1. anirbanghosh

    Quick opinion needed on Monster Turbine High Performance In-Ear Speakers

    I have some coupon from some website with which I am getting this for $35 approx. I am quite novice in headphones.   1. Does it sound better than Klipsch S4? 2. Please comment on sound quality - bass, treble, mids and also sounstage.   Sorry if my questions did not make any sense.
  2. utmelidze

    IEM under 100 Euro

    Hi Guys :)   Could you please advice me IEM for my Ipod Classic?   I just bought Ipod 160GB because of its huge capacity and hopefully at least good sound   I have DT 990 Pro 250 Ohm and i just love them. But they are not portable and i would like to hear my collection outside too     I...
  3. jskako

    Sennheiser CX 400-||

    Hey,   I recently bought these headphones for birthday gift, arrived today, and look on the internet if they are authentic but not impossible to grasp. So if you can help me to see if they were real I'll put pictures (35 MB):   I know there are alot of...
  4. lollerberry

    Closed headphones that sound like HD580's?

    Hello head-fiers, A few years ago I've spent a lot of time reading the forums, and of course ended up trying a few pairs of headphones after buying them on the forums too. When I got my hands on the HD-580's, now probably 3 years ago, I've stopped. As far as open cans go, I don't see how...
  5. Lucretia

    Fake Sennheiser CX400's?

    Are these fake? They seem a bit cheap to me. Thanks, Luke.
  6. kaushama

    CX 400, CX 500, CX 55 Street and CX 95 Style ear canal headphones! According to Sennheiser they should be available in next month. Has anyone noticed them available for pre-order? Interesting bunch of canal phones. It seems Sennheiser has addressed some short-comings in CX300!
  7. brendale

    Senn HD-600s + Senn CX-400 IIs + Philips Uptowns + Sony XE-1 + Fiio E1 = me!

    I thought I should finally join after dropping into the forum for years.   Current equipment is as stated:   Sennheiser HD-600s, bought about 13 years ago. Finally getting new foams for them, as the old ones deteriorated whilst in storage for a few years.   Sennheiser CX-400 IIs, my...
  8. Bassheadspl

    Whats the difference in the CX400 and CX400 Precision ll? In terms of sound?

    Hello headifers, just wondering sound wise, is it any different on the CX400 precision ll, than the normal CX400? I heard that the bass seems to be less in the CX400 precision ll, is that true? Or is the bass the same, but with more better mids and highs? If you have heard both models, please do...
  9. whoelse

    What is the equipment is Senn CX line that is similar to MX580 SQ or line up?

    I only saw CX400 and the next line up is sport series.
  10. pittedmetal

    Need help in choosing headphones for listening to genres like hard rock , metal etc.

    Hey guys,   This is my first post on head-fi. I am from India,Bangalore and love listening to Linkin Park , Limp Bizkit , Metallica and other bands of the same genre. I listen to music using some pretty crappy headphones but with a pretty nice mp3 player , the transcend mp-320. I am...
  11. KopaneDePooj

    Audio quality comparison - neckband vs. in-ear

    Hello,   I need some better headphones for my new Sansa Clip+. I already own two pairs of on-ear neckband style headphones that I tried: Sony MDR-G42 and Panasonic RP-HG11 and I also tried 3 or 4 very cheap in-ear (I don't know if I shoul call them monitors). Between these I prefer the...
  12. BrotherMovesOn

    Sennheiser CX400-B quick hit

    Just thought I'd share a few impressions really quick. I bought these more for their form factor than anything else. I wanted something not too expensive with good sound and a short cord that I could use with the Sony MW600 bluetooth headset receiver.   The pouch and cord wrap were nice...
  13. Kajo

    Headphones for Ipod ~$120

    Hi there I'm new on Head Fi so here is my first and I hope not the last one post on this forum :)    I'm looking for the good headphones for my iPod Video I believe it's 5th generation. I used before Sennheiser HD 205 and CX400 but my younger sister (aka evil child) broke them both... I was...
  14. Goalkeeper1

    In-Ears for Metal up to 60$

    Hi,   I'm looking for a new pair of In-Ears. I mostly listen to extreme metal like death, thrash or black but to ambitious metal like progressive or power.   Which In-Ears up to 60$ would fit to bands like Arch Enemy, Nile, Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth, Six Feet Under, Slayer, Dream...
  15. kanuka

    Sunrise Audio Xcited & HiSoundAudio Flamenco+ / PoPo - Appreciation Thread

    re-updated in two threads:   Sunrise Xcited   Hisound PoPo
  16. FER18

    good isolator and durable headphones

    wich ones do you recomend, I want some durable headphone with good isolation:   Klipsch S2 sennheiser cx 400 sennheiser cx 250   or any other option in this price
  17. konya

    W2 vs. PFE

    se215 is the lowest priced iem by shure. It means it is the successor of se110 series. And they have dynamic single driver. So, they have the shure sound quality or they are just the result of selling a lot decision by shure just like senheiser cx300,400 ,500?     w2 worth the extra 100 $...
  18. headfimarc


  19. pablobaluba

    Sennheiser CX400 sad experiences (short review)

    Hi everybody, i made this thread to let you know about my opinion about these headphones I got my first pair of CX400 around 1 Dec. It's my first pair of iem's so i can't compare them to other headphones....but i simple love them. They have incredible good sound. Clear highs and a tight...
  20. Farhan9521

    Need help on choosing iems =)

    Hey there. I'm fairly new here and i'm not quite an audiophile. that why i really need help from u guys. I usually listen songs from my Sony Walkman S744 and PC. Actually I wanted to seek for an upgrade from my Sennheiser CX200 and UE MetroFi 100. Currently interested in A-Jays 2/3...
  21. FER18

    help in my desition

    which one do you recomend:   senheiser cx250 senheiser cx400 II soundmagic pl21
  22. LTUCCI1924

    Soundmagic pl-30 20.00 shipped

    OK A member just got the soundmagic pl-30 from for 20.00 shipped and the package is the same as the one I got and paid 42.00 + 10.00 shipping. The member said they sounded very sweet and will post after a good listen. I ordered another pair for the 20.00 and if any member wants a...
  23. Habylab

    Cheap(ish) earphone suggestions?

    Let me just say first how easy it was to register, and how good this forum looks, very impressed! At the moment I have some Sennheiser CX-400s, not the IIs which I have heard are shocking (But there is nothing really about the Mark Is, weird). Unfortunately, the 1.2m length is just a bit too...
  24. dv8tor

    Best Affordable In-Ear Headphones for Gym (Shortlisted a few but open to suggestions)

    Hey guys, I am in the market for purchasing a new pair of IEMs specifically for use in the gym during workout. I don't do any cardio (running, treadmill, stair master, etc.) and I do pure weight lifting and strength training 3-4 days a week. I will be driving them with a Sansa Clip+ (or...
  25. moleface

    Nuforce NE-6 - fragile plug?

    I know that the NE-6s are old news for Head-Fi,  but I'm curious if anyone's had any issue with the build quality of these IEMs.   My last pair developed a short in the plug after three weeks of careful use, and my replacement pair had a short in the plug on day one. It's definitely not my...