1. justsomesonyfan

    wts / fs cfa solaris OG , 1k incld paypal + shipping.

    solaris OG in used/mint condition. price is 1k w/shipping and paypal fees, or a trade for rhapsodio zombie mk2, or an ier z1r with me adding 200 usd. some accessories may be missing such as the tips that came with them and maybe some bags, but not anything major such as the cable. no hollowness...
  2. SLC1966

    *SOLD* Rhapsodio Copper Wizard Mk2 4 wire cable. 4.4mm, 2 pin

    I am putting up for sale my Rhapsodio CW MK2 4 wire cable. It is in perfect condition. I had Christian at Plussound put Plussound 2 pin connectors on them (0.78mm). The Rhapsodio 2 pin connectors tend to be too big for most non Rhapsodio IEMs. The Plussound 2 pin connectors are perfect for...
  3. flinkenick

    Rhapsodio Solar ciem (price including paypal fees)

    Selling my Rhapsodio Solar. Was the first ciem I ever bought, and loved dearly in the begin. After I started reviewing it got less and less playtime. Sells new for $1550. Comes with a carrying case and cleaning tool. There are probably plenty of 3rd party reshellers who will probably do it for...
  4. SLC1966

    *SOLD* Rhapsodio Zombie MK2 w/ Rhapsodio Copper Wizard MK2 cable

    Purchased new 5 months ago directly from Rhapsodio. This is a made to order IEM from Sammy at Rhapsodio. They are in perfect condition. I am selling them with a cable that retails for $700 because it pairs with the Zombie MK2 so well. I like the CW MK2 cable so much I have this cable on 4 of my...
  5. nxxo

    SOLD ⭐️ Rhapsodio ⭐️ SGD 2.98 MKII 2.5mm Balanced 2 pin

    Hi HeadFier, i put on the sale table today a pristine 9.9/10 Rhapsodio SGD 2.98 MKII. Very little used, maybe 10h total, you can read the review on the test below.Thanks and feel free to ask questions. Paypal include, not the shipping https://justrest.ca/2019/06/28/rhapsodio-sgd-2-98-mkii/...
  6. SLC1966

    *SOLD* FS: Rhapsodio Extreme Planar Magnetic IEM

    Rhapsodio's Planar Magnetic IEM. I am the original owner and purchased directly from Sammy the owner and creator of all that is Rhapsodio. These are single driver. They are extremely smooth and detailed for long listening sessions and they are very comfortable. The tonal qualities of these...
  7. Vitaly2017

    SOLD Rhapsodio nylon silver SOLD

    Hi I am selling Rhapsodio Nylon Silver cable, you get what you see on the picture, the cable and the carton box it came with.... Its in perfectly good condition, Termination 4.4 balanced And its all silver, very high quality cable! Shipping and PayPal fees included...
  8. SLC1966

    *SOLD* Rhapsodio Eden

    I am putting my beloved Eden IEM up for sale. This IEM has a single dynamic driver and has what many would consider the best timbre of any IEM. It is neutral and detailed with as I just mentioned amazing timbre/tone. This is the first time this IEM has been up for sale in the classified. I...
  9. FrequeAudio

    WTB & FS - Rhapsodio Solar

    Hello, I am looking to buy a pair of universal Rhapsodio Solar IEM. At the same time, I am also selling a pair of custom Rhapsodio Solar IEM. Let me know, thanks.
  10. rantng

    FS - Rhapsodio Silver RSD Mk3 Litz Cable 2-pin 4.4mm Pentaconn

    High purity silver Litz. 4 wire, 2-pin, 4.4mm Pentaconn. Japanese TPU shielding. Retail price of $550. Great cable, but I no longer have a Sony DAP and I’ve decided to stick with 2.5mm. Price includes shipping (CONUS only) & fees.
  11. DrumSeb

    Rhapsodio cable Copper wizard Mkll

    Rhapsodio Copper Wizard Mkll cable. Perfect condition and the sound is very wide and the bass goes really deep, mid range is a little darker. 2pin 4.4mm .I will add the little adapter 4.4mm to 3.5mm. Value 1300$US https://www.rhapsodiostore.com/products/copper-wizard-mk2 Asking 600$ best...
  12. DrumSeb

    Rhapsodio Luna MKll cable

    Rhapsodio Luna MKll 8 wires 98% silver 2% Gold 2pin 3.5mm Value 700$US asking 250$US As a reference here is a link: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/rhapsodio-thread.800966/page-38 Come with the little pouch. Good price good cable, crisp sound, deep bass, smooth treble. Any question...
  13. SLC1966

    *SOLD* Rhapsodio Solar

    Sadly, it is time for me to sell my Rhapsodio Solar. A classic 10 BA IEM. I have once again accumulated too many IEMs and need to let this one go. I purchased it 6 months ago directly from Sammy the owner of Rhapsodio and the creator of the Solar. It has a rare black/blue translucent shell...
  14. Rebelranger

    SOLD Aurisonics ASG-2.5 Super Basshead

    SOLD For Sale: I will ship for free within the USA and includes insurance. ALL PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE!!! Aurisonic ASG 2.5. Aurisonics’ flagship triple driver hybrid combines the incredible sub-bass of the ASG-B’s 14.2mm dynamic driver (plus a tuneable bass port) with two balanced armature...
  15. SLC1966

    *SOLD* Rhapsodio RSD MK3 Silver Cable, 2.5, 4.4 or 3.5 termination.

    Thank you for looking. Outstanding Silver Cable. 4 wire, 2 pin. Very high-purity silver, Japanese TPU shielding created and made by Sammy the Master at Rhapsodio. Retails for $550. I can have it reterminated 2.5 or 4.4 balanced before it is sent to you Conus. It is currently terminated 3.5...
  16. jaker782

    *SOLD*: Rhapsodio Galaxy V2 IEM

    I am selling my Rhapsodio Galaxy V2 iem, which is in great condition with only a few very minor visible scratches that can only be seen up close. I recently acquired these in a trade, and while they sound terrific and are at a TOTL level in my opinion, I need to thin out my iem collection...
  17. SLC1966

    FS: IEM Purge: EarSonics S-EM6 V2 (price drop), EE Phantom (phantom is sold), Solar (sold)

    Time to purge. Empire Ears Phantom PRICE DROP from $1450 to $1375 *SOLD* Short story: Universal version. Received new from EE 2 weeks ago. Comes with stock Ares II Cable 3.5 straight termination and all tips which are unused. 2 hours of use. Mint condition. Long story: 5 months ago, I...
  18. y0da_cod3r


    I'm selling my exclusive Galaxy Raphsodio Galaxy v3, that is a v1 in brass housing. It has incredible clarity and detailed sound, with excellent bass. The IEM was reviewed by Sammy this month and clean and sounds like heaven. The combo is v3 IEM + Twag Silver 2.5mm + Pelican 1010 650USD SHIPPED...
  19. SLC1966


    5 months old. Original owner. Mint condition. Only used within home environment. Comes with Rhapsodio Pandora Dwarf cable 3.5 termination, original tips. See pictures below. PayPal fees and Conus shipping fees included. If outside USA contact me to discuss shipping. Here is my review of...
  20. Joe Tan

    Aaw W900

    Hi selling Aaw W900 iem SOLD ! Includes shipping anywhere and paypal fee. ***They are universal so don't need to re-shell . Condition is mint cause seldom use them cause of work. So decide to sell them. Comes with Null Audio Ethos spc cable and NullAudio case , 3 set of form tip , 3 set of...
  21. DrummerLeo

    FS: Rhapsodio Zombies Price Reduced!

    Up for sale is Rhapsodio Zombies, which is their current flagship in the hybrid drivers line. The IEMs has a very small dent on the out layer of the left side shell, it won’t affect the sound or fit at all. Other than that they are truly beautiful. The sound is warm powerful and full bodied...
  22. RebeccaSugar

    WTB: TOTL/Summit-Fi IEM's

    Rhapsodio, Campfire Audio, Empire Ears, Jerry Harvey, etc. I am looking for something I can embrace with open arms, I will describe what I like and you will see if you can offer it. What I need is something that has extensive, explosive and chaotic but controlled lower end, clean subwoofer...
  23. ceeloChamp


    Hey All, I have really enjoyed this cable, I am only selling it to finance a cable for my Fourtes. This is 2-pin with a 3.5 se connector. It is in fantastic shape and i’m looking at it and unable to find anything wrong with it. I’m asking $250 for it and you pay PayPal fees, which won’t be...
  24. SLC1966

    *Sold* Rhapsodio Saturn IEM (Price Reduction)

    In perfect condition, no marks on them. Second owner. Purchased from fellow Head-fier. Very good Dynamic Driver IEM from an excellent company. Comes will original cable and Rhapsodio Pelican type case. The case is a good size. A little bit smaller than the Pelican 1010. Reason for selling...
  25. ceeloChamp


    Hello, I have a pair of Mint Galaxy V2 for sale with a hybrid 2.5 balanced Triton copper/silver cable. The cable has been used 2 times and has full Ediolic connectors it was $200 new. I have used the Galaxy for probably 50 hours, I am selling them to thin the headphone collection. Best, Ben