qed reference
  1. AmericaHiFi

    RCA Cables at all price points: $79 to $295

    A relatively inexpensive upgrade to any system is a focus on improving your RCA connections. When we decided which brands to stock, we have focused on two award winning European Brands: QED and Atlas. Through the years both brands often lead the way with new cables and take away the awards for...
  2. R

    XLR cables for headphone amp & active speakers

    Hello all, I need some XLR cables to connect my new stack comprising a Gustard X26pro DAC, Topping A90 balanced headphone amp/ preamp and my Neumann KH80 DSP active speakers which takes XLR input. I need a short pair (1m or less) to connect the DAC to the Preamp, and a longer one (3m) for...
  3. AmericaHiFi

    Coming in to stock our best selling QED XT40i Speaker Cable

    QED Reference XT40i Speaker Cable We sell out of this cable whenever we get stock, so I will announce in this thread, in advance, the dates when we will receive stock. QED have a rich history in the UK, and introduced 79 strand speaker cable back in 1976. Since then they have lead the way in...