1. lmrv12

    WTB: Schiit Asgard / Bifrost combo

    Would like to purchase this setup.  Please send me a PM. Paypal at the ready.   thanks
  2. gasmd

    Schiit Bifrost + Schiit Lyr Combo

    Would like to sell my Schiit Lyr and Bifrost as a combo.  I have marked down the price of both together to $700!  I bought the Bifrost when it first came out about 5 months ago.  I am 2nd owner of the Lyr, altogether the amp has <250 hours.  Will split shipping with the buyer in continental US...
  3. DSchwartz88

    WTB: Schiit Asgard or Valhalla

    Would love to get one of these if anyone has one available. Shoot me a PM with pics and offers! 
  4. Minkypou

    Asus xonar essence st+schiit asgard or schiit bitfrost+ schiit asgard

    I need to know if I really need to buy a new dac to combine with schiit Asgard or the asus xonar dac combine with schiit asgard is good?. I already have my sound card. Putting money in a bitfrost worth? thx for help.  * sorry for my english, im not very good! :D* ( for hd 598 and ultrasone pro 900)
  5. Minkypou

    Ibasso p4 or Schiit asgard? or both?( one for portable and one for desktop)

    can someone help me? im noob! thx :)   for ultrasone pro 900 and sennheiser hd598
  6. dscythe

    K702's or Schiit Asgard first

    Hey guys,   Upgraditus has struck me once again even though i just bought a pair of AKG k272's almost two months ago. I've decided on the K702 and would like to eventually end up with the k702 and a schiit asgard (could possibly be swayed to a little dot product) and maybe bifrost too. I...
  7. steel108

    Headphone for Schiit Asgard and BiFrost combo

    Been searching for days and thought starting a thread would be a whole lot easier (probably should have done this from the start).   I am set on getting the Schiit Ashard and BiFrost (good price point and looks). Now I need a headphone that will work well with the combo. I mainly listen to...
  8. crooner

    FS: Schiit Asgard - 9/10 on Audiogon Scale

    For sale is my Schiit Asgard amp. Bought it a few months ago from Audio Advisor. Used it with a Schiit Bifrost (also for sale) and a pair of Sennheiser HD600's. Outstanding sound quality.   This is the later version with the turn on/off relay to protect your headphones.   Unit includes...
  9. dudebrah

    WTB: Schiit Asgard

    Looking for a used Schiit Asgard from anyone that'll ship to California :)
  10. Kojaku

    FS: Schiit Asgard, 1 week old with all OG packing materials. FREE SHIPPING!

    For sale is my BARELY used Schiit Asgard. Still has all original packing materials (even the instructions). Perfect condition, just decided to jump up to the Lyr! Kojaku
  11. Operculate

    Opinions needed before I go listen to/buy Schiit Asgard & Bifrost, Im using Ultrasone Ed 8 (also, need comment on weakspots on my rigs ;) )

    I've been a lurker here for years and this is my first post. I've been enjoying my Ed 8's for 1 1/2 years now, very satisfied customer! (Although the right earpad recently lost its grip with the double sided tape..) I'll just ramble on and will be thankful for any insights on my thoughts here :)...
  12. 1986matt

    Looking for a DAC to compliment HD600s and an Schiit Asgard

    What the title says really. Im fairly new to the world of high end(ish) audio and was just looking for some advice to complete the set up. Any advice would be appreciated.
  13. DenonFnatic

    Denon AH-D7000 Schiit Asgard/Bifrost or HeadRoom Micro Amp/DAC

    Hey guys   I'm currently torn between these two combos for my Denon D7k's. My initial preference was the Asgard/Bifrost as I've read the amp combos very nicely and It also looks the part. However, HeadRoom is running a sale on the Micro Amp and DAC which made that package all the more...
  14. lmrv12

    WTB: Schiit Asgard / Bifrost combo

    Would like to purchase this setup.  Please send me a PM. Paypal at the ready.   thanks
  15. zj12

    Schiit Magni with Low Impedance Headphones?

    I know there are some other similar topics out there, but I have a few extra questions so I thought I would start a thread.   I'm very much considering getting the Schiit Magni because of it's price/performance, although (at least for now), I will only be using the Audio Technica A700X...
  16. cheesegrados

    Wil the Schiit Asgard amp make a difference for my setup?

    Right now I'm using a Schiit Modi dac and S Samson Amp combo. I was wondering if I buy the Schiit Asgard or Valhala then would i make a big diffrence? I'm using a Grado PS-500 right now. Plannning to upgrade to LCD 2 in the future. Let me know your thoughts thanks!
  17. T

    WTB: Schiit Asgard, Lyr, or Bifrost.

    Heya, im interested in getting some Schiit.   Please, PM with pictures and price.   Thanks!
  18. deepshikhanc

    FS : Sennheiser HD 580 + Schiit Asgard

    I am cutting down on my headphone collection and keep only the ones I listen to on a regular basis. Up for sale are :    1. Sennheiser HD 580 : I am the original owner and I haveowned it for about five years now, during which these headphones have been used sparingly. Sound quality-wise...
  19. ethanfangxy

    Considering to buy a Schiit Asgard/ Bifrost to replace my Fiio E6

    Hi all, Currently my setup is the following PC with Creative THD + Fiio E6 -> HD600.   I am mainly listening to classical music.   I am considering to upgrade my system. Anyone can tell me except getting louder volume, what else can I expect by adding a Schiit Asgard?   And, what...
  20. sumitabhg

    DAC upgrade from E7 for Schiit Asgard + HD650

    Hi All,   I have recently upgraded my cans from Sennheiser HD558->HD650. My previous setup was E7+E9. I have decided to get a Schiit Asgard but not able to decide which dedicated DAC to go for (budget 150$). As portability is not compulsory I was thinking of getting a E10. Will E10 be enough...
  21. J W

    WTB: Schiit Asgard (USA)

    I'm looking for a Schiit Asgard. If you've got one to sell, hit me up. My zip code is 73013.   I can pay with paypal or moneyorder.   JW
  22. hp300plus

    FS: Schiit Asgard

    About:   Selling my Schiit Asgard which I purchased in November 2011. Very well cared for (9/10 rating). Comes from a pet, child, and smoke free home. Includes original box, manual, power cord, and RCA to 3.5mm interconnect.   Payment & Shipping:   PayPal payment only -- no...
  23. rt310

    WTB: Schiit Asgard/Bifrost Combo

    Hi guys, looking for someone with both the Asgard and Bifrost and willing to sell. PM me and we can arrange a price. I am fine with buying them seperately.
  24. utdeep

    FS: Schiit Asgard

    All,   I have a Schiit Asgard (US Plug, 115V) for sale that is in excellent condition.  I am the first owner of the amp and it has around 200 hours on it.  I want to sell it for $200 shipped in Continental US which includes the PayPal fees.  This is as low as I will go.  Since it is...
  25. utdeep

    FS: Schiit Asgard

    All,   Since someone backed out on the sale, I have this back up with a minor price drop.   I have a Schiit Asgard (US Plug, 115V) for sale that is in excellent condition.  It has around 200 hours on it.  I want to sell it for $185 shipped in Continental US which includes the PayPal...