1. Arthur Heber

    Sennheiser 650 headphones and Rega Ear

    I recently upgraded from Senn 600's to the 650 And am powering the 650 with a Rega ear upgraded from the Creek obh 11 with the obh 2 power supply.I find the 650 is giving me fantastic sound.The bass is a bit boomy and needs to be tightened up a bit.I'm thinking that a cable upgrade schould or...
  2. skopje

    Rega ear/Creek/HD600

    Hi i am new to this forum, and would really appreciate some advice. I am a musician and have just made the jump to recording on computer. I have sold my mixing desk and now have no headphone output. I have also just bought a pair of HD600 headphones to join my HD 25s and beyerdynamic...
  3. Jigglybootch

    Rega Ear Issue

    My Rega Ear picks up quite a bit of noise. When running it in my bedroom (on the third floor of the house) I can very clearly hear radio stations. When music is playing, I can't hear them, but when there is no music playing, I very clearly hear radio stations. When I run the amp in my basement...
  4. Dhw

    OBH-11 or Rega Ear?

    Hey everyone, I've been lurking here for a bit and am really impressed with the forum. It's nice to see how well people get along here (ever read the postings on Brutal!). I just picked up a pair of HD-580s online (I used and found them for $149 with shipping), and am...
  5. ignaceii

    Rega Ear MkII. On a laptop any good ?

    Hi, I use my headphone, hifiman 500, primarily on a laptop. Now, using the Rega as a preamp to the signal from the laptop, apparently does not give much difference in sound. So, is it worth the hassle with power supply cables and sit with the Rega Ear in a seat, considering the small or no...
  6. cbascue

    Price on Rega Ear

    Can anyone tell me the place with a low price on the Rega EAR. The lowest I have seen so far is $195
  7. jlw

    Rega ear amp, for Beyerdynamic DT990Pro

    Hello. Is Rega Ear a good amp for DT990? I have looked at the micro amp, but they cant ship it with 220v for a LOOOOOOOOOONG time. Thats bad. Is there ant other good out there?
  8. NilsTentacles

    Beyerdynamic DT880 / now Rega Ear + Corda Arietta

    I recently changed my headphones from Sennheiser HD600 to Beyerdynamic DT880, and the first impression was *wow* but I'm starting to find this combination very fatiguing. the sound is more dynamic and clearer now which I like, but also very 'energitic' and 'aggressive'. I'm thinking maybe...
  9. evilcthul

    New Rega Ear Is Out

    Hey guys, Rega has released a new version of their EAR amplifier. Check it out:
  10. psu63

    Rega EAR amplifier

    I am considering Rega EAR amplifier for my new Denon a-hd5000 earphones. My electronics is by REGA Any comments?
  11. lordgibbness

    Grados and Rega Ear

    I am thinking about getting a second pair of headphones (MS-1s or SR225s) to complement my HD600s. However, I was wondering if they will work well through either my soundcard or my headphone amp (see signature) ? I really don't want to buy another headphone amp. My reason for getting the...
  12. lordgibbness

    Rega Ear mute button

    Just a quick question for Rega Ear owners. Is the mute button meant to light up at all? It looks like it should have an LED, but mine never comes on. Cheers.
  13. Michael Yoder

    AKG K501 and Rega Ear: A good combo?

    Hi, I posed a similar question within a thread on the headphone forum, but thought it might be better suited to the headphone amp forum. Sorry if redundant. Background: I live in a smallish city in South Texas that's > 4 hours from anywhere to try out anything, so many of my electronics...
  14. maarek99

    Rega Ear + psu upgrade

    Hi all. Anyidea where I could order a more powerful PSU for the Rega Ear than the current Rega PS1 I'm using?
  15. Dwagun

    Rega Ear?

    Anyone had a listen to the Rega Ear? Just curious...
  16. Holmgr3N-

    Rega Ear, good amp?

    How is the Rega Ear amp? Will it be a good match for my DT880 for the money?
  17. csmager

    EMU-0404/Rega Ear/Which Headphones?

    Hi, First post, and yes - I'm relatively new to this. After lurking around for a while, I think I'm about to purchase the following: EMU-0404 Rega Ear Amp Firstly - any opinions on the combo? From what I've read so far, it should sound good - with some decent headphones. I was...
  18. pbirkett

    Rega Ear PSU Upgrade thoughts

    Any Rega Ear owners out there, if you have not already, should replace the included power supply with a regulated job. Mike (Pinkfloyd) suggested this as a good tweak to do, and I have been testing it since I got it. Basically the sound just seems a touch clearer and cleaner, seemingly...
  19. Holmgr3N-

    Beyer with a Rega Ear, how good?

    Anyone heard a Beyer phone with a Rega Ear? I'd really like to know since i seriously consider buying the Rega Ear. I have DT880 out of the Audigy2 now, and it really lack midrange and bass. Will it be a good match? Thanks for answers.
  20. Steve Coal

    Woo Audio I or Rega Ear?

    I recently acquired a pair of Senn HD-580's and have been trying to decide on an amp for them. I've read just about every post on amps for the HD-580 and the Rega Ear is said to be quite synergetic with them, but i'm also quite interested in tube amps (and not a whole lot has been said about the...
  21. sackley

    Rega Ear

    Is this amp any good? I know they make a good CD player and at $225 for this amp, it seems to be a good deal. Also, I read that it has a line out. Is that true too?
  22. Holy Zoo

    New Rega Ear

    I emailed Rega inquiring when the restyled Rega Ear might be out, and here's their response: Dear Jeff, The new EAR will be available in October 2001. regards Simon.
  23. enzoferrari650

    Rega Ear

    I've been doing a lot of thinking after I ordered my HD-600's and cannot figure out what to do. I need an amp. I first decided on the Headsave Classic, but after long thought, I realized that the Rega Ear seems to be a lot better than the Classic. I have read many reviews about the Rega Ear and...
  24. smeagol

    Rega Ear

    Hey everybody! Today i went downtown to see what stuff I can get at an affordable price. I mean headphones and headphone amp. I was planning to get a Gilmore lite, but what I could try on was a Rega Ear with Senns 650. It sounded very nice, but I can say that the low freq were not as powerful...
  25. Tuberoller

    Further Impressions of Rega Ear

    I just got bask from Las Vegas at the CES this past weekend.I have recently decided to take the plunge into becoming a dealer so I bought a lot of stuff,amps, phones, cables,turntables etc.Most of it ain't here yet none of it can be sold yet as I have not finalized dealer agreements. Anyway I...