1. dSmurf

    Help ME!!! IN BUYING CIEM!!! Budget $600

    Hi guys,    Originally im planning to buy Sennheiser ie 8 or ie80 but i found out that it is much better to buy a CIEM( Custom , in-ear monitor), Im a Bass Head more on Sub-Bass Rumble but im having a problem which CIEM TO buy Budget of $600     Im looking at These CIEM AT the moment...
  2. WEST91436

    MADE IN THE USA - Any advise

    Don't know if its the upcoming election and all the talk about the ailing US economy, but I am going to buy US product (as best as I can)...... SO...... any suggestion on top end MADE IN USA headphones/earbuds manufacturers that make the product here in the USA??   Any best kept secret...
  3. Audezeer

    LCD-2 Drops sound in left ear for ~5-10 seconds when first starting listening. Help!

    This is what happens to my files when I listen to them:   FLAC -> Foobar2000 (WASAPI) -> M-Audio Delta Audiophile 24/96 -> RCA Cables -> Woo Audio 6 -> Q-Audio Cable -> Audeze LCD-2   When I first start listening to music, the left ears sound cuts to nothing for around 5 seconds, and...