1. zGoRL8RoLCl

    USB audio interface for AKG K 701/2

    Hi, I'm planning to buy an AKG headphone but I need to know which one of these audio interfaces will provide the optimal output power and which headphone would be more suitable.   I'm planning to both record and listen to music, and being mostly on the move, I would like to avoid a...
  2. SeanR111

    AKG K702 - Amp Necessary For Use With Roland Quad-Capture?

    I was considering buying a pair of AKG K702's and I've read the few forums already on here about what amps to buy for them.  I have a Roland Quad-Capture audio interface as my DAC currently and I know that the output impedance for the headphone out is 47 ohms.  My question is basically if I...
  3. xaznxeclipsex

    Trying to pull together a nice 2 channel computer setup for under $600, please assist in my decision.

    Hey guys,  I am new here but not new to audio, however I am by no means an audiophile. I want to upgrade my current of Insignia 6.5" bookshelf NS-B2111 with a Old Denon receiver. My Source is a Macbook pro. I probably cant audition the equipment before I buy so I would be basing my decision from...
  4. KrakenChaos

    Need adivce on what to choose between KEF X300A or Adam Artist 3 or Adam Artist 5

    I am planning to buy a speaker set for my desktop to play with my computer. I have came across the reviews of KEF X300A and Adam Artist 3. At the moment, I don't know which one to choose. So if you some advice please share with me. These are the prices I can get at my local audio outlets: A...
  5. Roland Quad Capture

    Roland Quad Capture

    Pro Performance for Portable Production With a pair of premium VS Preamps onboard, plus superb 24-bit/192 kHz audio quality, ultra-low latency performance, and convenient USB bus power, QUAD-CAPTURE sets a new standard for portable USB 2.0 audio interfaces. Its compact, durable design and...