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    iQube V1 Portable Headphone Amp
  2. Lace'd Taste

    Advice for a returning Head-fier

    Hi all,   So I left head-fi a while back due to financial reasons but now things have come around for me and I'm seriously thinking about repurchasing a bit of equipment.  I had to sell all my gear previously which was a half decent portable rig for it's time - 5.5gen iMod, iQube V1, ALO vcap...
  3. TraceyG

    SOLD!!! iQube V1

    The king of clarity, I am selling my iQube as I have just received a Headstage Arrow 12He 3g. I know I will kick myself later, but the Arrow fills a spot currently covered by the 'Qube and my RSA P-51 (also for sale), so I don't see the need for duplication. The 'Qube is in excellent condition...
  4. librarian

    iQube V1 with extras [300 euro]

    iQube V1 for sale. Bought beginning of 2010.   + 4 sony rechargable AAA's   + 4 uniross rechargable AAA's   + USB charging cable   - mini-mini   + got a gold hybrid lod designed especially for iQube made by sacdman. The cable has got a loose connection. Comes in for free if...
  5. DestradoImpulse

    Qable iQube V1

    Greetings Head-Fiers,   Selling off my Qables iQube V1 in great condition as I've decided to cut down on this expensive hobby of ours. I purchased this iQube V1 from TraceyG, another Head-Fier who was the original owner of the item in late April and put roughly 50 hours of use onto it. While...
  6. Nyvar

    iQube V1 Portable Headphone Amp

      Up for sale:  IQube V1 Price: $450 includes:  CONUS shipping via USPS Priority Mail, and PayPal fees.   Comes with original box, charger, right angle mini - mini, 2 straps rubber and velcro, and of course the rechargeable batteries.   Purchased this spring from ALO.   Personally I...
  7. drowendINsound

    about Iqube v1

    I bought the iqube v1 a while ago. Sounds great and is much more natural than the fiio e7 but I hear hardley a difference between using the direct output of my cowon and using it via the iqube. There is a difference in bass but not that much. Is it just me? It is really natural but I expected...
  8. Deadeight

    iQube V1 + Qables Silvercad Hybrid LOD

    For sale is:   1 iQube V1 Excellent condition. The iQube pictured is not mine, but one pulled from the internet. I can provide pictures should there be any interest, but my only camera to hand at the moment is a poor quality one on a blackberry. I will borrow a good one should there be any...
  9. Jolida302

    FS Qables Iqube V1

    Qables Iqube V1   Complete with package box   Excellent condition (never received any shock or had any trouble), discrete scratches but looks like almost new   Very slight hiss from time to time when moving volume knob but doesn't affect playback quality   Bank transfer payment
  10. justanut

    For sale or Trade: iQube V1 (No DAC... Only difference is V2 & 3 has DAC..) *Includes Shipping, Paypal fees, LOD, ALL IN!*

    Letting go of my beloved iQube because of the arrival of the Fostex HP-P1... Although the iQube is still the better amp, for the sake of portability and cash flow, I'm going to have to let it go... Unless my Centrance DACPORT goes first, which may allow me to keep the iQube :)   A nice...
  11. midnightwalker

    Iqube V1, 2, 3

    Want to try Iqube V1, V2 or V3 so if you have one wanna sell, shoot me an offer. Thanks for reading.
  12. sree

    Selling my iQube V1 Rechargable - Price drop

    Hi,   I am heading back to India and I will not be able to carry all of my gear with me. Hence with great sadness, I decided to let go of these headphone amplifiers.   iQube V1 with Rechargable Batteries - Sell Price $340 - I bought this item from Moon-Audio on 28th November 2011 for $549...
  13. ScuseMe

    My < $1000 system

    Hi Chaps Been a longtime lurker and have read enough posts to make my head spin. My living arrangements have changed over the years and I need a dedicated personal hifi setup for an apartment. Previously I had 2 x E.A.R 100 watt Mono Block valve Amps connected to Focal Speakers and Randal...
  14. Jazzyfi

    iQube V1 NEW

    For sale:   Brand new iQube V1. Never used, I turn it on just to check if everything works perfectly. I got it from Qables directly when I return my V3 because I can't stand the short battery life.   iQube V1 needs no introduction, people who have been in Head-Fi long enough will know how...
  15. mogumagnus

    Mid-High end iem upgrade from re0

    Hey guys, my re0's cable seemed to have screwed up leaving me with a hollow, tin can interior sound. I'm looking for a gd upgrade, seeking re0's clarity with bit more bass and lusher mids. I'm placing more emphasis on gd mids this time around for my guitar-based/vocal tunes, Not very adverse to...
  16. justanut

    Old questionL iQube Burn-In time...

    Sorry if this has been discussed before... did a search and couldn't track down anything useful. Appreciate if iQube owners can help out here~   I've just bought a 50hr old MINT condition iQube V1. However initial impressions fell far short of the impression I had when I auditioned them at a...
  17. Biesas

    After another IEM (dnb)... Have got HJE900, Eterna v.1, not satisfied with the bass. 200$ budget

    Hey there again everybody!  Just a few months ago I was out on the market for a bass heavy IEM and with a fair amount of convincing I decided to go for HJE900. Well the initial impressions coming from Eterna were quite well lets say I was unimpressed whatsoever. But after a while it just grew...
  18. Jonnip

    iQube V1 + Westone UM3x

    Have read the massive portable amps review and being a european im deciding to go with the iQube V1. going with the V1 as i plan on getting a chypher labs solo in a couple months Will be primarily using with my ipod/ipad, and UM3x's as i travel alot.   Looking forward to it coming...
  19. Marcus_C

    I took my iem's on holiday this summer, here is how they fared. (dtx100/hf5/surge mini-pro/eterna v1/r02/cx271/ 4/ 220/M9)

      This summer I spent three months teaching sailing off the Mediterranean coast of Egypt to the west of Alexandria. It was a summer I thoroughly enjoyed even through Ramadan and the vanishing act all the booze in the vicinity does (What’s that in the hipflask????). Anyway, more relevant to...
  20. Nawawa

    Should i sell both my FA eterna's v1 and v2 for FA's dba-02?

    i mean i love the v1s and v2. but i doubt the v1 would last me any longer since its already a year old. Is this a good investment or should i stick with it.     Btw, i also have Brainwavz M2 but i love those i don't think i'll sell them.
  21. M

    recommend good portable amps under 1000?

    Hi everyone, Bloke from Sydney here. Buying JH16s next month and need a good set up for my iphone, as it will most likely be where i'm listening to the most music. Can you recommend a good portable headamp and accessories needed to set up the iphone as a great player? really new to the...
  22. knubbe

    Ground loop problem?

    When I have my i-Qube connected to my sound card's line out, everything is fine, but when it's hooked up to a DAC that's powered by an outlet, and I touch it, there's a slight buzzing sound. It's also noticeable when they're not connected, but I touch both of them. Is this a ground loop problem...
  23. Bengkia369

    Pico amp VS Iqube???

    which one is better???
  24. k1ite

    Pico Amp/DAC or Iqube V2

    Hey guys I have been a lot of research for the past two weeks and decided that I wanted to either go for the Pico Amp/Dac or the Iqube V2. I will be mainly using the amp through my Iphone 3GS for mobile use and my Mac Alum at home. Also the headphones that I will be running is my Yuin Pk1, OK1...
  25. Young Spade

    iQube better than ALO Rx?

    I was thinking about selling my Rx (pm me if interested lol) and spending a little bit of money to get the iQube. The main reason is it being more powerful and more neutral to use with my K702s. The ALO Rx drives them nicely from what I can hear (haven't used any other amp with them but I know...