1. jamato8

    RSA **Predator** A review in stages ** With some "NEW" images on 1st and page 64 . . .

    Why is it I never get used to small amps? What I mean is, I get used to them after I have them for a while but when I see a new one for the first time, that is small, diminutive, little, compact, you know all the adjectives to describe itsy-bitsy, I just look in amazement and wonder, how can...
  2. rmilewsk

    Disappointed in information from Ray Samuels audio

    Has anyone else been able to get dimensions and weight from Ray Samuels audio on their portable amps? I have sent numerous emails asking these questions. While I receive responses back I never receive a response to my questions around dimensions and weight. Am I asking in the wrong way? Is the...
  3. lwells

    RSA Protector size: This is just too cute

    It's really difficult to appreciate how tiny this is.  I had to share my new rig.  
  4. bryangww

    Which RSA amp to pair my IEMS with? And some queries on balanced and unbalanced amps!

    Hi all,   i just bought a pair of shure 535LE recently and am looking for a good amp from RSA that would complement it best. most of them are relatively closely priced and thats making it hard to find out which one would be the best buy.   Also, some like the protector and sr71b also...
  5. Jason36

    Do I need Additional Amplification - is it worth it?

    Good morning,   I am in a bit of a quandry with regards to whether I would gain any major benefits from using a portable amplifier with my iPhone / iPad?   At the moment I have fairly easy to drive headphones (Grado SR80i's / Beyerdynamic T70p / Sennheiser IE6) all of which are used with...
  6. Jason36

    Balanced Amps and Head / Earphones

    Hi guys, This may be a silly question, but wondering if someone can explain what you specifically need, and the benefits of, a balanced output amplifier and headphones. I am looking at new IEM's and a portable amplifier but have only ever had or used standard output in the past. However I have...
  7. Pablovila

    Portable amp for Ultrasone Edition 8

    HI:   I have an Ultrasone Edition 8 running balanced on a RSA Protector portable amp. Is there a substantially better amplification alternative to this rig? Thanks, Pablo.
  8. chaosfayt

    Predator vs Protector

      hey everyone, i currently have a predator and am thinking of maybe switching to a protector as I don't use the DAC much. That said, how much better is the protector as compared to the predator? That said, how good is the protector at all? I can't seem to find many reviews of the protector...
  9. blitzraider

    The Best Portable Amp EVER!

    If I have no choice but to use a portable amp, what would be the best amp for full-sized headphones, assuming money's no object?   Like I mean the absolute best, even if it costs a leg or something.   Thanks
  10. googleli

    RSA Protector + ES5 vs JH-3A + JH 13/ 16 Pro vs RSA Protector + UE18 Pro

    RSA Protector + ES5 JH-3A + JH 13/ 16 Pro RSA Protector + UE18 Pro,   Which combo is the best?
  11. melomaniac

    what portable amp for customs?

    sitting at the airport for the umpteenth time this year, worrying about my ugly carbon footprint, but happy to have my ER4S connected to a Tomahawk, fed by a puny iPod nano (irony that the source is smaller than the massive silver IC between amp and iPod...) and able to get a bit of work done...
  12. marvinong

    Should I Still Amp My IEM Even If I Have A Good Source?

    Hi head-fi!   Just wanted to ask this question since I'm planning to get an amp either from RSA or iBasso.   The question is, if my source is already powerful enough to drive my IEMs (JH16s) should I still amp it? Would I notice any discernible difference from them versus my unamped...
  13. paradise

    Help me to decide

    After reading a few reviews on the forum I've decided my first portable amp will be the Corda Stepdance or the more expensive RSA Protector. What do you think?   Cans: Grado 80i, ATH D700 and Sony MDR-V500
  14. edwardsean

    Protector vs. Toucan

    Hi,    My current setup is: Apogee Duet SE> Protector Balanced > Whiplash > JH13. Would it be worth swapping out the Protector for the Toucan. I've been hearing great things about the Toucan but I do like the smaller size of the Protector when I go mobile with an iPod. If you've heard both...
  15. RockinCannoisseur

    RSA Portables: You Rate Them!!!

    Like many of you, for years now  i  have wondered which rsa would best suit my needs.   the fact is Rsa makes many fine products of which i have been fortunate enough to use the venerable Predator,    which has really come in handy the past 2 years, but ive always wanted to try another of their...
  16. M

    recommend me a great portable headphone amp under 1000?

    Hi everyone, Bloke from Sydney here. Buying JH16s next month and need a good set up for my iphone, as it will most likely be where i'm listening to the most music. Can you recommend a good portable headamp and accessories needed to set up the iphone as a great player? really new to the...
  17. Sonic 748i

    Very interesting thing I've found out about the RSA Protector

    For those who are using the Protector in a balanced configuration please turn off the Protector and turn the volume knob all the way to the max. Make sure you still have your earphones or headphones in, do you hear music? I do, and it's weird. The music though is heavily distorted and weak but...
  18. immtbiker

    A Full Review: Ray Samuels Audio - The Protector

    Ray Samuels Audio Protector Balanced Portable Amp from Ray Samuels Audio Website: Question? How do you take a portable, semi-small rectangular box that weighs less than eight ounces, stores and outputs music of various types of file extensions, and then, takes the music and makes it...
  19. High_Q

    Arrow HE vs. Protector

    I need something to amp my Sony x1051.  I was also hoping to listen to my Beyer 600ohm portably.  Which amp is better for my purposes?  Would either provide me with noticible sound quality upgrade?
  20. AudioDelite

    How much of a SQ improvement of an AMP on a DAP HO to IEM?

    I've been reading lots of great reviews on the RSA protector, and I've noticed the really sleek Pico Slim recently. I have JH-16s on order in a few weeks and I really want to enjoy true audio heaven =) while maintaining the most portable setup!   However, I'm very curious about this.. how...
  21. Anouk

    rsa protector + jh16 pro = good combination or too much?

    Hello, I intend to go custom iem pretty soon probbably in combination with the hifiman hm801 and game module. When my mind was made up about htat I started reading about the rsa protector, the first portable balanced amp. My favourite portable amps until now have been the rs71a and the ibasso...
  22. whitemeteor

    RSA Predator and Protector

    Hi, everyone, I am new in this forum. I have two questions about predator and protector, having not results after searching. Therefore I started start this thread.   I am using SONY D50 to enjoy music (wav files). Recently I want to buy a portable amp to pair with D50 (using the lineout). I...
  23. LintHart

    Protector or Pico slim for a bass lover?

    Hi guys,   so because the old Pico slim vs protector thread didn't actually have any comparisons in it (and closed after some heated discussion) i thought i'd start a new thread as an indecisive buyer in need of some advice. These will be paired with my JH16's   I've preordered the...
  24. Ray Samuels

    The first balanced ultra-portable headphone amp in the world....

    Emmeline, THE PROTECTOR, balanced headphone amp... See the pictures below, please. We will post more info and detail about The Proterctor. It is the first of it's kind, you have to hear it, to believe what you are missing. The JHPRO13 sound amzing with single ended portable amps, but at the...
  25. jamato8

    The RSA Protector balanced portable: Images and impressions 1st page, Please post your impressions . .

    Well it looks to be coming together very nicely. The amp can be seen to have a balanced output and a single ended output. The connector covers the single ended output when the balanced cable is used as the amp is not meant to drive both balanced and single ended at the same time...