schiit modi
  1. D

    SOLD ~~ Schiit Modi Multibit (Mimby)

    $180 shipping included 115V, USA plug Purchased Nov 2018 Like New condition Original Packaging
  2. Coolblue

    Sold - FS: Schiit Modi Multibit( Latest S/W) -115V, Silver - CON US only

    Sold _-----+-++++ Hi, I've got a couple of months old Schiit Modi Multibit aka Mimby that features the latest software update/revision in mint condition. $200 price INCLUDES Shipping and PayPal Fees ( for US Accounts only) - No international PayPal Accounts please. Shipping to PayPal Verified...
  3. ninjames

    SOLD: Schiit Modi 2 (Read Description)

    I have a Schiit Modi 2 that is extremely fussy with my Windows 10 machines. This is a widespread issue and Schiit has no real fix for any of it beyond adjusting USB power settings and trying hubs, both of which I've done to no avail. TO BE CLEAR: When recognized, the Modi 2 functions...
  4. acidogio

    FS: Sennheiser HD600, HE-400, Schiit magni

    I've decided to keep only one pair of headphones and sell all the other ones. I'm the first and only owner of all the items listed: Sennheiser HD600 - 250 euro - pristine condition, as new. Hifiman He-400 - 180 euro - as new I'm throwing in a free Schiit Magni amp with either headphone, first...