1. zek4u

    FS: Resonessence Labs Invicta Mirus

    Selling a Resonessence Labs Invicta Mirus that is excellent condition. Just look at the reviews and you will find this is truly a world class DAC. Downsizing and selling off my headphone rig so don't need balanced outs. The DAC is upgradeable by Resonessence Labs to the Mirus Pro for $1000. A...
  2. econsumer666

    Is Sabre ES9018 the best DAC chip right now?

    Can you say that DACs based on Sabre ES9018 should be favoured over other configurations like WM8741 and PCM1704UK? I kinda keep reading over and over again that this Sabre chip is currently the best affordable DAC-chip.   Reason is, I've just ordered Audio GD DAC 5.2 and started reading...
  3. project86

    Review: Resonessence Labs Invicta - new high end DAC/amp/playback system

          INTRO   Very few of us have an unlimited budget when it comes to building an audio system. Working within a specific limit, the question often arises: How much should be portioned out to each individual component? I’ve seen people give ratios like 40/40/20 for...
  4. Krisman

    What headphone DAC/Amps use the ESS Sabre DAC chip?

    Hi guys,   I have listened to loads of HiFi DACs that use the ESS Sabre chipset and I have always liked their signature. I was wondering if people knew any good headphone DAC/amps that also used that chip as might try a couple to see if they have the same signature with several pairs of...
  5. shabta

    Resonessence Labs Concero - USB DAC

    Here's the link to the specs   They don't say what chip it uses. Because it is USB powered I am guessing sabre 9023.   Sounds exciting. Asynchronous USB, The same filters as the Invicta...   And the price looks ok
  6. Anathallo

    exaSound DACs

    I've been searching around for a Canadian made DAC, and stumbled upon exaSound who I suppose are best known for their exaU2I USB --> I2S interface.   They've apparently just released their E20 DAC, based on the infamous ES9018 Sabre chip and I can't for the life of me find any information on...
  7. Armaegis

    [Listing] Canadian Companies/Retailers

    I'm transferring this over to the main Headphones forum. This started off as a search for Canadian manufacturers, but it has expanded since then. I'm mostly focusing on Canadian manufacturers/distributors/retailers of headphone gear and trying not to branch off into regular home theatre...
  8. Resonessence Labs Invicta

    Resonessence Labs Invicta

    High end playback system: SD card audio player, state of the art DAC, and dual independant headphone amps