sendy aiva
  1. jbr1971


  2. S

    [SOLD] Sendy Aiva (Like New) + Spare Pad Set - $429 Shipped CONUS

    Hello, These are pretty much new. The Aiva's were bought new, then burned in for 60 hours using fellow member PelPix's "44.1kHz 16-bit" pink noise WAV file. Then I listened to them for about an hour or less, and decided the highs were a little too sibilant for my taste (I think it's likely my...
  3. nileppezdel77

    [SOLD] Sendy Audio Aiva - NYC

    Selling my Sendy Aivas with the original pads. Beautiful headphones. Not much time on them, I'm just not big on planar magnetic headphones. Still mint condition. Comes with the carrying case, all the cables and the little cable bag. You can see it all in the pics. $380 shipped CONUS. $360 local...
  4. Bob Ley

    [Sold] Sendy Aiva Black Beauty Series 4.4mm Balanced Planar Magnetic Headphones

    Brand New, unopened. Free Next Day Shipping