senfer mt100
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    SOLD **** MT100 (1 planar + 1BA) [Trade with Tansio Mirai, Toneking T4,...]

    SOLD Hello, I want to sell this IEM. From a non smoking and pet free environment. Asking for 90€ plus shipping plus 2,5% PayPal Would trade for: Toneking T4 Tansio Mirai TSMR-3/pro Grado GR10e Noble Savanna
  2. demo-to

    SOLD: InEar Prophile 8 + additional MMCX cable or Trade with KSE1500 SOLD

    Hello, I bought the PP8 last week from another German who is the first user. I love the high class neutral yet natural and musical and non fatiguing sound but the shape is slightly too big for my ear so it hurts a bit after a while. That is the main reason why I sell it again. I have the...
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    SOLD!!! **** MT100 SOLD!!!

    Hello, All IEMs are in mint or close to mint condition and containing all the included parts or spare parts. All comes with their original packaging. I used them only for testing a view hours! Except the MT100 which I used more often. On request I can surely send some pictures of the items...