1. Robinhook

    For Sale: Rudistor RPX-33-EV-08 Dual Mono Headphone Amp [Closed]

    Hello Headfiers, I have a Rudistor RPX-33-EV-08 Dual Mono Headphone Amp for sale. Decided to go balanced system with Schiit Mjolnir 2. I am the second owner, bought it in July 2014 here on HF, original post was here...
  2. hrooo2002

    For Sale / For Trade: Rudistor RPX 33 EV08-B (UK/EU)

    The price is in Euros.   Hi, guys, I am selling my rudistor RPX-33-EV-08-B. This amp was purchased on 10-March-2011. So basically, it is as new condition and I just help you cut the time for running in and waiting.   EV-08-B is the last version of rpx33 product. And this one, I guess...
  3. brobilly

    FS-RUDISTOR MD1+RPX33 [headphones pending]

    headphones are pending, the amplifier is still available.   Hi I have the rudistor md1 headphone and rudistor rpx33 headphone amplifier for sale at the price of $1700+paypal fee. I am the first owner of the md1, bought them directly from Rudi this April, they just look like new and these...
  4. brobilly


      Pictures will be uploaded tonight.   Hi I have the rudistor md1 headphone and rudistor rpx33 headphone amplifier for sale at the price of $1800+paypal fee. I am the first owner of the md1, bought them directly from Rudi this April, they just look like new and these are normal...
  5. sembrador

    Rudistor RPX33

    Hello, WIth the new year arrives the bills, and I have to sell it. This headphone amp runs fantastic with RS1, D5000, and RS1, it has very detailed sound and very wide scene. I can ship it anywhere but I prefer to sell it in EU. Shipping costs not included. Regards Jose Manuel
  6. vermellfort

    [SOLD] Rudistor RPX33 EV08 (230 V)

    I'm the second owner and the former one left some minor cosmetic issues that doesn't affect the sound.  One of the little screws on the top was replaced for a torx type one and the fit is not perfect. The big screw at the bottom center sometimes gets loose (when carrying or placing the unit)...
  7. jetstream

    Rudistor RPX-33 Dual Mono Mk-2 - Price Reduced Again

    Great condition with only minor cosmetic imperfections.   This is a powerful and great sounding amp.   It is a dual mono discrete design that gives you all the advantages of a solid state amplifier with a warm sound close to tubes. It can drive headphones from 25 ohms to 600 ohms with...
  8. SleepyOne

    [SOLD]: Rudistor RPX-33 EV08 (UK/ EU 230V) - Price dropped!

      Rudistor RPX-33 EV08 (UK/ EU 230V) Dual mono Class A headphone amp. Can also be used as a preamp. RPX33-EV08 has been listed in Stereophile recommended components giude (2008-2009-2010). Amp detail: http://www.rudistor.com/soundsystems/RPx33.htm   I am selling some of my gears to...
  9. cufei

    WTB Rudistor RPX-33/35 NX-03

    I want to buy one Rudistor Headphone Amp: rpx-33/35 or NX-03.   rpx-33: 700$ rpx-35: 900$ NX-03: 400$   These are the offers I am able to make, but I am open to go up a little bit if your amp is extremely new. Thanks.
  10. struts

    Rudistor RPX-33 EV08 [EU]

    Selling my Rudistor RPX-33 EV08 dual mono headphone amp with silver fascia (230V EU version). This is the final version of the RPX-33 before it became the RPX-35 (although no circuitry changes were made so the sound is the same according to Rudistor). Stereophile Class A recommended component...
  11. jxcool

    Rudistor RPX33/35

    Hi Guys,   I am searching for the Rudistor RPX33/35 to upgrade my audio system. I am living in the Netherlands, so I prefer to have a European saler. If you have any version of them and want to sale it, please let me know. Thanks!   Cheers,
  12. thread

    FS: RudiStor RPX-33 Mk II Dual Mono Headphone Amp / Preamp

    The only issue with this amp is the LED on the front has gone out. I'm sure it just needs a quick replacement job by someone with a soldering iron and the inclination, but I've been using it with 0 complaints. It's almost nicer this way in a dark room :) The pictures are of my unit, but they...
  13. RTF

    Need help deciding: The Raptor, WA2, RPX33 with a poll

    This is the first time I've made  a thread like this.  I'm in the market for an amp to compliment my rather neutral Amphora(which I really like) and am having trouble deciding which to get.  My main prerequisite is that it be musical, powerful, and full sounding. I've read lots of impressions...
  14. wumengchao

    about rpx33 and ps audio gcha

    i am looking for headphone amp, and i found these two products. rpx33 is more expensive, about 1330 usd, gcha is much cheaper, 499usd; is rpx33 much better than gcha?  please give me some advice, thank you!!
  15. RPX-33


    The RPX-33 dual mono topology headphone amp from Rudistor Sound Systems of Italy, uses a mixture of clean, optimized and pure audiophile electronics to deliver the finest sound available. Its sleek design, built to match the Ultrasone Limited Edition 9 headphone, ensures the ultimate...