1. J W

    FS: Schiit Asgard Amp -- EDIT: power on LED problem

    This is Asgard 1.   Purchased in 2012. Great condition. It includes power cable, original box, instructions, and rubber feet (which I took off and placed in a baggie). Price includes all fees and includes shipping.   I accept paypal and money order. I prefer money order and will...
  2. rdaneel

    Need some help comparing amp output (Emotiva XDA-2 vs. Schiit Asgard)

    As a relative newbie to full-size headphones, I'm not very clear on the wattage/voltage/impedance relationships and how to evaluate different amps for my HE-400s.  I currently feed my cans from an Emotiva XDA-2 DAC/digital preamp, which has the following output from its headphone jack:   1.9...
  3. tmthomure

    Little Dot IV vs. Schiit Asgard

    I'm trying to decide on a headphone amp.  Currently, I am using an HRT Music Streamer II for my DAC and HD600 headphones.  I'm interested in trying out a tube amp and figured the Little Dot would be a good place to start, but how would it compare to the Asgard with my setup?  Will the Little Dot...
  4. mab1376

    NEW - Schiit Asgard 2

    didn't see this anywhere else on the forums by doing a quick search, sorry if it's a double post.   As of 2/7/13:   STATUS: In production. Orders placed now are expected to ship in 5-7 business days...
  5. GetsugaSSJ

    FS: Schiit Asgard (Less than 30hrs usage)

    For sale is my lightly used Schiit Asgard, which has less than thirty hours put into them but looks and works flawlessly. I've since bought a vintage amplifier and have no use for the Asgard, my asking price is 185 USD, not including shipping (lower 48 states only) if you have any questions or...
  6. Jazzkammer

    First headphone amp: Schiit Asgard or Little Dot MK3?

    Currently using AKG 701s (essential for my classical, jazz, experimental, and watching films) and Sennheiser HD650's (use them for electronic music, rap, and rock).  Driving both phones through my home theatre Onkyo reciever (through which I listen to my turntable, my BD player, my computer...
  7. gmoney80

    (SOLD)Schiit Asgard in minty condition

    Up for sale is a one year old Schiit asgard that has seen very little use, UPS ground shipping is included in price (within 48 states) , paypal as payment only either as a gift or add the 3%. Email me with any questions.
  8. mediumraresteak

    Beyerdynamic DT990 / 600 Ohm Amp Recommendation and misc.

    Hello All,   I just received my Beyerdynamic DT990/600 Ohm headphones and have it paired with the Fiio E17.  It sounds really good but I was wondering if it was worth the upgrade to a tube amp <$200.  My budget is really tight at the moment.  I would like a WA3 or MKIV but not happening at...
  9. Bossatiger

    [on hold for 5]: Schiit Asgard

    The Schiit Asgard is currently on hold with a waiting list of 5 people. It is awaiting payment   Up for sale is a Schiit Asgard headphone amplifier. It is an excellent condition and has seen many hours of flawless usage. It is the USA Plug 115V version and works excellently with HD600s...
  10. Zoom25

    Wanted: Schiit Asgard (Toronto, Canada)

    I'm looking for Schiit Asgard and local pick up only. I live in Mississauga, ON part of GTA. The amplifier must be in good working condition, a little scratch here and there is okay.         
  11. mikek200

    WANTED---Schiit Asgard 2 amp

    Wanted,--the condition Please PM me,if available.   Thanks Mike
  12. Chawanwit

    Good pairing with Asgard2/modi

    Main rig currently the he-400 and waiting for the Asgard 2 and Modi to arrive. What would be other mid to highend headphone with different sound sig compared to he-400 that would play well with the schiit set up? Thanks.
  13. Strider99

    Upgrade from O2 amp?

    I'm looking for upgrade from O2 amp. But, since there are too many positive comments about O2, it's hard to find which amp actually can be upgrade from O2.   I think of $200-300 SS amp, maybe Asgard2, but not sure. Do you have any recommend?
  14. Killercoon

    Amp recommendation for Maddogs

    I'm looking for an amp to pair my Maddogs with and later perhaps an IEM down the road. (Altough I think those won't need amplification?). The amp doesn't have to be portable.     Currently looking at:   -Vintage amps -Fiio E10 -Fiio E12 -Schiit Magni -Schiit Asgard 2    ...
  15. Chawanwit

    Need help GOT DOUBLE CHARGED FOR E-PAYMENT on Asgard 2 from Schiit Audio

    Hi guys, I just got double charged for the payment of Asgard 2 from Schiit Audio Has this ever happened to anyone? I live in Bangkok, Thailand and my brother used my debit card to order the Asgard 2 on 16 of May. I got charged once that day. Then I got charged again on 31 of May (in...
  16. G

    Best €100-150 headphone amp?

    First I thought the o2 was what I was looking for but now I realized the bloody thing only inputs 3.5mm. What's the best headphone amp available for €100-150? I'm looking for something transparent for my D2000's and it must take either SPDIF, XLR or RCA inputs.
  17. Rybe

    Friend is giving me his KRK Rokit 6's and I need advice on how to connect them to my macbook pro

    Hello everyone!   I'm currently producing with some HD650's that are running through a Modi/Asgard 2 combo and it sounds really well.  However I need to get into some nice monitors as the bass in my tracks has been all over the place.  My friend is going to let me use his Rokit 6's that  he is...
  18. jexby

    Schiit Asgard2 Headphone Amp MINT condition 1st owner

    Up for Sale: Schiit Asgard 2 Amp which was purchased directly by myself from the company in May 2013. The unit has been barely used for the past 3 months as I've added a Lyr, so this was stored away in my office. This A2 is their latest incarnation of improvements to the amp, has no...
  19. deniall83

    Looking for a headphone amp that will drive anything... What are my options?

    I currently own 4 headphones. Alessandro MS-2 (32ohm), AKG K702 (62ohms), Sennheiser HD-600 (300ohms) and Beyerdynamic DT880 (600ohm). I'm looking for an amplifier with an output impedance of less than 1ohm with enough gain to comfortably drive any of these headphones (and planar magnetics if I...
  20. Whitetriton

    Used Schiit Asgard 1 in very good condition

    Up for sale is my Schiit Asgard 1.  It is in very good condition, works flawlessly, and has no visible marks that I see.  This is a 115V version.  Included are the power cord and a Monoprice ~1.5' RCA cable.  I don't have the original Asgard box, but I do have an original Schiit Lyr box and...
  21. Shipwreck

    Maverick Audio Tubemagic A1 & D2 Stack vs Schiit Asgard 2 & Bifrost Stack

    After having a full tower desktop for four years, I've finally upgraded it to a mini-ITX form factor. It's great and all besides the audio (only one PCI-E slot which I'm using for my graphics card). Coming from my Auzentech X-Fi Forte, everything sounds awful so I'm now in the market for an amp...
  22. morph2k4

    I A/B tested a Schiit Asgard and a Schiit Valhalla today - Very surprising results

    I could not tell them apart at all.  Based on everything I've read about tubes and tube amps, I found this to be incredibly surprising.  I built an A/B switchbox for comparing source components and have run a couple of tests.  I'm using a rockboxed iPod classic with FLAC files, and a pair of...
  23. greyhamster

    [FT/FS] Schiit Asgard for your speaker amplifier

    Schiit Asgard 1 in very good condition. Looking for trade with a similar value stereo speaker amp (or 2 mono blocks), preferable low power. Something likes Emotiva mini-X A100 or this is perfect feel free to make offer and ask me questions!   Edit: Also for sale. Asking $OLD paypal or send...
  24. DenonFnatic

    [Australia] FS: Schiit Asgard Gen.1 + Bifrost (USB) Gen.1 Bundle + PYST cables

    Hey Guys!   Up for sale are my Schiit Asgard & Bifrost (USB compatible) combo which are both Gen.1 with 250V input suited for AUSTRALIA use.   Both are in excellent working condition, exterior likewise, no scratches or blemishes.   The only gripe I'd have with the Asgard is the On/Off...
  25. ekjellgren

    Want to improve sound at work

    Hi all!   I just ordered the Sennheiser Momentums, and from what i read the iPhone5 has an ok output to drive these. Will test as soon as i get them of cource. I will also use these with my Lenovo laptop as a source, and i thought a DAC/AMP maybe would be nice? At home I have a Musical...