1. syryanyang

    Am I the only one that finds the pads on DT990 and HD598 not soft enough?

    I've read tons of reviews saying how comfortable those cans are, but when I got them I was disappointed. They're not as comfortable as my cousin's Beats Studio Sure they're light but the velour pads combining with the clamping force are kinda hard on my jaw and cheek. I've never heard...
  2. DeadlyNeodymium

    Willing to bet that these probably rival the thing they're copying off of....  ...
  3. Altrocklover

    The verdict on low end noise canceling headphones

    To get this out of the way, I am considering "low end" to be around and below 400$, and these headphones I have selected are what are available to me the most easily, which leaves me with very commercialized and mainstream headphones popular with people who aren't very particular about sound...
  4. Mister A

    The experts have finally done an official comparison of the real Beats Studios and the fake ones...

    And it appears that the difference in sound signature is practically negligible. Frequency response graphs between the two are extremely similar. Soundstage is exactly the same. It appears the ONLY difference the experts noticed when they did the listening test was that the bass on the FAKE...
  5. lippi

    Want some more closed cans but cant find any that tick all the boxes!

    I am looking for some new closed cans for use when I am out (with ipod), but I cant seem to find ones which tick all the boxes for me, so thought I would come here to see if anyone can provide some inspiration about which ones may fit the bill...   I currently have:   Sennheiser HD595...
  6. MangyFoxtrot

    Help choosing headphones

    Hey all, I am a hope-to-be audiophile in the market for a set of good quality headphones around $300-400 (maybe $500 for the right set). I’ve been looking a lot into headphones over the last few days in an effort to find a pair that will best suit me; however I have very little actual experience...
  7. Icyhectora

    Is there a way to make my Beats Studio Headphones less tight?

    So, i just got them, and after trying it out for a day, they're really tight, and my ears ache after some time, and i have to keep taking them off. And especially since i wear glasses, it really digs a mark in my head, and also on the earcups' padding thingy. What i'm asking, is there a way to...
  8. Brian Abington

    Asked to fix Beats studios

    My mother in law to be brought me a pair of beats studios that some of her friends bought or their kid. They bought them "new" from china and out of the box the right driver is super quiet and the left driver has what sounds like a loud ground loop hum. New batteries...problem still...
  9. KRANE


    So I was stupid listened to some peoples advice on this forum few years ago and bought these (Shure SE215) IN EAR CANAL EARPHONES or IEM or whatever, for music listening.   Lots of time has passed since I purchased those horrible earphones, I took up music professionally and get to work with...
  10. nathanachen


    I'm just wondering how bad of a headphone (sound quality and sturdiness) are the Beats Solo, Studio, and Pro.
  11. abueljihad

    beats studio vs sennhesier HD 25

    hey guys,  am about to purchase a pair of headphones - iam a little bit of a DJ and a big fan of Trance music. Till now i've been on the bose on ear for more than a year and now am looking for a similar sound quality(or better), I got the beats studio and the sennheiser HD 25 in mind what do...
  12. airin

    AudioTechnica ATH-Pro700MK2 vs. Beats Studio

    I'm going to make a quick 1-2 review of those two.   ATH-PRO700MK2 (ore-burned) Pros: Very Distinct his, lows, and mids. crisp and clean bass. Cons: Comfortability, i want more bass.   Beats Studio: (burned) Pros: Really good bass, very comfortable, loud Cons: Price, His and...
  13. mastapro

    best headphone based on looks/isolation/comfort?

    I'm looking at to get some headphones that are mainly based on looks/isolation/comfort. I want good sound too but that's secondary to the other aspects.  For looks, I'm looking for something that looks like the sennheiser hd228's, monster beats, or the bose on ear headphones.  Is there any...
  14. Wanted

    QUICK which one

    Sennheiser IE 8: (over priced lol) vs.   monster turbines (idk which i guess all)   vs.   Beats studios (dont slam on this lol)   thanks
  15. Red Sox Beats Studio Headphones

    Red Sox Beats Studio Headphones

    Monster Beats By Dr. Dre Studio High-Definition Red Sox Over-the-Ear Headphones - Blue