1. Airwolf

    Should I turn off my Schiit Vali when I am not using it?

    Wasting electricity aside, is it bad to leave the Schiit Vali turned on all the time?  Will this makes the tubes wear out significantly faster or do they only wear out when they are actually outputting music to the headphones?  It is hooked up to my computer and for purposes of convenience, I...
  2. ryant

    Schiit Vali: impressions and reviews (no microphonics discussion)

    Ok, this idea was kicked around several times on the Vali thread so I decided to run with it.    This thread IS a place to post your reviews or impressions of the Vali and how it pairs or compares with you headphones, DACs, amps, etc.   This thread is NOT a place to talk about...
  3. ruleof72

    Schiit Vali to replace/upgrade from Magni with Mad Dog Headphones

    I've had the Schiit Magni for about a year paired with my Mad Dogs and have been very happy with the setup. But, I'm interested in the Vali as a possible replacement/upgrade for the Magni. I've always to try a tube amp and the Vali seems like a good way to dip the toes in the pool and see if its...
  4. tehsprayer

    Best Amp/Dac Combo for DT 990-250 (currently), hopefully HE-400 (future)

    I'm really close to getting the Schiit Vali but the microphonics and is the sound quality any better than magni/modi or o2/odac combo? Or anything else like the TubeMagic D1 Plus?     Please keep in mind the bang to buck ratio. Will the Asgard 2 and Modi costing $350 sound that much better...
  5. qkrzazzang

    Headphones for Classical music

    Hi guys. Currently I own IE80 earphones from Sennheiser. The sound quality is amazing. However, I also want to get myself a headphones for home usage, and also for my computer sound card Essence STX. What could you recommend? Budget is $500 max.
  6. crazychile

    USB cables - Should I buy a better one or stick with the cheapo?

    I have a Schiit Vali and Modi on the way and will be connecting these to my MacBook Pro. I have used upgraded cables on other systems, but I don't know much about USB technology as it relates to audio.   1. Is there any sound benefit to using an upgraded, yet cheap USB cable? (must be < $75)...
  7. cakebreaker

    Schiit Vali and Beyer DT880 250

    A total noob here ;) Does anyone use Schiit Vali w/ Beyerdynamic DT880 250? I'd like to buy Vali so I can drive my DT880. If you currently have this combination can you share your thoughts/impressions? Thank you in advance.
  8. ace54

    tube amp vs solid state amp recommendations?

    tube amp vs solid state amp    which is better for movies and mainstream music i do not listen to classical or jazz    looking for an amp in price range of about $120.00    thanks
  9. tehsprayer

    Vali vs Magni vs O2

    What is better? I am currently running the DT 990-250, but I am looking to upgrade to HD 650/600, HE-400/500 or LCD-2. (leaning towards HE-400 or HE-500).   I would purchase the dac that matches the amp e.g. Schiit i'll get the modi, O2 i'll get the odac. Price is not a concern. I am using the...
  10. jaganeee

    Schiit Vali vs Matrix M Stage for Sennheiser HD650

    i bought my sennheiser hd650 i would like to pair my hd650 with best price performance amp. amp should also have good SQ, Synergy, detail, separation, layering with the hd650. i ended up getting schiit vali or Matrix M Stage. which one best suited for sennheiser hd650
  11. BaTou069

    good for low Impedance cans: Aune T1 VS. LD I+ VS. Schiit Vali

    After some research for TubeAmps that are good for low impedance headphones, I cut down the options to these 3:   Aune T1 - Little Dot I+...
  12. Halonoonan

    Vali vs O2

    I just ordered the Beyerdynamic dt 880 250ohm and looking for a good amp to go with it. Was set on getting the O2 but then came across the Schiit Vali. Seems like this night be a good option and can even be used if I upgrade my phones at some point. Any thoughts?
  13. jlaseter

    Stunning Combination

    Hi all--   Over the past few years researching headphones, amplifiers, and audio equipment in general, I've developed a couple of curiosities about headphone amplifiers. While I understand that certain combinations of headphone and amp go well together, it's often hard to figure out the...
  14. BoserPoser69

    Astro a40 (2013 vs tritton 720+ (2013

    Basically what do you guys think is th better choice aside from the fact that Astros are $100 more than trittons. People with experience please help Sent from my LGMS500 using Tapatalk
  15. Adam18

    Project Head Box II vs. Schiit Vali

    I've been enjoying my Grado SR-125's driven by a Project Head Box II amp for about five years now.  A really nice musical combination for small ensemble acoustic jazz and blues.  I've been reading a lot of good things about the Schiit Vali, and how well it gets along with Grado headphones.  Any...
  16. cakebreaker

    Schiit Bifrost vs Audio-gd NFB-2 (2014)

    Hi, I'm in research for a new DAC. I'm thinking about getting Schiit Bifrost (Uber+USB) or Audio-gd NFB-2 (2014). Would be nice if someone who has some experience with either or even both could share their impressions. I have Schiit Vali and Darkvoice 336SE as my amps. My headphones are Senn...
  17. aamefford

    Schiit Vali

    The unit for sale in this add is a very quiet Vali.  I am the third very finicky owner.  The volume knob has "grooves" on the outer surface - sort of like a phonograph machined surface.  If you run your finger or fingernail across these, or give it a good finger thump on the case, you can get it...
  18. Pianist718

    Is Shiit Modi / Vali combo a joke compared to (Woo Audio WA6-SE, Burson, Graham Slee, EARMAX-Silver, MyTek, etc) ?

    I am just curious. My Shiit Modi / Vali is arriving today and I'll be using it with HD598 and soon maybe with HD650 ... I know that just like many rave about high end $2,000 amps, same amount of rave you can see for cheap stuff simply because that's what people can afford and don't know any...
  19. Schiit Vali

    Schiit Vali

    Welcome to the least expensive serious tube hybrid amp on the planet. Vali delivers solid power into headphones from 32 to 600 ohms. It's a great way to get a taste of exceptional tube sound, for only a tiny investment.