1. bfielder

    Looking for a portable DAC for Galaxy S4 and also my laptop

    Hey everyone just recently bought a pair of Etymotic Research HF2's and so far I love them, they sound great.  (Will do a full review on them eventually)  These were my first IEM and i'm trying to get into some more higher quality audio products.  So the HF2's sound great but I can't help but...
  2. rmilewsk

    Help with galaxy S4 and external amp/dac

    I'm sure this has been asked here before but I can't find a definitive answer either on here or online.    I have a galaxy s4 and I am going to be connecting via some type of cable to something like an RSA intruder. My question is what do I set in the galaxy S4 to tell it to send the bit...
  3. Matt A

    Galaxy S4 / FIIO E07K Combo mistake?

    Hi all,   I am Pretty new to the whole Portable Audio scene (bar the odd iPod and Ultimate Ears IEM's) and as a relative newbie have a restricted budget.   I have just upgraded my Samsung Galaxy S2 to an S4 with 64GB Micro SD for tunes.  I own a pair of House of Marley Redemption Song On...
  4. ouchmyears

    fiio 17 + galaxy s4 + otg cable + yamaha eph-100sl ='s :-)

    I am fairly new here, but after reading a bunch of info and a lot of trial and error I was finally able to get it all to work together. And wow am I blown away by the quality of the sound that I am now hearing out of this setup. The otg cable sounds 10x's better than it did with the regular...
  5. Z

    Should I hear a difference between my old iPhone 3Gs and my Samsung GS3?

    I did a comparo between the two, using my favorite Pink Floyd Album WYWH.  Needless to say, I know the album by heart.  I did an ab comparo, and really couldn't hear a difference.  On the iPhone, I used the stock player no EQ, and on the SGS3 I used PowerAmp with no EQ.  All I had to do was...
  6. rudi0504

    First impression Samsung Galaxy note 2 vs Galaxy S 3

    Hi all my head fier friends This afternoon I got the chance to do A B Ing comparison between Samsung Galaxy note 2 Vs Galaxy S 3. Source : Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Samsung Galaxy S 3 Dac amp : Venturacraft Go Dap X for idevice and Samsung android smartphones Headphone : Sennheiser Momentum...
  7. supracrazy_tommy

    Best DAP in the market

      Hello guys/girls,  first I'd like to say that I am using my U.S. Galaxy s3 phone to listen to music, and I hate it to say the least.  The SQ is just really bad compared to my ipod nano 6th gen.  My question is should I get an amp for my galaxy s3 phone or buy a new DAP in general.  I don't...
  8. turkletont

    How is audio quality on the Galaxy S3? S2 was awful

    Hello, I purchased the Galaxy S2 and my opinion on it as a portable music player is that it's complete garbage.  Audio quality was bad, software was bad.   Is the S3 a significant upgrade in this department?  I'm actually looking to get the Galaxy Note 2 (and if history tells us anything...
  9. Assuredthronee

    best smart phone for music (no apple)

    what is the best smart phone for music like quality wise and options wise? thanks would love to hear back!
  10. chinook9

    Portable DAP With Digital Output????

    I don't listen to music a lot but I have recently spent some time listening to my Triplefi 10s running the optical output from my PC into my iBasso D10.  My PC is in the basement and I want this SQ when sitting in the family room (wife watching TV).     In the family room I use the triplefis...
  11. hma101

    Android devices compatible with USB DAC Audio-out

    Hi,   I couldn't find such a list anywhere so I wanted to create a resource for people to post android devices that can run USB DAC. So far, I was able to get Nexus 7 tablet to run my Practical Devices XM6, and a cheap-o USB audio plug-and-play device. To do this, I had to:   Buy an OTG...
  12. Artmuzz

    iPhone 4 versus 4S - which has better SQ

    I am thinking of buying a secondhand iPhone 4 but not sure whether to buy a 4 or 4S. I am buying mainly as a music making phone with apps like Nanostudio and as a replacement for my Sony A829. Is the SQ comparable to the Sony DAPs? I am looking for clear detailed SQ with good bass and good...
  13. elfary

    iPhone 4S & Galaxy S3: Measured performance (in decibels)

    As an owner of an iPhone 4S that just got an offer to swap it for a Galaxy S3 i took a little while to convert the accurate measurements taken by the helpful and skilled guys of   This is just a thread meant for reference aimed to guys that take into account objective data...
  14. Sherrington

    24bit music worth it for Galaxy S3

    Pardon my ignorance but I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 which I use to listen to my music while I am out and about, using a Shure SE535 IEM. Most, if not all, of my files are 16bit FLAC, but I have also some 24bit HDtracks files. I struggle to tell the difference between 16 and 24bit files, audibly...
  15. morph2k4

    Android tablet as a DAP?

    I've got a small scale rig at my desk at work.  Right now it looks like this:   Netbook -> Modi -> Asgard   I want to replace my netbook with a tablet for overall cleaner appearance and a touch screen UI.  Can anyone recommend any android tablets (or similar devices) that would be good for...
  16. linux2001

    iPhone 3GS Audio Quality vs The New iPad

    I am still using my old iPhone 3GS while waiting for the release of the new iPhone later this year, and have been using it as my mp3 player. I bought the new iPad earlier this year, but I have not been listening to much music on it until recently. I found that although the new iPad produces...
  17. Cam3ron

    Galaxy Nexus and E17, will it work?

    I'm going to be upgraded my phone to a galaxy nexus and I'm putting sound quality as a priority since I want to ditch my iPod. The FiiO E17 has dropped enough that I can easily pick one up and since the Galaxy Nexus supports usb OTG, I can only assume that it will work. Does anyone have any...
  18. Lan647

    Samsung Galaxy S III Audio Quality?

    Impressions on this? How does it compare to the iPhone 4 (which is fantastic sounding, easily the best portable source component I've ever heard and better than many full-size systems you'll find in stores)?  Thanks!
  19. Serotonin

    Ipod classic / Ipod touch LoD cable SQ vs 3.5 US Galaxy S3

    I have an E17 & ZO2 as my amps running them with Ultrasone 900 Pro. My source atm is Galaxy S3(US-Sprint), I was thinking about getting an IPod classic 160g or Touch only because I have been reading about LoD giving a much higher sound quality...  I like that I can carry my whole music...
  20. ksvieb

    Android 4.1 FINALLY USB Audio

    Looks like golden times for audiophiles:   USB Audio USB audio output support allows hardware vendors to build hardware such as audio docks that interface with Android devices. This functionality is also exposed with the...
  21. MaybeSheWill

    Samsung Galaxy S3, need some insight on it, US or International version?

    I was wondering about the Samsung Galaxy S3, International Version VS US Version? (Im not sure about the US one, is it worth waiting for? I know the International one has a Wolfsong DAC, which is, what I understand, one of the best soundchips?) Other than that, any other insight on the Galaxy...
  22. dsan

    Galaxy S3 sound test result - Golden ears Korean     Maybe it is not in the most friendly language but you can read the graphs and numbers ;)   The output impedance is 3.45 which is on par with Note's 3.44
  23. Dukedudez

    Need a smartphone with great sound quality

    Well, I can finally get a smartphone. I've had a crappy old LG phone for a long time and I can finally get basically any smartphone I want (that verizon carries). I really want to get one that I can use as a music player as well as phone. I'm not necessarily looking to replace my iPod Classic...
  24. GaryAR

    Samsung Galaxy S3... wow.

    Anybody else get one today? I was not expecting this kind of audio quality, I think it's a step above my iPhone 4. So far I'm only listening to Pandora too but I have to get stone higher quality files on it. Also impressive are the IEM's that came with it... they even included a few extra sets...
  25. Bjrmd

    SQ in USA version galaxy 3?

    Since this may have different audio components from the international version, any opinions yet?