schiit stack
  1. Grado Diesel

    Schiit boxes - cabinets for your Schiit

    I use my Schiit stack (Magni 3 and Modi 3+, also have a Vali 2) primarily in my cube at work and have been wondering if there already exists, or if others have made their own “cabinet” to store and operate their Schiit stacks out of so they can pull em out and put all the stuff away at the end...
  2. A

    how loud should my hd650 be able to reach

    hi guys i i own the hd650 and have it connected JDS LAB the element dac/amp and was wondering if anyone had the chance to measure the decibels when its on max volume high gain. even if some of you measured it on a schiit stack or o2/odac i would like to know
  3. P

    Aune X1S Anniversary Edition VS Schiit stack

    The question is simple, which one will be better for mi AKG K712pro? I don't have any dac or amp at the moment and I want to improve my on-board sound. For the Schiit stack i would get the modi 2 and magni (300$ with shipping and taxes here). I would get the Aune from Massdrop for 199$. I...
  4. Zenrap518

    Should i plug in my Schiit Magni 2 into a surge protector?

    I recently got my Magni/Modi 2 and i've been plugging the Magni 2 directly into the wall, but that's a bit inconvenient for me, and i was wondering if it is ok to plug in my Magni 2 into a surge protector, as some say this degrades sound. My surge protector is just a cheap $20 surge protector...