1. NawiLlih

    "Extreme Shield" IEMs- are these legitimate? {UPDATE 30/5/14} Yes they are legit- Pics and impressions!

    Hey all,   Yesterday, while I was on Head-Fi, I noticed a Google ad for "Extreme" headphones, specifically the "Extreme Titanium SX'500." They can be found here: As far as I can tell, the actual site doesn't contain...
  2. silvercats

    Help me to check if theses Sennheiser CX500 headphones are fake or real.(Ebay links)

    this model is not locally i have no option but Ebay here are the link  ...
  3. boycer11

    In ear for biking and gym

    Ok I did some reading and research and came up with a list.  Want a good quality in ear for around $100.  High bass isn't the biggest thing, more of a concern might be canceling outside wind noise when riding. Was looking at the following:   Brainwavz M2 Audio Technica Ath ck7 NuForce...
  4. DMC_S2000

    AKG K330 or Sennheiser Cx 500 GAME??

    Hi everyone...I'm having trouble deciding which I should get between this two...a little help here? Priority is Sound Quality... oh and disregard the price talk....
  5. lewislink

    How to determine if Sennhieser CX500 is a fake

    I'm concerned whether or not these earbuds are genuine or fakes. Is there a good way of knowing? Do the fakers have elaborate packaging abilities that produce a retail package indistinguishable from the genuine article? Here's the seller: SENNHEISER CX500 BLACK - FREE SHIPPING and also...
  6. Andvekur

    Earphones giving off a low frequnecy buzz?

    The right earbud of my Sennheiser CX500's is giving off a constant low frequency buzzing sound whenever it's plugged into my laptop. I tried plugging it into other devices like my phone and it doesn't make that noise. It's just with my laptop. I've tried using other headphones on my laptop and...
  7. Andvekur

    Help - Underwhelmed by Sennheiser CX500

    Hi all, this is my first time posting here. I need some help after my latest earphones purchase.   I just received a pair of Sennheiser CX500's from a third party seller on I checked multiple sites to determine if the ones I purchased are in fact genuine. As far as I can tell...
  8. chickenalfredo

    IEM Recommendations please! At most $50 on

    So far I've considered Sennheiser CX500's. Thanks for the help guys!
  9. rodiak

    Sennheiser CX500 sound really bad!

    Hello! I got the Sennheiser CX500 2 days ago and I have to say - they sound just terrible. After the glowing reviews I read about this pair online, I was expecting something above and beyond the quality of my stock iPhone headphones, instead I got something that sounds like some $5 headphones...
  10. jaqueh

    Need new iems for under $30

    Well, i'm an idiot. Over the course of just half a year, i managed to lose 3 different pairs of earphones. One was the beloved MDREX75, which were just fantastic, but the cable stopped working anyways. Then i got the senn 500cx, which i am now worried to buy because of fakes, besides i thought...
  11. TheAce

    Sennheiser CX500 Cord Winder - How to use it?!?!

    I got today the Sennheiser's CX500 - I am pretty happy with them so far. No matter which way I tried I just can't figure how to use the included cable winder. I understand that the earphones should go in the holes but how deep? and then, what to do with the cable? how do the cable goes in the...
  12. ohmightyrv1

    Klipsch S4 Sound with Sennheiser CX 500 fit

    I just sold my Klipsch S4s because I couldn't get a great fit and I found them to be a bit uncomfortable in my ears (even though I loved the way they sounded). I ended up picking a pair of CX 500s on the cheap, but don't think they Senn's hold a candle to the S4s in terms of sound quality.  ...
  13. blackz88

    [HELP] Which Earphones? UE Super Fi 4/CX 500/RE 2/UE Metro Fi 220

    Hello   Im thinking of buying a new set of IEMs   My current ones are: Skull Candy Ink'd   After listening through my friends CX 300 II, ive decided that i needed a new set since the sound was MUCH BETTER I loved the bass but i think it was a bit too much   Currently i See...
  14. trevordabomb

    Need help finding the best in-ear earphones for around $50

    I've been recommended the Sennheiser CX 300-II Precision, Sennheiser CX 400-II Precision, Sennheiser CX 500, V-Moda Vibe, and Ultimate Ears 170. I'm no good at knowing what earphones are good just based on the technical data and everything, so I can't decide. Do you think you guys could...
  15. arreat

    What headphones sounds like Sennheiser CX500s?

    I like the sound of those phones, but earbuds are hard to use for long periods. What pairs of headphones are just like them?   I'm looking for headphones where people around me can't hear my music.
  16. danzal

    What Earbuds ~£30 (better than Sony EX85s)?

    As per title.   As it looks like the Orange/IE7 deal has fallen through, what earbuds do you recommend at £30 max that will be better than the EX85s? I currently find the EX85s too bassy and muffled, and am looking for something with leaner, punchier bass.   I've seen CX500s and UE...
  17. BenAdamson

    PA2V2 & Sennheiser CX500??

    Hi, is it worth getting an amp such as the PA2V2 for my Sansa clip+ and Sennheiser CX500 earphones? I'm on a very tight budget, but something in the price range of the PA2V2 and under would probably be good. I've heard some good reviews of the PA2V2, what do you think? Would it actually make...
  18. mechanix

    Sennheiser CX500 and Lossless Audio

    I listen to music mainly on my ipod touch with a pair of Sennheiser CX500. I didnt care about the quality of my music files until recently. I decided to take a step forward and upgraded stock earphones which came with ipod and bought some entry level sound equipment ( CX500 for on the go and...
  19. Firefighter

    Would Cowon D2 be an upgrade over Sony NWZ-A828?

    Hi folks, I am currently using Sony NWZ-A 828 8GB Bluetooth Walkman with Sennheiser CX 500 phones. I am reading a lot of nice things about the Cowon D2. I am pleased with the SQ of my Walkman as of now, but we people are always looking in to the ways of perfecting our sound quality. So do...
  20. Rawratchu

    sennheiser 500's compared to the sm3

    I'm wondering... how do the senn 555 and 595 full size cans compare to the sm3 iem. Im not talking about the certain advantages like portable use. Im talking about pure sound quality. I know the price is about 200-300 extra dollars for the sm3. But does the performance of them compare to the...
  21. meurglys0

    CX300 vs CX400 vs CX500? Or something else?

    Thanks to a link provided by a head-fi in a thread, I found this cheap site. Headphones & Earphones - Net-Headset Store Now, I don't like the bass too strong, but how can we determine what degree of it is "too strong"? It's a very individual matter I believe. But it's certain that when...
  22. Sennheiser CX 500-T In-Ear Headphone (Titanium color)

    Sennheiser CX 500-T In-Ear Headphone (Titanium color)

    The CX500 are high-quality, noise-isolating ear-canal-headphones with superior, bass-driven stereo sound. It features a volume control integrated in the cable and comes with a new, unique type of ear adapter for an improved fit and even better passive noise attenuation. This design provides...