1. Digital7

    'Burn-in' questions for the experts?

    No doubt it's been discussed a million times already, but please indulge me 5 simple questions... 1: Is burn-in a verifiable fact and been proven many times? 2: Is there ever a case were boomy or shabby bass tightens-up with burn-in, or is it only ever the other way around, as in lack of bass...
  2. JoinToPlay

    FS: Roland RH-300

    bought in december 2010, comes with original invoice and original box including carrying pouch and gold adapter. Condition is LIKE NEW.   price is without shipping
  3. potatoos

    Samson rh300, rh600, ad700, Fostex T50RP for Movies?

    I am looking at getting a new pair of cans soon. I don't want to spend more than is necessary. These will be used mainly for movies, some gaming, and I would like for them to do classical better than my Superlux 662f.   I know that the ad700 meets all requirements, but seeing as how the...
  4. rayjuodas

    7 closed headphones vs Dynaudio BM15 monitors (SRH840, ATH-M50, ATH-A900, RH-300, Q40, HFI-680, Pro DJ100 etc.)

      Hi everyone,   Here’s my first attempt to write about headphones that I have purchased for my personal evaluation purposes. It is not the first time I am comparing headphones, but on previous occasions I kept my findings to myself. While I am not a frequent visitor of Head-Fi, I...
  5. eriktheg

    Roland RH-300

    Has anyone ever tried these? I personally have never heard of Roland until today. From what I see, this headphone is popular in japan and has a near perfect rating on a lot of japanese websites. So, is there anyone that has heard these before? I want some impressions that I can actually read well.
  6. jojexy

    Roland RH-300 vs. Jaycar Monitor Headphones

    I have decided to settle with these two headphones for its closed design, neutral sound signature, and an under $150 price. If you have any other recommendations please notify me (it has to be under $150 though). The Jaycar seems cheaper even with the $20 shipping price but I am very curious...
  7. diplcm

    best headphones for a Synth?? Help

    I Own a Roland Fantom G8 Synth Workstation, this is a serious piece of equipment, normally I play through studio monitor speakers, but I want to get headphones, ones that will do the sound justice, my concerns are OHM and power, no idea what the synth can power,They also need to cover my whole...
  8. Hader

    Amp for Roland Headphones?

    Hi guys,   I have been looking to get a good "budget" studio/audiophile headphones and have come up with Roland rh-300 and rh-a30. Would you think I would get a reasonable upgrade in sound when using a headphone amp like Spl Auditor or something Burson soloist SL or is it not worth it with...
  9. Stryker412

    Need suggestions: headphones for gaming/movies

    Here's what I'm looking for and perhaps you all can steer me in the right direction. 1) If I'm watching movies/games I would like some form of surround (virtual/real). So that if I'm gaming, I'd like to be able to tell if someone is behind me. 2) I need them to be portable. I plan on using...
  10. TeerraM1

    Need help choosing (fairly) cheap on ear headphones

    hi, lately i saw the skullcandy skullcrasher headphones which i quite liked the design, then i saw this site and saw all the negative comments about it. Im looking for a good pair of headphones, i am not really on top of all these makes so i came here to ask for help. my budget is around 100...
  11. soccerdude84

    Is it possible to turn any closed headphones into sealed headphones?

    I was thinking of getting the RH-300 to use as my new (electronic) drumming headphones but I'm worried it won't isolate the stick noise enough (for reference: the vic firth isolation headphones are superb at it), is it possible to replace the ear cushions and turn them into sealed headphones?
  12. Roland RH-300 Stereo Headphones

    Roland RH-300 Stereo Headphones

    The Roland RH-300 headphones offer flat, accurate sound quality. Newly developed driver provides ultrawide frequency range. Classy appearance with aluminum housing plate. Adjustable, lightweight design provides superior sound isolation, noise reduction, and comfort. High-power capacity with 40mm...