pw audio 1960
  1. Vitaly2017

    SOLD PW Adio 1960s 4wires 1.5m 2pin SOLD

    Hi everyone! Tiger Ears is selling hes pw1960 4wires cable 1.5m long, 2 pin 0.78 and balanced Sony 4.4mm Yeap selling as I prefer the sound of my stock Tia Noir Cable and the synergy seems better this way 🤷‍♂️ This cable is one of the best copper cables you can have, its in perfect condition...
  2. DrumSeb

    Pw audio 1950s SOLD

    Beautiful Pw audio 1950sReally good pairing with my Legend X custom. Like new condition, second owner.. Come with the original box. (2pin,4.4mm) I didn't use it much and i want something easier to carry around. Im located in Canada, i have many good feedback on Head-fi and Canuckaudio. For...
  3. DrumSeb

    Pw audio 1960s 4 wire

    Pw audio cable 1960s 4 wire 2pin 4.4mm Come with the original box... Everything is like new. Asking 1280$ all In (paypal, shipping) ship to Us or Canada. Only selling because i want the 2 wire... Thank you
  4. DrumSeb

    Pw audio 1960s 2 wires

    I'm looking for a Pw audio 1960s 2 wires 2 pin 2.5 or 3.5mm only ...ship to Canada thanks Can trade for a 4 wires with cash on your side...
  5. DrummerLeo

    FS: PW Audio 1960s 4 Wires TOTL upgrade cable 2-pin 4.4mm

    FS PW audio 1960s 4 wires, 4.4mm 2-pin. Great working condition. Come with original box, receipt. Price:$1300 shipped, fees covered. pictures will be uploaded later.
  6. Pepito


    Removed FS, decided to keep.
  7. DrumSeb

    Effect Audio 8 wires Leo+Thor

    SOLD !!!!!!! PRICE DROP !! Effect Audio cable special edition, 4 wires Leonidas+ 4 wires Thor Silver cable, total of 8 wires.. Beautiful piece of cable.... The cable is 4.4mm 2pins, and come with moon-audio Silver adapter to 4.4mm female to 3.5mm male. Im the second owner for about a...
  8. PW AUDIO 1900 cables

    PW AUDIO 1900 cables

  9. flinkenick


    I am putting my modded WM1Z for sale. The modification consists of replacing the Kimber cable with PW Audio 1960 8-wire cable for the balanced output (which is normally a $3900 HP cable), and 4-wire for the single end. Furthermore, they replace the 4.4 female socket with a high quality...
  10. N

    PW audio 1960 cable ( 2 wires - 1.2m) - 2 pin - termination 3.5m IRS

    The cable is in mint condition. I paired it up with my previous A18t 64 audio which was a good match. I don't use it anymore since I sold my gear. I ship it worldwide for free. PW audio 1960 cable ( 2 wires - 1.2m) - 2 pin connector - termination 3.5m IRS