IEMs to buy?

    hey guys i am building a rig for my brother. have a 16gb Nano 5g for him set up. he has my Sennheiser HD 212 Pros, but i need them for studying here in college. What IEMs or portable headphones do i get him? he loves my RE0s in the current rig. Also, i got the Nano at a low price, so i...
  24. megazeux

    balanced sounding headphone < $200

    Hi I am new here and yes I know that the under $200 headphone question has been asked a ton. but I looked at the discussions and cant seem to find what I am looking for.   Here is what my wants/ needs are.   Good for trance/dance music and also for movies.   no IEM   I also need...
  25. macshooter

    Just ordered some JH16's

    Hey all.  Haven't been very active here lately, but I just wanted to post and say that I just took the plunge on a pair of JH16pro's.  I want to thank this forum for all the good info that finally lead to this decision.  It's been an interesting but short journey for me that started with Senn...