r2r dac
  1. ohcrapgorillas


    items are sold
  2. alexl993

    *SOLD* FS: Denafrips Pontus DAC

    Highly regarded Denafrips Pontus R2R DAC in excellent condition. There are a few very small marks (see photos) that are only visible close up. Used in a smoke free environment in a dedicated headphone system. Only selling because I liked it so much I want to move up to a Terminator. Asking...
  3. chrisdrop

    R2R DAC Options

    I'd like to try an R2R DAC. Why? Reading the many threads and commentary has made me think I would enjoy one. I'd be getting it in the UK so references are from that perspective. My ideal price point is <= £2000 (~$2500). After forum scrounging, it looks like the main options in the space are...
  4. Kiba No Ou

    [WTS] Audio-GD R2R 11

    Hi All, i'm selling my audio-gd R2R 11 DAC/Amp in good condition, with cable and PSU.
  5. lockjaw

    Metrum Hex high end DAC for sale

    Metrum Hex DAC, excellent condition. R2R DAC One of the premier DACs, used in some of the most exclusive systems. Had fun with it, sounded amazing with my Abyss 1266 cans and Watt Puppy 6 speakers. Need to free up some cash for another project. USA only 50 dollars fixed, shipping fully...