1. kazaakas

    Which HiFiMAN headbands are the same size?

    So I have to confess a serious sin, over the last few years, which included lots of travelling, I have truly busted up my Fostex TH-x00's. The paint on the headband and hangers had been peeling off for a while, and ultimately the headband snapped at the joint, like so many others. So what does...
  2. Tofty

    ATH-M40x 40mm Replacement Drivers Recommendations

    Hi, I've recently been having fun repairing headphones and headsets, bought in joblots off ebay. There have been some lucky finds, with several really nice cans just needing a broken jack replacing or an internal wire re-soldering. The thing I always dread though is finding a dead driver, as...
  3. Dekoni Audio Elite Hybrid Replacement Ear Pads for Sennheiser HD600 Series

    Dekoni Audio Elite Hybrid Replacement Ear Pads for Sennheiser HD600 Series

    The Sennheiser HD600 series of headphones are the standard in open back headphones. Dekoni’s pads are a little deeper than the stock pads opening up the sound stage, and the slow rebound memory foam helps alleviate clamp force from any user, even when wearing glasses. Frankenstein from the...
  4. kerwin

    Moving on from ER4PT?

    I've been loving my Etymotic for years now. Been loving them so much, that after breaking one cable and i couldn't find a new one; just ordered a new pair. This cable broke too (both at the Y split), and believe me that i'm damn cautious about handeling and storing my IEM's. It's just too sad...
  5. St0rMl0rD

    Looking for a good, but non-expensive cable for my 64Audio A6

    Hi guys, I've had a streak of bad luck with their stock cables - even with their premium cable, they will break at the ear loop and lose connection, or one side will suddenly become 30-50% quieter. So I was thinking of looking into alternative cables that provide superior sound quality over the...
  6. azattarj

    Replacement jack for TDK BA200

    Hi guys. I need help to repair jack of my TDK BA200. It is 3mm wide flat cable. I have searched through eBay, but could not find anything good to securely hold it on its base, so I will not have to repair it again in a couple of months. Do anybody know where I can buy a good replacement jack...
  7. J

    Replacement for Dunu Titan1 ? - used with FiiO E12 portable-amp

    Hi, I have been using Titan1 for many years with E12 - I liked it. The cables "got broken" so I gave it to a friend "as a present" and told him to replace the cables "somehow" and they will be "good again". So, now I am looking around for something similar to Dunu Titan1 - but perhaps a bit...
  8. kofa

    NVX XPT100 - how to fit replacement earpads?

    Hi, I've bought a pair of replacement ComfortMax angled earpads. How do I install them? I thought they'd come with the plastic 'ring' (more of an oval) that I can just install by twisting the old earpads off, put the new ones in place, then twist them to lock in place; but these are just the...
  9. kofa

    [moved to Help forum] NVX XPT100 - how to fit replacement earpads?

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  10. G

    70's Sennheiser HD414 cord replacement question

    Hello everyone! I have a pair of Sennheiser HD414 from the 70es (measuring 2kOhm thus perfect for my OTL tube amp) that have developed a loose contact (Wackelkontakt) on the left channel cable. As I have seen that replacement cables are still available (big thumbs up for Sennheiser) I tried...
  11. Notanaudiophile85

    Tips for Magaosi MGS-BK50?

    I recently acquired Magaosi MGS-BK50 IEMs. It the first pair of IEMs I’ve owned. I’m surprised how much I like the sound. I find the tips that came with the the BK50s uncomfortable. I’d prefer a softer silicone tip and I’m interested in trying foam tips. Can someone tell me what tips fit the...
  12. Arkiv

    Replacement for my Mad Dogs

    Hi. I've had a pair of Mr Speakers Mad Dogs for about five years without any issues until this last month. Unable to figure out the exact problem I have decided to replace them. So that leads me to the big question, what options are there for a replacement of the Mad Dogs? These are used as...
  13. C

    Openback headphones preference

    Im looking to to a pair of open back headphones UR40 , Superlux HD668B , Behringer HPX2000 , Sony and Sennheiser HD 4.20 Which one do you prefer
  14. V

    Dac/Amp pairing with my AKG K702

    Hi all! I'm looking to change it up a bit as my K702's are just a tad bit bright for my liking as I'm looking to possibly buy into a slightly warmer sound via Dac/Amp. I've been using the Fulla 2 and the SMSL M2 which sounds identical to me. I am a gamer so positioning is very important. I'm...
  15. 3

    What fuse to use in Little Dot MK III?

    My previously used unit came without the fuse. So the unit is not powering on unfortunately. Wondering what fuse I should be trying to get for this ? thanks
  16. luckybaer

    Beyerdynamic DT-880/250 ohm Pad Replacement

    I've had my DT-880 for quite some time and today was the first time I've replaced the pads. I purchased the genuine article from Beyerdynamic [via Amazon], and noticed that the sponge filter included with the new pads was different from the sponge filter of the original pads. The original was...
  17. R

    Looking for Sennheiser HD 598 with more bass

    Hi guys, I have a Sennheiser HD 598 for about 5-6 years now which I absolutely love, but since it has a lot of wear now and eventually it will just fall apart, I'm thinking about replacing it and I would like some headphones that are similar in overall sound signature but have a better bass...
  18. D

    Phiaton MS400 replacement/fix?

    Hi, I got a pair of the MS400's back in 2011. Really loved them and forgot about them for a couple years. Busted them out from their case and the leather has detached and the aux connector doesnt work very well anymore (have to position it perfectly in the jack or sound won't be right...
  19. T

    Genuine leather replacement for Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC

    Recently got a pair of Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC and the audio quality is good but my ears get very hot after half an hour or so. I am thinking I can get a more comfortable experience with replacement ear pads. Sennheiser confirmed the out of the box earpads are made of leatherette and recommended...
  20. mateusbatera

    Shure SE215 replacement cable

    Hi everyone, I bought a Shure SE215 phones several months ago and I've been loving it for my daily use. However, I've been experiencing issues with the cable. One of the sides doesn't work anymore. I tried to clean the contact but had no success. It seems the cable must have broken (I'm not...
  21. P

    Hi Everyone - Sansa Clip + Battery Advice

    Hi Everyone Great forum, just to say hello! Looking for some advice on what battery is a best direct replacement for my Sansa Clip + (8gb) Thanks Pete
  22. M

    Replacement for Denon D2000

    Hey all! My Denon D600s just died. Before that, I had D2000s, which I liked better. I'm looking for a replacement set, with a similar overall sound signature to the D2000s. I mainly listen to non-basshead electronic music like Todd Terje, Lindstrom, M83, Royksopp, etc. Some youtube links of...
  23. R

    Record Player Cartridge and Needle Replacement Help

    For my first thread, here's something i hope is not to difficult. About 3 years ago, i bought a rare 60s all in one portable record player for $50 not working and for awhile, i was using an 80s kids player but the sound was not what i was looking for but the straw that broke the camel's back...