1. Strayngs

    Rosson Rad-0 Balanced cable 6ft SOLD

    This cable came with my used Rosson. My amp has a balanced output but it is not a true balanced amp and the audio quality is no difference whether I use it or the quarter inch. I did test this cable to make sure it works but I’m only going to use the quarter-inch cable as I ordered a custom one...
  2. XERO1

    Rosson Audio Design RAD-0 - Alex's Beautiful New Baby

    https://rossonaudiodesign.com Alex Rosson's first batch of his RAD-0 planar magnetic headphones are finally shipping. These look pretty amazing!! Specs STYLE : Over-Ear Open-Back TRANSDUCER TYPE : Planar Magnetic TRANSDUCER SIZE : 66mm IMPEDANCE : 29Ω SENSITIVITY ...