1. adamaley

    Red Wine Audio Isabellina LFP-V HPA (USB) $OLD

    I have had this beautiful sounding headphone amplifier since July 2011. It was purchased directly from red Wine Audio, and It coupled wonderfully with my Audeze LCD-2s and provided a magical sound. Financial reasons necessitate the sale of the unit. In addition to the stock tubes I will add 2...
  2. ValentinHogea

    Transportable/battery-driven high-end amplifiers

    After meticulous searches I don't seem to find a specific thread for this subject...   Background:   Most can agree that battery-powered electronics removes a lot of problems related PSU's in amplifiers. Some of us still want to be able to move our rig. I know the majority doesn't...
  3. Toob-Toob

    REVIEW: Red Wine Audio Isabellina (Pro) LFP-V DAC

    Alright, let me give a little back. Since I've benefited far more from Head-Fi than the community has with my lurking presence, it's time I posted something of substance. My first contribution are my impressions of the Red Wine Audio Isabellina LFP-V USB DAC. As a matter of disclosure, I much...
  4. librarian

    Isabellina HPA LFP-V Edition: review and listening impressions

    This is my review of Red Wine Audios Isabellina HPA LFP-V Edition. The approach is non-technical and very subjective/personal.   A couple of years ago, I was out to find a DAC, that could give me some of the same organic and natural sound, that I was offered by my vinyl setup. I always was...
  5. Red Wine Audio Isabellina HPA LFP-V Edition

    Red Wine Audio Isabellina HPA LFP-V Edition

    Two highly acclaimed products. One cost-effective solution. Isabellina HPA LFP-V Edition combines the headphone stage used in our Isabella LFP-V Edition preamplifier, with a full-featured Isabellina LFP-V Edition digital-to-analog converter. One listen and you’ll know it delivers a level of...