r2r dac


  2. Hiby RS2 - R2R DAP Surprise

    Hiby RS2 - R2R DAP Surprise

    PROS + Full R2R presentation + Natural timbre and zero digital glare + Solid detail retrieval + Wide soundstage and spectacular depth + Very good battery live, no drain function + Premium build quality + Comes with a carrying case and premium rare cables USB cable CONS - Many filters but not...
  3. HiBy RS6

    HiBy RS6

    HiBy RS6 is the world's first open Android fully discrete NOS R2R DAP Features: All new DARWIN architecture Discrete NOS R2R DAC and amplification Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 4GB RAM 64GB internal storage Up to 2TB expandable via mSD Large 5'' 1080p display Open Android 9 OS Direct Transport...
  4. chrisdrop

    R2R DAC Options

    I'd like to try an R2R DAC. Why? Reading the many threads and commentary has made me think I would enjoy one. I'd be getting it in the UK so references are from that perspective. My ideal price point is <= £2000 (~$2500). After forum scrounging, it looks like the main options in the space are...