1. PCWar

    Vivo Xplay 3S with ESS9018 and OPA2604

    Impressed by the rumors of the specs for the next Vivo flagship
  2. AyeVeeN

    Looking for a new portable source (DAP / Smartphone)

    I've been looking for the past few days/weeks (had my eyes set on the Z1060/F806, but couldn't find anything about it's SQ with custom in-ears. Using Westone ES3X) but currently in a dilemma as my phone (Samsung Stratosphere) basically just died in a fall. The phone's screen is now currently...
  3. Cam3ron

    Galaxy Nexus and E17, will it work?

    I'm going to be upgraded my phone to a galaxy nexus and I'm putting sound quality as a priority since I want to ditch my iPod. The FiiO E17 has dropped enough that I can easily pick one up and since the Galaxy Nexus supports usb OTG, I can only assume that it will work. Does anyone have any...
  4. jaylim0512

    Audio Technica ATH-M50/Galaxy Nexus

    I have the Audio Technica ATH-M50s and I'm using the Galaxy Nexus as a portable device player.   Will I be able to power these headphones with this cellphone or will I need an amp?   If the Nexus isn't a good music player, what else do you guys suggest that could play FLAC files?
  5. Dukedudez

    Need a smartphone with great sound quality

    Well, I can finally get a smartphone. I've had a crappy old LG phone for a long time and I can finally get basically any smartphone I want (that verizon carries). I really want to get one that I can use as a music player as well as phone. I'm not necessarily looking to replace my iPod Classic...
  6. djglenn

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus or S3 for SQ?

    I have a S2 and feel empty with my lacking a portable mobile to play decent music.I am considering selling my s2 and getting the Nexus or the S3. I see both should be supported by supercurio so am wondering from a SQ point of view should there be any difference between them both?
  7. InRainbows

    HD600's used with Galaxy Nexus?rocoo-p?

    I have a Galaxy Nexus smart phone, I understand that this phone has a TI DAC, which in the audiophile community is regarded as pretty good. I am using power amp and I mainly listen to Radiohead. I'm a huge fan and have every single song by these guys, and I read that the HD-600 were the best...
  8. MahthovenWang

    Amp Dac combo or amp and dac?

    Ok guys this might seem like a stupid question but I would really like to know if an amp w/ dac combo would sound better or worse than a dedicated amp and a dedicated dac with the same price... Thanks in advance :)
  9. bolo

    static / crackle / pop with FiiO E11

    Hi everybody - I've learned an awful lot from reading all the posts here on Head-Fi, but I believe I'm having a problem with my E11 that may not have arisen/been addressed yet...   Recently got the ATH-M50s after reading all of the positive reviews written about them here - I think these...