1. fuens

    Valhalla 2 or Schiit Lyr 2

    Hello mates. Can you help me to decide which amp buy? Basically I will use with differents beyerdynamics 250 ohm, and sometimes low impedance (DT1350 80 ohm and HD25-1 II 70 ohm) Initially I was thinking in Valhalla 2, but now I'm between Valhalla 2 & Schiit Lyr 2. (pros and cons, please)...
  2. noobzpro

    HD800: Valhalla2 or Lyr2

    Hey guys, looking to find an amp which will pair with hd800. Considering the 2 amps which would be better for metal music. I do not like the wooaudio amps, have tried only the vali and loved it. But want something slightly better over it. Also considering cayin ha-1a/2/3.   Will be outputting...
  3. Silentanarchy

    Best amp dac combo unit under $1000

    I want a usb dac and amp that can drive any headphones High impedance to low impedance. I'm not worried about driving electro statics because i don't plan on ever getting electrostatic headphones, Speakers definetly but not headphones. Also I'd prefer something under $600 but $1000 is okay. A...
  4. Trojita

    Best Amp for a Sennheiser HD700?

    I saw mentions that the HD700 pairs best with a Tube Amp. Right now I just have a FiiO E17 Portable Amp and a Creative Titanium HD (which I don't think even has an amp built in).   My budget is around $200-$400.   Should I be looking at a Solid State Amp or Tube Amp? I guess I should also...
  5. bust3r

    Sennheiser HD650's looking for a new headphone amp

    Hey all, I have a pair of HD650's that is paired with a headroom (own brand, its at least 6-7 yrs old) microDAC but it's lacking severely in the bass.  It's ok at lower volumes until I turn it up and then the treble and mids take over, which is fine--if I can find an amp where the bass can keep...
  6. MadJukes

    Recommendation for Tube Amp

    Hi guys,   I recently got into the over-ear cans and bought myself a HD600 and HD650 for christmas. Since this was my first foray into higher end headphones, I got myself started with a Fiio E09K and Fiio E17 as a good starting point DAC/Amp. After listening to both of them I decided I liked...
  7. xenithon

    Schiit combination for HD800

    Hi all. I wanted to ask if anyone has tried a Schiit Audio pairing of amp and DAC with their HD800s. Specifically, the Valhalla 2 amp and Bifrost DAC.   I am currently looking to put together a minimalist desktop system - I know that this is not an “end game” system (budget won't permit at...
  8. MattTCG

    **Amp suggestions needed**

    Currently I have a Valhalla 2 and it's pairing nicely with my hd650's. I'm looking to add another amp (solid state) that plays nicely with planar magnetic hp's. Here is what's on my wishlist:   *Balanced input and balanced hp jack   *good power/current for planar mags   *ability to drive a...
  9. Amalz

    Valhalla 2 Proplems!!, Blew Beyer DT 990 / 6000hm ( I need Help )

    Hello Everyboday,   I just bought Valhalla 2 and Bifrost in (23 June 2014), I used about two month with the Amp and Dac Beyer DT 990 / 6000hm after tow month the Valhalla 2 Blew my headphone in the left side but the right side it's works so i repair my headphone (it's need left speaker)...
  10. jfdelacruz

    Best Schiit Amp for HD 650?

    Hi Guys,   Long time reader, rarely a poster. I've been reading around for the past few weeks trying to decide which Schiit amp to order for my stock HD 650 (currently using an E7/E9 combo) and the more I read, the more confused I became so here I am posting and asking for help.   Anyway, my...
  11. kokushu

    2014 tube amp rankings

    I remember back in the day skylab did a really good ranking of all tube/hybrid amp.  Unfortunately that threads have been closed.  So I want to do another list for people who doing research could look into it.  I am currently myself looking for a tube amp.  It would be nice if it was integrated...
  12. TonyTripleA

    Schiit Valhalla 2 impressions

    Well, you'll have guessed what I have to say is good.    I don't start a lot of threads, but when I'm blown away like today... why not share the euphorium!   Let me start by saying I've listened seriously to headphones for a decade. After experimenting with Alessandro Pros, I finally fell in...
  13. sling5s

    NEW Schiit Lyr 2: Impressions

    Just want to start a thread for the new Lyr 2.  Interested in impressions.
  14. Grado77

    WA2 vs Valhalla 2 vs Crack Speedball

    I am really itching for a WA2 but have a Valhalla 2 and will be building a Crack with Speedball this week.   I've had a WA2 in the cart but can't quite seem to push the buy button.   I'll be using T1 and HD800 mainly.   I love the multiple inputs of the WA2 but if there isn't a huge leap...
  15. Schiit Audio Valhalla 2

    Schiit Audio Valhalla 2

    Go ahead. Do things with Valhalla 2 that you’d never attempt with other OTL tube amps. Run low-impedance headphones. Use IEMs. Valhalla 2 is a complete re-imagining of Valhalla, with improved performance, higher output capability, lower distortion and output impedance. Tubes Made Flexible...