schiit stack
  1. ohcrapgorillas


    items are sold
  2. ohcrapgorillas


    items are sold
  3. BrokeSkoolBoi

    $old: Schiit Stack Modi Multibit, magni 3 & Eitr w cthulhu power supply

    Thread here in the Amplication Sale forum
  4. BrokeSkoolBoi

    $old:Schiit Stack! Modi multibit Magni 3 & Eitr w/cthulhu power supply

    Owned both for a little over a year now, but they have both been replaced by another affordable combo. Purchased right when the Magni 3 was released and on backorder, thus the cthulhu power supply. They have a couple knicks but still operate perfectly. Free interprose rca connector included...
  5. A

    how loud should my hd650 be able to reach

    hi guys i i own the hd650 and have it connected JDS LAB the element dac/amp and was wondering if anyone had the chance to measure the decibels when its on max volume high gain. even if some of you measured it on a schiit stack or o2/odac i would like to know
  6. ramenchef


    Found a seller. No longer needed.
  7. ramenchef


    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a Schiit Modi Multibit (mimby) and Magni 3 stack. I have rep on heatware and hardwareswap on reddit as well as a verified paypal. I'm willing to meet up as well. I am local to the South San Francisco Bay Area. Please give me your best offers!
  8. rantng

    SOLD - Schiit Magni 2

    Got this from a combo deal, already have a Magni 3. Great condition, tested it out and it works with no issues. Price includes shipping, CONUS only.
  9. darkswordsman17

    Schiit stack (Magni 3, Modi 2 Multibit, Loki, Wyrd, +extras)

    Consider this SOLD I bought this a month ago from another Head Fi-er. Here's the thread, where you can find pics: Includes everything there, which is: Magni 3 w/ the floor wart (you can use just this to power all 4 units). Modi 2...
  10. P

    Aune X1S Anniversary Edition VS Schiit stack

    The question is simple, which one will be better for mi AKG K712pro? I don't have any dac or amp at the moment and I want to improve my on-board sound. For the Schiit stack i would get the modi 2 and magni (300$ with shipping and taxes here). I would get the Aune from Massdrop for 199$. I...
  11. meringo

    Getting Married Sale -- LZ-A5, Audeze LCD-2C, Schiit Modi2u/Magni3

    I'm getting married this fall and am selling off a lot of my gear to help supplement things. Everything is adult owned, smoke-free home, and also all recent purchases. Group Photo, all OG boxes included: LZ-A5 (OG ordered 1/10/18, Penon Audio) -- $230 shipped...
  12. Zenrap518

    Should i plug in my Schiit Magni 2 into a surge protector?

    I recently got my Magni/Modi 2 and i've been plugging the Magni 2 directly into the wall, but that's a bit inconvenient for me, and i was wondering if it is ok to plug in my Magni 2 into a surge protector, as some say this degrades sound. My surge protector is just a cheap $20 surge protector...
  13. output555

    Schiit Lyr 2 with Telefunken ECC85 tubes

    Excellent condition SOLD: Schiit Lyr 2 with bonus pair of matched Telefunken ECC85 tubes, plus socket savers. The Telefunkens are superior to the stock tubes, which will also be included, and considered my many to be the perfect match with Lyr 2. Beautiful tube sound with solid state power and...
  14. output555

    Schiit Bitfrost 4490 DAC

    Excellent condition Schiit Bitfrost 4490 (upgraded AKM4490 DAC), w/o USB. Extremely well-cared for and 100% working. Includes power cord but not original box. $285, plus $15 shipping. I will cover PayPal fees. If you want UBS input capability, I can sell you the great Peachtree Audio t1...