1. Baroninkjet

    Bluetooth aptX devices

    I have a Samsung HS3000, but was wondering what others are out there. Specifically, considering a car option: GSIII I9300 Bluetooth >> BT receiver >> Car Aux Input The problem I am having with HS3000 is the volume is way low. Volume is fine with wire to Aux input, but I have the I9300...
  2. hs2k

    Sennheiser MM550-X or Momentum?

    Hi all! I already have a pair of Sen/Adidas for running, so I started with Sennheiser to find a good pair of headphones to listen to while studying (low volume), travelling (walking or on flight) and at home reading or watching movies. I hate noise bleeding and hearing other's at the same time...
  3. Jemi200

    Recommend Bluetooth/NFC Earphones or In-Ear Monitors for PS Vita and an NFC enabled Phone

    I want portable bluetooth earphones or In Ear Monitors for my PS Vita and NFC Phone.  Preferably an NFC chip in them too for phones with NFC.  Nothing too expensive, somewhere I'd say at a $150 max.  Basically I play games and would listen to music / streaming video on my phone.  Something that...
  4. kumarparbhatn

    Music quality of bluetooth headset Samsung HS3000

    Anyone here who has experienced the music quality of Samsung HS3000 ? It comes with APT-X support. But this works only if the transmitter has support for the codec. What if I am using a phone with Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR. Hows the sound quality then ? Also, I read in other places that there are...
  5. Monochromatic-7

    Need help buying a Bluetooth headphone for listening to METAL!

    Hey guys,which  Bluetooth headphones are good for listening to metal ? I know there are lots of topics about this here,but my situation is totally different.I live in Iran and I don't have the access to many authorized resellers,so please only suggest some good  international brands.I can spend...
  6. MrEvil

    Bluetooth + apt-X latency (Sennheiser MM 500-X etc)

    For a long time I've wanted some wireless headphones that are both encrypted and low latency, but I have never found any like that until recently when I noticed that Sennheiser now make some nice looking headphones using the "apt-X" Bluetooth codec, which claims to be low-latency. However, I...
  7. Samsung Stereo Clip-On Bluetooth Headset for Samsung HS3000 - Retail Packaging - Black

    Samsung Stereo Clip-On Bluetooth Headset for Samsung HS3000 - Retail Packaging - Black

    Samsung HS3000 Stereo Bluetooth Clip with 3.5mm earbuds Bluetooth enabled phones and devices